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Featuring Ramen Keisuke Tori King, Charcoal-Grill & Salad Bar Keisuke, Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo (Suntec City), Sō (BreadTalk IHQ)
food is love
food is love

got the crab broth ramen 🦀 and it was so good 🤩 broth was very flavorful and thick which a thicker type of noodles . really nice place with great ambience .

my mum got the clear chicken soup 🍲 🐓which i dont really like because it was a very clear broth and the noodles were like maggie mee but its just my preference :)

of course we topped it off with the free flow hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts 😆

overall really good meal 4.5/5 also , was kinda scared that it’d be too normal because keisuke outlets usually specialize on something but for this outlet there are many different ramens , it proved me wrong and i would definitely recommend the crab one 🦀

p.s i dont like crab but i felt that the broth had a really light and delicious taste

was a disappointing experience for me :( was a bit skeptical about going to this branch after reading some negative reviews but decided to see if it was true and sadly it was .. the soup was a little too thick it felt kinda artificial?? and it was very oily which made the dish became really ‘jelak’ 😖

me and my dad got the rich soup and i got hard noodles , no oil and less salty . my dad ordered normal noodles , less oil and less salt but when the bowls came , we were just served without stating which was which and the sad part was that both bowls looked and tasted the same ...
my mum ordered the wasabi one and it was too overpowering and completely covered the chicken broth taste

on the bright side , the chicken was fall off the bone tender 🐓and the ambience was great

overall was not a good experience and would not visit this outlet again .. just for this outlet tho the rest are pretty good 🤩

the 19th branch of keisuke !! was kinda sad it wasnt ramen tho ... :< but this was okay as well ! had this mackerel 🐟 with the free flow buffet and honestly enjoyed the buffet more 🥬🥗🥦🥒:)

the set came with japanese rice , half boiled egg and miso soup ! the fish had many annoying small little edible bones and the skin was burnt ( for me ) pretty affordable considering the wide variety of sides and salad items at the buffet ! one must try is the tantanmen and this dodgy looking ‘thing’ called “ Tororo Imo “ a VERY NICE japanese dish 🤤 dont get freaked out by the sticky texture tho !

overall a good experience 3.5/5 but it was a very long wait ( 2 hours ++😫) and it was kind of stress as we could see people outside waiting in line haha its just me i guess :/

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this ramen place has a wide variety of choices which i really enjoyed , it has five main soup bases which is the Tonkotsu 🐷, Uobushi Tonkotsu 🐟🐷, Miso , Spicy Tonkotsu 🌶, Shoyu along with many sides as well . reasonable and considered affordable with prices starting from $8.90 !!

for most bases you can choose different toppings such as Toroniku ( pork cheek ) , Tamago 🥚( egg ) , Chashu and some like Grand 🐷🐷🐷( 3 types of pork , pork belly , pork cheek , chashu ) , Pork Yakiniku ( stir fry pork slices ) , Yasai Cha shu 🥬( vegetables ) . different toppings will have different prices but i like how we have options for what toppings we want :)

i got the Spicy Toroniku Tonkotsu🌶 and i would say a pretty good bowl of ramen , i would prefer it to be spicier ?? but of course there were condiments and also , do take note that different soup bases has different type of noodles as well ! not the BEST but definitely would recommend to get your ramen fix here for the value and quality !

the time i went was for the 1for1 promotion so there was a long queue and the restaurant was packed and busy . despite this , the staff still served us with speed and friendlyness :D

overall a good experience 4/5 :) do catch their 1for1 deals for the next 3 weeks at selected outlets ><

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