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Clarissa Tay
Clarissa Tay

With burpple 2 for 2, $16 for 4 artisanal eclair is a steal. The flavours were great and ingredients used are of good quality. A pity that the choux puff was soggy as these eclairs have to be prepared beforehand. Nevertheless worth it!

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Casual place for dimsum during tea time. Would say not too impressed with the food. 生煎包 was slightly soggy and not juicy enough. The selection of tea is great. Would highly recommend the glutinous rice pu er which was $20 for a pot.
Would recommend having a pot of tea as the main with some dim sum as sides instead.

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If you are a fan of ginger milk pudding, do give this place a try. However if you are not a fan of milk or lactose intolerant, try another place instead as majority of the menu contains milk

Paid $11 for 8 fuzhou fishball (without noodles) and the red date chicken noodles. Worth a try!

Tried the famous charsiew here. Certain part of the meat was too fatty. The lean part of the meat was tender. However a large amount of the char siew was burnt giving it a very bitter taste. Would prefer if they burnt it less.

The har chiong gai chicken ($6.5) was juicy tender and nicely coated with prawn paste batter. If you prefer something cleaner, opt for the clean sides which consist of sweet potato and brocolli. The rendang chicken had a good mixture of spices. The butterfly pea coconut rice did not have a strong enough coconut fragrance to it which was rather disappointing. Overall food was great and will definitely visit again

Had the beef horfun here and was surprised that they deep fried the horfun. Although have to say that i dont reallt understand why they fried the horfun as it made the broth really oily and lost the refreshing taste to it. Beef was nice and tender and broth was good.

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Food was affordable and taste amazing. The lemon grass seabass was fresh and only cost $23. The chicken soup was clear and flavourful. The rose pastry is great with real rose petals being used.
Only bad thing is that it is slightly salty but im pretty sure you can ask for less salt if you dine here.

Ordered the chilli crab spaghetti and unlikely other fusion dishes that ultimately disappoint, this dish was pleasantly tasty with the asian flavours to it yet was so well cooked into a western dish.

Queued 30mins on Thursday night for this. $15.20 after all the gst. Expected the autumn ramen to be full of umami, after all its supposed to have bonito. Was rather disappointed with the broth. It was thick but flavours weren’t deep or rich. Nevertheless the service was amazing.

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Used the chope voucher for 15% discount for $58++ per adult for weekend lunch dim sum buffet. The shao rou was crispy on the outside and juicy and tender. Had 10 pieces to myself still wished i had more. The rest of the dim sum were ok. Would. Visit again only if using the voucher as choices are really pretty limited.

This store lives up to their name or buta god. The slice pork and charsiew were the highlight of the ramen. The charsiew had a nice smokey taste and was soft and tender. Noodles were al dente but the soup was a tad too sweet for my liking and lacking the depth or umami that other ramen broth have.

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