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Over-Eats! - Thailand

Over-Eats! - Thailand

Food hunting in Amazing Thailand!
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

It’s not really about how special the taste of this bubble tea is, but rather the interesting concept of placing order. There’s no counter to place your order. Instead, there’s a button to press for placing order before the phone rings. Pick it up and tell the staff your order. The adjacent pigeon hole opens and that’s where you make payment before the staff prepares your drink. You never get to see the face of the person on the other side from the beginning till the end.

On a side note, the lychee tea was actually quite thirst quenching on a hot sunny day. Though made using lychee syrup, the sweetness was just right as the lychee flavour lingers.

The friendly staff recommended us to try their grilled honey bananas, which are produced only in Southern Thailand mainly Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat. Thinly sliced and sweet on its own, but there’s also a buttery, fragrant layer of torched caramel sugar. Good to be shared between 2.

Fancy a cup of Beauty & The Beast? A concoction of orange juice, espresso with tonic water on the side to cleanse palates. Perhaps a peculiar taste, though a tinge of citrus was added to the strong bitter espresso.

To enjoy the Palmyra latte, I was taught to pour half of the milk in, followed by espresso and then the palmyra syrup (derived from palm sugar). Love the natural sweetness of the thick palm sugar syrup. There’s also coffee jelly and some pieces of sweet chestnuts. You get to keep the artistic bottle which has QR codes of different music genres by their favourite shanghainese artiste 180 years ago. Innovative isn’t it?

There’s egg coffee, egg beer in Hanoi. But are you gamed for a coconut/vanilla ice cream with raw egg yolk? An egg yolk poured over ice cream before a final dusting of milo powder. No raw egg white as it is gooey. The strong egginess gets toned down by the sweetness of the ice cream. You get a ceramic pot of your choice. It’s a must-try in Songkhla. P.S. this isn’t the shop where the ice cream originated as it was close.

Foodie for life <3

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