All About Mian 面

All About Mian 面

Udon / Ramen / Pasta / Ban Mian

hmmm idk why i didn't really went down for ramen shop and preferred seaweed ramen soup over different type for ramen soup. hmmm i felt that it really normal but it's a bit bloated if eating finish so it's quite thick soup based tbh.

Pork Chop with Preserved Vegetable Tonkotsu Ramen ($11.50) wanted to try a photo of noodle 🍜 but it just failed terribly. Wanted to give a quick reviews about it so that I just felt bloated and too full already after eating ramen 🍜.

Big Prawn & Braised Pork with Shrimp 🦐 Ramen 🍜($18.90) didn’t wanted to understand why my mum didn’t order this bc probably need to deshell shrimp 🍤 and since this place is under prawn specialty shop

Zaru Udon ($8.80) she went to order second time for dinner time lol and she’s not sick of eating same thing for one day. for me, if the food got extra on afternoon time, i just continue to eat finish on dinner time.

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she also ordered Tonkatsu and Ebi 🍤Cold Udon with Tempura 🍤 and i did asked her how it tasted gd or nt 🤔 she told me that it’s quite rubbery for udon 😂 and not that fantastic 😅 and she went to order udon for second round during night time at somewhere. so talking about tempura, @cherrieecrafts ordered same main dish as my sister on march’s holiday and tonkatsu’s eyes 👀 look quite creepy and weird▪️◾️ ▫️◻️(u use dark mode and unable to see black square emoji) the eyes 👀 looked much better ▪️▪️▫️▫️when we ordered same main again on last thurs.

Another Yong Tau Foo Shop that I was eating again under the wishlist because I forgot to take photo last time that I went there. Loocated at opposite Bugis Junction and I always avoid lunch time crowds because like a lot of people queue for picking ingredients 😬. Plus the shop look quite more spacious than in the past due to Covid-19 social distancing. Yong Tau Foo ($4.90 for six ingredients + Noodle or Rice) or you don't like to eat Noodle or Rice you can pick one more ingredients. I realised that I got a bit disappointed with pork meatballs as its look dry and hard) compared in the past (probably they cooked them too early alr) 🙃

Army Base Stew ($15.90) It consisted of SPAM (Luncheon Meat), sausages, instant noodles with kimchi soup and melted cheese topping. My sister she didn't see melted cheese but just melted away on the soup lol. We felt that it's quite so-so only (nothing much special about it) and like the food was quite salty aftertaste. The pricing was quite standard. Kimchi Pork Belly Stew ($15.90) consisted of sliced Pork Belly, fermented Kimchi, tofu and vegetables include rice. Crispy Samgyeopsal with Creamy Scrambled Eggs & SoyYuja Sauce ($13.90) was quite good in terms of creamy scrambled eggs and also their pork belly (crispy skin) got sour (due to vinegar) but salty towards the end. I realised that their side dishes (banchan) got only 2 sets for 3 people. Good thing about their Kimchi Pancake ($10.90) consisted of savoury kimchi and sweet onions was quite crispy and that not spicy for me.

Fishball Noodles (Dry) was quite dry and need to add more water before mixing up again. I like their fishball to be handmade but crunchy texture.

Lor Mee look usually normal to me tbh but a lot of ingredients inside lor mee but too bad I went to eat lor mee last week already 😅


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