All About Mian 面

All About Mian 面

Udon / Ramen / Pasta / Ban Mian

Miso Ramen ($8)

I went lunch for Ramen again but I decided to get another Ramen for trying it out. Miso broth was quite thick tbh and got really warmth 🥵. I always want to try their different ramen at their shop lol and hope that I can try other flavour 😅

Ban Mian ($5)

I decided to try their soup version for ban mian after a long time. Their soup broth was full of different flavour but their ban mian size was quite thin compared to the rest of the stall.

Takagi Ramen ($8.40)

Free noodle, add ajitama (egg) ($1.50) and no spring onion

First time to try takagi ramen but the soup broth is not bad but I over ordered free extra noodle hence I cannot eat finish noodle 😅 and I almost bloated tbh. Their egg is not bad, waterish and also taste like authentic Japan style.

Mixed Fish Soup ($6.50)

really enjoy their soup vibes tbh with wine aroma and their fish was really fresh made tbh except their fried version is average.

Soup Mee Hoon Kueh w Fish

hmmm like fish is average (not much to say about)

so shiok tbh but i ordered wrong item and should be order like dry version instead of fried :") but it's so good but no more wok taste. pig liver's serving was quite a lot tbh.

Premium Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.90) (Discount - 20% - $2.98 for weekdays from mon to thurs) + Ramen Egg ($2) (1 - 3)

so i did ordered their ramen instead of don and really like their smoked pork jowl so chewy and got that smoked aftertaste. the discount applied to ramen and mazesoba only.

Pork Ban Mee with Vegetable Soup ($3)
finally tried another famous ban mee located at whampoa food centre. I felt that their ban mee was slightly thick and a bit hard tbh but the minced pork ball was quite chewy and not that hard.

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I finally tried to try their noodle after a long time and I think that I told myself that I want to try it when they open first outlet at 313 Somerset that year. But I kinda forgot it when I was busy with other stuff. The soup contained with strong hua tiao jiu (chinese wine) after they served and they pour it after that. Their soup broth is superior tbh and their meatball packed with broth inside also when cutting into half. omggg. so juice and chewy for meatball tbh. mi xian was really silky and smooth and not that "overcook".

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Black Garlic Tonkotsu Udon $12.40

I alr tried Truffle Tonkotsu Udon previously. So I decided to try something that I never ordered b4. So the broth was quite creamy, milky and full of black garlic oil similar to truffle oil also. It was so good that I do recommend for trying it out. But the udon was usual (not that soft or hard) but tonkotsu was slightly hard a bit to chew. I realised that they add tempura bits into the soup.

Recently I eat much tempura on last week and my sister she didn't want me to eat too much and choose only one tempura.

Shitake Mushroom ($1.60) I want to order Kakiage (mixed veg tempura) so I prefer more healthy tempura but in the end sister didn't know what is mixed veg tempura and order shitake mushroom instead for me) not that hard and crispy.

Crabstick ($1.60) also not that hard and crispy. Usually they r huge size for seafood and really enjoy 😅.


I always choose Kitsune Udon ($6.90) (not that actual cheapest from udon menu) They got slighty grilled kistune (japan deep fried beancurd) and got that "char" taste and taste really salty tbh. It made a whole udon broth to be salty 🥲.

I noticed that they already cooked most of tempura in advance before lunch time. So I suggested that do coming around opening hours for hot and crispy tempura.

Jumbo Kakiage ($2.40) (mixed vegtable tempura) I almost cannot eat it finish as it was quite big in size. It was quite hard to slice through the tempura. (not that crispy and still have crunchy)

Potato Cheese Mochi ($1.80) (new) it's quite chewy for mochi but it's not that hot enough. I felt that it's ok for me.

Kashiwa Tempura (×2) ($2.20) (new) I did enjoyed their marinated chicken (similar to what I eat before) before dipping into deep frying. The chicken is not that hard and contained a lot of batter inside.

I ordered cold version for soba and preferred to be cold as its suitable for summer time. It's going to be autumn (fall) right now as I write and post for it. They also have hot version for soba if you don't like cold noodle. They also recommended for tonkatsu (pork), beef sukiyaki and prawn tempura also. But got mixed vegetables such as onion, long bean and carrots and its not greased and absorb oil into tempura paper. The tempura really well done, crispy and crunchy on outer skin. I mixed soba with half boiled egg (quite creamy) after I tried to add spring onion & wasabi (a bit spicy - I add less a bit). I felt that it's not full for me and not suitable for big eaters. 😅


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