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Trying food that looks good and value for money on burrple beyond!
Evonne chow
Evonne chow

we ordered the c3 cheesecake and matcha cake. cheesecake was not as dense as a new york cheesecake. love the crust chocolatety complemented the light cream cheese well. matcha cake was not too bad as well with matcha cream powder and red beans ! good deal on burpple or else it’s too ex on its own. u get cake+drink on this deal. i will try the black sesame one the nx time round!

here we have pear and cream cheese dumplings w ice cream. tbh i had high hopes as my friend said it was nice but it fell flat sadly. there was NO cream cheese whatsoever in it all i could taste was poached pear! soso disappointed ):

here we ordered the momo curry, smoked duck, fried pierogi and sichuan dumplings. personally my favourites are the smoked duck and fried pierogi. the sichuan taste like 红油抄手 and the momo curry taste like packet curry seasonings...

love the texture of the noodles as it has a nice chew to it and the sauce rounds the noodle dish up nicely. if u can i suggest top up w the ramen egg for a complete noodle dish if u r just having it on its own but ofc don’t forget the main highlight which are the dumplings !

what’s a trip to beyond pancakes if you don’t try their pancakes? choc chip pancakes for dessert it is!! must try it was soft and flufffyyyyy yummm. should have tried their savoury pancakes too, perhaps nx time i will!

this was good!! truffle taste really comes through. not a huge fan of creamy based pasta so i shared this w a friend. if u love cream based this is for u! perhaps a suggestion to add some meat in the dish

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smoked salmon egg and avocado all my favourite food on top of pesto sauce and thin crepe. yaaaas! could be more generous with the toppings though! good size if not feeling to hungry or else i suggest to go for smt more carb heavy like the pastas !


got the donburi which had salmon, salmon sashimi and aburi salmon. i would say it’s pricey for the quantity given. wished there was more fish and more flavour in the rice?
while the food was forgettable, the service was EXCELLENT 👍🏼💯! food came fast, drinks always topped up (had green tea with this deal), very attentive staffs!

choice of 2 flavours in one cup! we got the pistachio+choc marello and salted caramel cheesecake+ granny’s favourite. many flavours to chose from with unique ones like salted egg yolk and pipagao. give it a try if u r nearby!

one on my wish list finally tried it! not bad! sadly doesn’t not come with any egg so i topped up for a flavoured egg at $1.50. will try the original maze-soba the next time !

wanted to try this for the longest time and finally did! yay yummy! ordered the houjicha initially tho but the waitress told us “the machine suddenly spoil” hahaha. the matcha was bitter but i like it! the black sesame really comes through too. quite sweet towards the end tho.

not bad! reasonable for 1 for 1 i guess. long queue tho on a friday evening. waited about 15 min in queue and 20mins for food ...

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