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Burrple Beyond Bargains

Burrple Beyond Bargains

Basically the deals I snagged with the app
Julia Ng
Julia Ng

The food is good but service is not.

Fish was cooked well, the asparagus was sweet and cherry tomatoes just the right amount of softness for me. I also liked the foam! Serving was small but not complaining cos it's 1-1.

The front staff that day (Johny) seemed to be in a bad mood and snapped at us when we asked if we needed a reservation to get it (cos the person in front placed a reservation). Throughout the time we were there, he was pacing quickly around the place so we got the manager to take our order instead. There were other staff who were also there but everyone was too engrossed in huddling together and nobody seemed to be topping up glasses. When the table beside us asked for a refill, they didn't bother looking around the other tables to see if others also required more water. At the end of the meal the manager made Johny process our bill and it was painful hearing him say thank you.

Hopefully it was just a bad day for him.

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Got two medium rare 220g beef tenderloins at $39.90 which was very worth it given the Burrple Beyond app! We also got the mid wings which were great.

Can't complain about serving size because it matches the weight stated. It's about the size of a clenched fist. I thought it was well cooked and I enjoyed both the truffle fries and mash potato sides (but I preferred the truffle fries).

A good place to chill at on a weekday night.


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