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Featuring Park Bench Deli, Twenty Grammes (Bugis), Sideways, NY Night Market (Westgate), Kogane Yama (Jem), Uncle Leong Seafood (Toa Payoh), Little House of Dreams (Dempsey), Meat Smith
adinachewsnchews ✨
adinachewsnchews ✨

Honestly, other than the fact that it’s pretty, there’s nothing to shout about.

The size was smaller than expected.

The brownies that came tgr with it wasn’t all that nice. It was a tad bit dry, and it wasn’t warm either which wasn’t the most pleasant thing to swallow. I would think that the waffles and brownies should be nice and toasty while the cold soft serve sits on it.

Also the hojicha wasn’t that fantastic either, pretty normal tasting. Didn’t have that much of a hojicha taste in my perspective, the roasty flavour wasn’t quite there.

Wouldn’t come back here again for their waffles or ice cream/soft serve :/

So they asked for doneness, I never knew there was such a think for lamb! Only beef. Guess I haven seen the world enough? Haha. Either way! I got the medium which I regretted as my friend’s medium well one tasted better, it was more tender. So, note to self, opt for medium well lamb next time.

Ok on to the taste! It’s well seasoned, tasty with a nice gamey taste. I’ve tried a couple of lamb chops ard Singapore, this would be a place I’d return for their lamb chops. Not to mention the mash potato that came with it was buttery and tasty, broccolini was nice and fresh! Good balance with a heavy tasting meat! :)

It’s $30.90 (not including GST yet), so definitely worth it with 1 for 1 Burpple beyond!

Got the Guinness pork ribs, 3 flavour chicken, 3 eggs spinach, deep fried brinjal. Honestly it was all nothing to squeal about; the meats and brinjal were too salty/sweet. Taste was too overpowering and wasn’t balanced well.

What was VERY disappointing was the service.
It was ABSOLUTELY bad. The waitress first told me that we could only use 1 voucher for Burpple Beyond, after which I said no, that’s not what the instructions says. Then she changed her stance and said, can use 2 vouchers but need 2 phones. Seeing the ordering taking place longer than it shld, a more senior lady (in rank) came to see what was happening, and corrected her saying 1 voucher can be used for 2 persons and 2 voucher for 4 persons. The waitress didn’t even apologised and walked away after confirming our order.

Lastly, we couldn’t finish our food and wanted to takeaway but was told that the free dish can’t be packed away. She said she mentioned this after we ordered (but she didn’t), and I said there is no such clause. She was adamant about it and say no taking away of your ‘for 1’ free dish, “I can pack the other dish, but your other free dish you can take away.” So I said, if you’re doing things to such an extend, I won’t take away anything at all then. The service here is really bad, perhaps they see us as BB users and treat us differently. Either way, if they treat customers who use vouchers differently, then it’s double standard. People in the service line shouldn’t even be treating customers like this. So I would suggest don’t come here, the food isn’t even jaw dropping enough.

This place is absolutely underrated, I’m so glad I managed to find this place thru Burpple Beyond!! This fish is so tender and even though it’s coated w squid ink it tastes amazing! For anyone afraid of squid ink, don’t worry! Somehow, you will not taste any of it as you eat this. Also, the dressing of the salad is absolutely lovely. So tasty and refreshing. This is a place where I will come back again for more. And that’s when you know the food’s good!

Only worth it with Burpple Beyond, to get steak with such a price. Be careful when your order medium rare, they don’t get it quite right. The one that I had was exceptionally salty too, though the prev time I ordered this it wasn’t the case. Still a decent flank for the price, though you can’t always count on the Chef.

The beef was of room temp while the pork ribs were served warm, that made eating of both meats a bit unpleasant as I was switching between 2 temperatures. Other than that, the beef brisket absolutely melts in your mouth!!

However, I tasted more smokiness from the pork ribs as compared to the beef brisket! Slightly peculiar to me as the beef is smoked for 16 hours, while the pork ribs are smoked for 3 hours (w reference to the menu).

Not too sure I would buy this beef brisket without Burpple Beyond, it would be VERY costly for that 1 slice of beef.

A nice place at Jem to have some Japanese fix! May seem unassuming, but their beef bowl tasted REALLY good. The tendon wasn’t that wow, but because I’m comparing it with other really good tendons. Otherwise, it’s not too bad!

Was looking forward to try the buttermilk fried chicken thinking it would taste better than the Cubano, it also looks more appetising...but BOY WAS I WRONG. For anyone deciding which sandwich to try but yet not wanting to burn a hole in your pocket, Cubano’s a good option to go to. No regrets!


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