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Good old trusty Chinese family meals
Eatssentially .
Eatssentially .

PRICE: $6 for small

WAITING TIME: a good whole 15 minutes on a Friday night past 9.30PM


BILL: $87.20 including 3 canned drinks and 1 rice

WAITING TIME: Queued at 6pm on Sunday, food arrived at 6.12pm

Big Prawn Hor Fun Medium, $36 (Yep, price increased. Also available in $18/54)
-- Still tastes as good as when as the previous times. But a little too many fried shallots mixed in the sauce.

Claypot Yong Tau Foo $15
-- SO GOOD?!

Crispy Roasted Chicken $14
-- Skin was crispy but meat was dry. Not nice enough to order again.

Bittergourd pork ribs $15
-- Thankfully not too bitter. Not nice enough to order again.

PRICE: $30 deal inclusive of curry fish head, fermented fried crispy pork, choice of veggie

$0.50 for rice, $1.50 for canned drink

WAITING TIME: No waiting time for seats cos we arrived at 6pm. Food came really fast!

NOTES: Love all the dishes. They were not even stingy with the portion.

WILL WE RETURN? For this deal, YES

PRICE: $6.00

WAITING TIME: Fast! About 5 min? (Weekday night, close to closing time)

* Was expecting a soupy dish. Like beehoon in curry. So it was a surprise when this came to the table.
* HUGEEEEE portion
* Comes with loads of veggies and about 3 prawns
* Curry is nice
* Too gelat for one person to finish

WILL WE ORDER THIS AGAIN? Yes, as a sharing dish if we eat zichar here

$5.50 Seafood Black Pepper Bee Hoon
$4.50 Yee Mian

👍Nice view of punggol marina
👍Generous portions
👍Yee Mian comes with a lot of fried pork lard

👎Would not order Seafood Black Pepper Bee Hoon because it lacks black pepper taste (only a sprinkle of it)
👎Outdoor seating area = Second-hand smoke (not suitable for families with children)

WOULD WE RETURN? Yes! Prices of rice and noodles are reasonable and comparable to the Punggol coffeeshop zichar rates

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Hotplate Beancurd (S)
👍 4 prawns
😐 Average
😐 Not likely to order again at this price

Fried Mee Tai Mak (S)
👍 Interesting flavour
👍 Huge portion
👍 Will order again
✏ Gotta request for no beansprouts the next time we order this

Prawn Paste Chicken (S)
👍 Will order again

WAITING TIME: About 10 min for food to be served

PARKING: Free (weekday evening)

PRICE: $11 for San Lou Bee Hoon (medium), $12 for 地三鲜 (small) nett

- Very flavourful 地三鲜 comprising of brinjal, potato, chilli pepper
- Taste of San Lou Bee Hoon has been consistent through all our visits
- Service and waiting time have improved since moving to its new air-conditioned location


$5 Signature Fried Bee Hoon
$5 Signature Bui Bui Noodles

WAITING TIME: 7 min on a weekday at 8pm

- very generous portions!
- fried bee hoon came with so much egg!
- these two dishes complement each other well
- only letdown was the fried pork lard in Bui Bui Noodles



BILL: $82nett for 4 pax
JB San Lou Bee Hoon (L) $14
Salted Egg Prawn Ball (S) $20
Fermented Bean with Pork Belly (S) $12
Cameron Highland Dragon Veggie (M) $18
Brinjal Potato with Chili (M) $18

WAITING TIME: Took 40 minutes for the last dish (beehoon) to arrive (Wed night past 10pm)

PARKING: Free after 10pm


BILL: $15 for two

$4 Black bean sauce hor fun, $4 white bee hoon, $7 sambal potato leaves

PARKING: ERP parking right in front of coffeeshop

WAITING TIME: Amazingly slow. We were the second last customers when we arrived at 10pm on Tuesday night (there were only a couple of other customers, all of whom were already eating or finishing up). The last customer got his plate of white bee hoon AND finished AND left, before we even got served our plate of white bee hoon.
The sambal potato leaves came first, like it was supposed to be our appetizer dish. 😐

SPECIAL LOVE FOR 💗: the very flavorful sambal potato leaves (perhaps because of the generous amount of fried pork lard bits?) • Generous serving size for the regular portion of bean sauce hor fun

NOTES: White bee hoon was fried with an unimaginable amount of oil. We didn't recall it being this oily the previous times we ate here.


BILL: $58.50 nett (3 pax) inclusive of the 5th dish, Prawn Ball with Mayo & Pork Floss, which arrived first and got wiped out too soon

WAITING TIME: Reached at 6.45pm on Sunday. Not long at all for such a popular zichar place. Very efficient system (order first before getting a table). First dish arrived after 5 minutes.

SETTING: Coffeeshop

PARKING: Right downstairs (Coupon parking)

CHILLI: Nice belachan chili sauce + the usual chilli w/ soya sauce

SPECIAL LOVE FOR 💗: the sauce in the Chili lala dish • the small crunchy bits in the signature Butter Pork Ribs

WILL NOT ORDER AGAIN: 1) Fragrant beancurd $12 - we all wished there were chyepoh among the minced meat but nope. 2) Prawn Ball with Mayo & Pork Floss $15 - the quantity just doesn't justify the price. Also do not like the mayo.

WILL WE RETURN? Definitely


[Places & Price$] A non-believer of long, descriptive essay reviews without pricing reference.

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