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North-East Eats

North-East Eats

Featuring The Plain Jane, Nakhon Kitchen (Kovan), Ice Edge Cafe (Kovan), Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Blue Jasmine (Park Hotel Farrer Park), Saturday House, Scissors Paper Stove, Jia Bin Klang Bak Kut Teh, Ding Tele, Xin Wang Hong Kong Café (Heartland Mall)
Clarissa Tay
Clarissa Tay
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Food was ok but they weirdly take a very long time to prepare this considering there wasnt a need to cook anything. Waited about 30mins for food to come. Otherwise egg is as fresh as they claimed it to be. But this small bowl of rice with a few pieces of salmon for $8.80++ is rather ex. Wished it was $2 cheaper.

If you are tired of queuing up for putien, do give this restaurant a try. Seems like their food is rather similar to putien and makes me wonder if the chef used to work there. Nevertheless, it is worth a try

Located in seletar mall B1, the porridge here is flavourful and savoury. There was also alot of liao and not just porridge. Pork was tender and juicy without the overbearing pork smell. Will recommend!!

Had the cordon bleu. Portion was so small it was almost kids sized. Food was average as well. Paid $18.90 for it. So not worth it. Even with burpple 1 for 1, I feel that it is not worth it. Would direct you to the hawker centre at kovan. The fish and chips there are so much better and fuss free.

Sponge is soft and bouncy but not as moist as Le Castella cake. It is a satisfactory alternative to Le castella as the queues are shorter and near neighborhoods.

Most branches are in the neighborhood shopping centre so convenient for a quick meal or when catching up with friends. $20+ per portion does seem a bit expensive though and not sure if this spicy chicken place is the most value for money place. However, for students, they have a lunch time promotion so do check it out!

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Burpple beyond promotion does not include takeaways. In the end bought one since travelled all the way here. $5.90 for the yuzu swiss roll. Was plain indeed. Yuzu taste not strong. The jelly in the middle of the roll didn’t have a strong yuzu taste. Was not tarte enough. As there was alot of thick cream, couldnt really stomach the whole roll.
Good points: sponge is soft, moist and fluffy. Cream a smooth and fresh
Overall: Will only buy if there is 1 for 1. Otherwise will give it a miss

Chomp chomp has known to be very crowded during meal times. Best is to avoid peak hours. As much as the food is good, not sure if it is worth the wait for seats. Actually had to wait 40mins to eat these bbq seafood.
Verdict: worth travelling to serangoon gardens for it but maybe not the extra waiting time for seats.

Had the spaghetti with pork chop. It was average. However to students, i feel that your money is better well spent elsewhere. Food court and hawker centres offer western food that are really yummy and at a much cheaper price

Pan fried Pork Soup buns 4 pcs ($4.80) - skin a a little thick for a bao and amount of meat inside was small. However, the soup in the bao was tasty and the smell of pork not over bearing. Panfried part of the bao was also crispy
Fermented Rice Dumpling Soup Dessert ($4.50) - never had this before but this became one of my favourite chinese dessert after having it here
Wouod not recommend buying the appetiser as it had an oily after taste. Mixed black fungus ($4.50) beansprouts with beancurd ($4.50). Use that money to buy more pan fried pork buns instead!

Prawn Doughnut ($12) - Skip this as it was small and too firm
Vegetarian Green Curry ($24) - fragrant and not overly milky
Tom Yum Seabass ($20) - seabass were fresh, soup was spicy and sour with lots of ingredients
Mango Sticky Rice ($14) - was average for the price. Coconut milk was slightly salty and not sure if this was intended
Red Ruby ($12) - highly recommend this
Food was 8/10 however do note that the portions are small so he prepared to order more mains to feed more people
However, the restaurant had a queer smell. Not sure if the sewage or ventilation was a problem.

Jia Bin Bak Kut Teh ($8.80)
Braised Pig Trotter ($7.50)
You Tian ($2.50)

Prefer the clear soup with peppery broth over the malaysian style which uses soy sauce and herbal broth. Ribs were tender and pork trotter gravy was delish. However, would rate this 6/10 as i think BKT is all about personal preference.

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