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Breads 🍞🥖🥐🥯

Breads 🍞🥖🥐🥯

Cos I’m a bread slut who LOVES bread
Lee Pei Yi
Lee Pei Yi

An interesting twist on the local kaya and butter toast! The sourdough was crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside with some charred bits to inject a boost of flavour. Served warm and toasty, the butter melted nicely on the toast and the aroma of the kaya became even more prominent. Do note that the kaya is quite different - while it was lacking in the coconut fragrance that my favourite kaya at Ya Kun has, it makes up with the strong caramelised sweetness of sugar.

Don’t underestimate these egg tarts from this muffin bakery. Yes, they sell a wide variety of muffins (and they’re all really good!!!) but I love their egg tarts even more. They may look ordinary but the buttery thick crust and the soft, almost custard-like consistency of the egg filling, will make you go OOH and AAH. Disclaimer: these egg tarts are somewhat singaporean style though, so don’t expect the thin flaky crust that the Hong Kong or Portuguese style egg tarts give you.

Everyday is a good bread day!!! I gave my regular, the French mentaiko baguette, a break today and decided to try something new. So I got the matcha red bean, melty cheese bread, pain au chocolat and brown sugar raisin roll. The melty cheese bread was soft and fluffy and indeed filled with melty cheese (!!!) while the brown sugar raisin roll (seasonal special) is like their classic nihonbashi roll but upgraded.

While the bread here is not cheap (on average $2-3 per bun, $5 for half a loaf), Johan never fails to deliver in quality. Especially love the honey fruit loaf only available in limited quantities at 5.30pm 🤗🤗

Not every Swee Heng sells this but if you see it, GET IT. This bread is way too under the radar but absolutely amazing with swirls of brown sugar (even inside the bread too!!) and the nutty bitterness of crunchy walnuts to balance it all out. I LOVE THIS 😋

Too many nice breads here at Petit Provence!!! But this is one of my favourites - just look at those swirls of chocolate! It’s not hard to find these croissant-lookalikes (four leaves, breadtalk etc all have them) but it’s hard to find any as soft and fluffy. Legit almost like clouds!!

Always on the lookout for good nomz

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