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Clarissa Tay
Clarissa Tay
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This little store is not only worth visiting for their kaya toast, but their zi char menu is equally good. Highly recommend their homemade tofu and specialty chicken. Do pop by one day for lunch or dinner for a quick zi char meal

This little korean stall tucked away in a little corner of bukit timah plaza is a treasure trove full of surprises. Prices may seem a little steep for such a small shop but wait till you see the portion. This jajang myeong can definitely feed up to 3 hungry adults, with only little room to spare for the refillable side dishes. Other dishes worth mentioning are the soon dubu jiggae and seafood pancake.

Went here for lunch. Side dishes were well seasoned and not overly salty. Staff needed some prompting to help us refill them. We had the spicy stir fried pork which was not too pleasant to eat, it had pieces of pork cartilage here and there. Seasoning was nice but felt like the pork wasnt marinated but just covered with the sauce. The army stew was the main star. We broiled it down to a thick consistency and it became so delish to have it with rice.

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Got off to a bad start. Burpple did not state that for 4 ppl, you are only allowed to use 2 vouchers...
food was average, nothing special and was also rather pricey.

Ordered a large truffle mazesoba ramen 15.90.
Mixing with the half boiled egg gave it a very creamy taste. Almost tasted like truffle carbonara. Was a very interesting spin on the good old ramen.
Had free flow hard boiled eggs.
Char siew rice portion was small. The charsiew is mostly lean mean so good for those who want to avoid too much fats. The smokey taste was strong and the sauce was great.
Gyoza was average. Skin not particularly crispy but the fillings were moist and flavourful.

Overall: Should try it out at least once. Not too pricey for the portion.
Tips: if you are broke try sharing a large ramen + a side and take more hard boiled eggs

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Portion slightly on the small side but with eatigo 30% off was still affordable. Siew mai and other dumplings were $6.3 for 3 before discount. The siew mai had lots of prawns inside but the smell of pork was a bit stronger than i would like it to be. Carrot cake was well pan friend but texture a bit too soft. The 3 mushroom dumplings were the best out of all the dim sum. Skin was thin and the taste of truffle was addictive.
Had the smoked tea leaves duck with Dang gui. The meat was tender with the skin partially crispy. A pity that it did not have the dang gui taste and the plum sauce with the duck was too overpowering.
Food is 7/10.
Service 6/10. Did not tell use when food was sold out. Found that some dishes was missing and only knew that it was sold out after we asked them.

Paid $10 for Babi Pongtay set that comes with lemon grass drink, 2 sides (chap chye and omelette) with dessert (Gula Melaka Sago)
The pork was soft and tender and not overly fatty. Chap chye was slightly salty and not enough glass noodles but nevertheless was soft enough. Gula melaka sago was surprisingly nice with the gula melaka giving making the coconut milk both sweet with a tinge of savoury.
8/10 for food. Ambience is good for casual dining.

Paid $16.90 for this plus $6 for 2 green tea and a cold appetiser (kimchi pork)
The tonkatsu was 10/10. The fried batter was thin and crispy, the meat was soft with a good amount of fat. I have to say its better than tonkichi or tampopo tonkatsu. However curry was not peppery enough but still tasted great.

They opened a new branch at Jewel so do check it out if A&W or Shake shack queue gets to crazy.

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Had 2 portions of curry rice with pork and 2 portions of sashimi. Added up to $28.
Sashimi was fresh. Each portion of sashimi was about 5 pieces. Curry was peppery and flavourful. Great for people who prefer something spicier than the average japanese curry.
Restaurant is small but cosy so do come slightly earlier than the peak hour to avoid queue

Standards here was as good as japan. With the eatigo app, the quality of food you get was very worth the price. The ootoro mini don was very worth it. The ootoro was the melt in the mouth kind and very fresh as well. Agedashi mochi was a nice twist to the usual agedashi tofu.

Highly recommend this with the eatigo app.

Most authentic viet place in singapore. The soup for pho is light and peppery. Add lime juice to the broth for an added dimension. The sliced beef is soft and not difficult to chew at all.

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Dinner for adults - 52.90++
Very pricey for a japanese buffet.
Sashimi is fresh, sushi comes in small bite size. Best sushi is the aburi salmon with mentaiko. Chawanmushi is average. They do have some special dishes that is limited to 1 serving per person. I had dried pufferfish once, some other time was grilled beef. Changes regularly. If you like sashimi, try this place. But if you do not, give this place a miss as the cooked food is not owrth 52.90++
P.S. parking is very difficult here

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