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Set To Save

Set To Save

I love sniffing out for set meals whether breakfast , lunch or tea sets . Save more to eat more
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

What could be better than a fluffy omelette with a Handmade steamed pau , grilled pineapple and sautéed mushrooms to start the day ?

I always enjoy dining at just dough because they put together such wholesome food - like it was served out of your mum’s kitchen .

With a hot drink of your choice , this was just 5.90😊 very value for money .

Who says you can’t eat well and eat cheap hahaha! You can have your cake and eat it !

Am enjoying this Mexican quesadilla tea Set from salad stop ( 3 pm to 5 pm , selected outlets only hor ....) with a freshly brewed organic coffee.

Well toasted quesadillas filled with avocados, tomatoes , black beans , chicken and corn and cheese of course .

Paired with an organic coffee or tea , this afternoon tea Set is only 5 dollars .

Save more to eat more 😛

I used to dream of flying to Hk just for their dim sum and bolo buns ( at the ubiquitously famous mongkok ) bur not anymore after having tasted the best bolo buns in singapore .

Go between 230 to 5pm and get your warm bolo buns with an authentic yuan Yang at a value set meal of 3.80 . The food and ambience makes you feel you are already in hk .

Just be sure to present / pay bill before 5.29 pm - they are very strict with timing issues ..ahem...
( dim sum items are at 30 percent off during weekdays 230pm to 5 pm )

Best Bolo buns in singapore . Light flaky crust and airy feather like buns .

I assure you this is the best .

There’s something about Kopi and tarts that screams out to me every time I see their stalls ...

It’s almost like an automatic trigger to your mind - telling you that you need to get your tart and Kopi / teh .

Maybe it’s just a marketing strategy that so simple but a name that’s chosen so well because it’s so easy to relate to .

I love supporting home grown Names from the likes of “mr bean “to “just dough “ to “ Wang cafe “ ( even though this brand has been bought over by the ntuc group - the same group that manages ntuc food fare 🥺... pardon my expression - I leave you to figure out ... , to “ coffee and toast “ etc ...

The egg tarts at Kopi and tarts are well sized for a good afternoon treat and not too sweet ( that’s a must ! These days because people are running away from sugar as though they see ghosts .... ) .

The egg tarts are baked in batches to maintain freshness . If you like short crust pastry then this is your kind of egg tart . For those of you who prefer a flaky pasty - sorry - you won’t find them here .

I must also make mention of the high quality of tea dust Kopi and tarts use . It’s not bitter and it is aromatic - unlike some Chain coffee places that use cheap tea dust .

Very very satisfying afternoon tea break.

It’s one of my happiest moments in a day 😊

Breakfast time @TheAffogatoLounge, where they serve a selection of paninis, bowls and baked quiches other than affogato.

Head back there the second time and can’t resist getting the mouthwatering Blue Swimmer Crab Quiche ($13). However, for a belly-filling option, Spicy Italian Panini ($15), toasted ciabatta sandwiching salami, red peppers and fontina cheese, is an excellent choice. Grab a cup of Bittersweet Symphony or Dark Mocha to go along tooooooo.

The Affogato Lounge
Address: ‪55 Keong Saik Road‬, Unit 01-02, KēSa House, Singapore 089158
#affogatolounge #affogato

Same same but different

It’s nice to switch to a Mian jian Guo , peanut pancake instead of the usual toast .

I like that the regular coffee / tea could be switched to green tea because I was a little under the weather.

This has become one of my choice places for a no frills breakfast .

I would have loved the pancake to be a little more fluffy and less dense ( although the not so sweet granular peanut filling made up for it ) . The eggs would be nice hot too ....

But for 3 dollars 💵- and for a quick fuss free meal - no complaints 😚

Save more to eat more 🤪

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Coffee bean is having a breakfast promo of scrambled eggs and toast and a latte for 4.90.

Order 2 sets and you get a further discount at 9 dollars for both sets.

The toast set was good and eggs were well done but the cappuccino was too thin and the chocolate muffin was tough and dry - the pastries at coffee bean needs major major improvement .

Their muffins used to be much much better - change of suppliers ?

For those of you whom can’t make out what this is ... 🤣

This is not tandoori thought it looks like ...

It’s an oven baked barramundi with tomato ragout , artichokes , sundried tomatoes , capers and roasted potatoes .

The fish was extremely fresh and flakey and enveloped in a generous amount of tomato ragout . I would have liked it a little more balanced in the sweet and salty ratio since all the elements were salty ( ie capers , artichokes and sundried tomatoes ) . The salt content was probably too high .. 🥶

Something more neutral tasting like a broccolini or baked squash , pumpkin or asparagus would have added balanced the flavours better .

Having said that, 30 dollars for a set meal with your choice of appetiser , mains and a dessert in a beautiful, sophisticated yet casual setting at Andaz hotel is just extremely value for money.

Not the best mian jian Guo I have eaten but good enough .

The kueh would have been better if it was softer and less dense but the peanut filling was commendable - not too sweet and it was luxuriously flowy and gooey - not hard and dry although it was left out sitting in the cold 🥶

The eggs were not hot too ....

But for 3 dollars with a drink included - this was indeed pretty value for money for a quick bite.

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I am loving this pizza scone from Cedele.

It’s just pure comfort food.

Filled slightly with cheese and tomato purée .
Surprisingly light but crisp on the exterior when lightly toasted .

Best value with the scone and coffee / tea set .

Save more to eat more 🤣

I love crown bakery for everything they do.

There’s just so much pride - from the plating to the execution to the freshness of the ingredients .

A well baked croissant , perfect scrambled eggs and a side of fresh crips greens 🥬 and of course a good cup of latte is quintessentially the perfect brunch for me .

I don’t need the the fancy eggs Benedict or poached eggs or bacon or salmon or fancy French toast or worst still the big breakfast (which sounds more like lunch than breakfast )😂

Just keep it simple .

This is the breakfast that I dream of having everyday .

At 8.90 , I am quite certain this is most value for money breakfast considering the quality of food.

I love how affordable this breakfast Set is at 4.90.

You get a cup of latte/ tea and a well toasted bread with scrambled eggs .

Order 2 sets and it can only get cheaper at 4.50 per set 😊

Not the best scrambled eggs but reasonably priced for a comfortable place to have a fuss free breakfast .

Disclaimer - the jam is my own 😝.

I dream of food .

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