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Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee
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I always come back to Kipos in anticipation of building the perfect grain bowl. Some days some items that I want are out of stock, but today I was lucky enough to have everything I picked!

What’s in my bowl ($13):
Base: Purple and green cabbage, cauliflower rice (+$2)
Greens: Brussels sprouts (+$1), Spinach, Cherry tomatoes, carrots, broccoli
Protein: Tofu
Dressing: Cheesy pesto
Lux it up: Golden pillow tamago
Crunch: Tobikko, crispy shallots, roasted almonds

Nothing much different from what I usually order - cheesy pesto is now my favourite dressing! Although I might still alternate between truffle shoyu and mala from time to time. The Brussels sprouts here aren’t bitter at all, and the cauliflower rice is a good alternative for those seeking a low calorie alternative to brown rice, quinoa or soba. It is a bit pricey at an additional $2 charge though.

Sort of hinted at getting discounts or rewards by bringing our own bowls and the awesome people at Kipos said that it’ll be coming soon! I can’t wait for that :) yay for going green while eating clean!

All the deliciousness in nasi lemak served up in a more nutritious form from Kipos. They were out of quinoa lemak base today, so it was substituted with regular quinoa, but it was still really good! The sambal chilli is the absolute bomb. The staff have also gotten much better at cracking the onsen egg which is awesome so I can have a nice whole egg, rather than egg yolk spilling out everywhere and congealing on the rest of my bowl by the time I get to eat it.

Kipos is super eco-aware, and since I brought my own containers to pack my food, I was hinting about some discounts/rewards for people who bring their own bowls - good news is: it’s coming our way soon! Yay! I can’t wait for that and hopefully more people will start bringing their own containers too :)

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Looks like Toss & Turn has changed their DYOB - there are no hot or cold protein options anymore, instead, the basic salad bowl ($11) comes with a choice of 1 base (you can mix up to 2), 1 protein, 4 toppings & 1 dressing. It’s stated that it ‘comes with free bread’ on the signage, but we didn’t ask for it and weren’t given any bread, nor did anyone else that we saw in the restaurant. This change in the DYOB menu could work both ways, as it’s now cheaper to order what were previously known as ‘hot proteins’, but would cost more to order more ‘cold proteins/deli’ as an additional one would cost $2 whereas you’d have a choice of two deli meats under the previous Bowl A & B system.

What’s in my bowl ($11.50):
- Base: Spinach + soba (+$0.50)
- Protein: Spicy Chicken
- Toppings: Roasted pumpkin, cucumber, tofu, roasted eggplant
- Dressing: Cashew lime (fat-free, the sauce container used has notably decreased in size)

Overall it’s still pretty much the same ingredients on offer, just that the pricing system is a little different. I was pleased with the variety of bases available today at 7.15pm as there were baby spinach, kale (new I think!), mesclun Salad, sesame pasta, Mediterranean rice and soba noodles - my fav. The spicy chicken went very well with my bowl, in fact, I didn’t even need the cashew lime dressing as the seasoning was creamy and flavourful. Not spicy in my opinion though. The chicken chunks were also not too tough or dry, and they went well with my spinach and soba. With the amount of protein given in one bowl (there’s actually a whole lot of it below the other toppings), I don’t think I’m actually missing out too much on the previous 2 deli protein options except that there was more variety and choice then. Toss & Turn still remains as my pick for the most affordable no-frills salads and grain bowls!

Each time I make my way to Mama Patisserie, I’m faced with a happy dilemma - should I buy my favourites, or should I try a new flavour combination if they’re available?

Grabbed the last Sweet Potato Walnut bun off the shelf. Unlike their other buns, this one isn’t stuffed full of filling, but the sweet potato filling is enough to lend some sweetness to the pillowy soft bread. I love the walnuts on top which add some bitter nutty tastes to the bun as well, making this a healthy yet delicious meal/snack/treat.

*Mama Patisserie is FavePay and GrabPay friendly but only if you buy the items at full price! You have to pay by cash if you buy the items at clearance price.

Kipos Gourmet serves up not only a healthier and lower calorie version of nasi lemak (with a vegan option too!), but also a healthier version of chicken rice. There’s an option of having quinoa or brown rice as the base, with sous vide chicken, carrots, cucumbers, and a generous serving of Hainanese chicken rice chilli. Opted for the quinoa base and added on some Lux (golden pillow tamago) and this was such a yummy dinner. The chicken breast isn’t the most tender but it’s definitely not dry. It’s also a pretty good medium for the chicken rice chilli, which brings a slight heat and some sweetness to the dish. Love that they’re very generous with the chilli portion too!

Been a while since I’ve visited Kipos Gourmet and I’m so glad to be back! I even brought my own container this time and the staff didn’t even blink when I asked for my bowl to be packed in this container - plus points for being eco-friendly.

What’s in my bowl ($12):

Base - Brown rice, green & purple cabbage
Greens - Spinach, broccoli, radish, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Brussels sprouts (+$2)
Protein - Tofu
Dressing - Cheesy pesto
Lux it up - Mushroom medley
Crunch - Tobikko, fried shallots, nori

Sadly they were out of the smoked almonds today, so I had to change up my crunch order a little but no regrets because the fried shallots are so aromatic and yummy! They’re not as crunchy as the almonds, but they inject a hint of sweetness into the bowl. I’d still pick the almonds over these in a heartbeat if given a choice, but the shallots are a nice alternative in a pinch. I also opted for the brown rice base this time, and I’m pleased to say the brown rice here is cooked to perfection. Brown rice sometimes receives a bad rep for being too hard, but you won’t face this issue here. I noticed that some sauce was sprinkled on the brown rice, which made it extra fragrant and yummy. Also tried some new items on the menu - the Brussels sprouts (+$1) and the cheesy pesto dressing. Fortunately the Brussels sprouts weren’t bitter at all, they were cooked well and easy to chew without losing their crunchiness. The cheesy pesto dressing was amazing and would be one that I’d add to my regular rotation - with a sharp smell of herbs and a luxuriously creamy texture, the cheesy pesto dressing really spiced up the rest of the ingredients in the bowl and kept me wanting more more more. This was also the first time I tried the cucumbers at Kipos, and I found that they cut the cucumbers into huge pieces. Not that that’s a good or bad thing, just something to note.

*Kipos Gourmet is FavePay & GrabPay friendly! They also do provide tenant/Virgin Active member discounts.

Still my absolute favourite item from Mother Dough bakery and one of my favourite croissants in Singapore! The croissant is flaky, with a polo bun-esque crust studded with almond flakes. The croissant is also stuffed with generous amounts of marzipan that’s deliciously nutty and not too sweet.

This is a MUST TRY at Mother Dough!

*Mother Dough Bakery is both GrabPay & FavePay friendly. Do request for FavePay if you use that as they apparently keep the QR code behind the cashier counter.

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A layered dessert with a vanilla cake base, chocolate sauce, Oreo crunch, a scoop of ice cream and crushed Oreo topping.

Love the mix of warm chocolate sauce and dense vanilla cake at the bottom and the contrasting ice cold scoop of ice cream all in one cup. You technically have a choice of ice cream flavours, but I didn’t specify and ended up with the default vanilla which was a pretty good combination with Oreo and chocolate. It requires a little manoeuvring to get all the layers in one spoonful but it’s worth it. Creamy, crunchy, cakey, chocolatey, warm and cold, it’s an all in one dessert served in just one cup for maximum convenience.

*A Spoonful Of Sugar is a halal eatery and also FavePay/GrabPay friendly!

Prodigal Cafe is located in an old HDB estate at Macpherson which is a refreshing change from the popular cafes peppering hipster neighbourhoods. I visited at 2pm on Tuesday afternoon and had almost the whole cafe to myself. Picked a table facing the glass-panelled entrance overlooking the grass field and it was the perfect place to chill plus savour my food and coffee at my own pace. Never felt hurried at all.

The service here is also worth a mention. Both the male and female serving staff are welcoming, friendly, and are the embodiment of service with a smile. What I found super cute was how the male staff handled an older gentleman who walked in claiming he was a first-timer, new to the ‘cafe thing’. The male staff patiently explained what was on the menu, and took the time to teach the gentleman how to use FavePay. How cute is that?! 100/100 not just for the amazing coffee and toasts, but for service as well. I’d definitely make a return trip to this homely cafe.

- Poh’s Egg Mayo
- Dirty

From the non-caffeine specialty blends at Huggs Coffee located in Five Spice Food Court.

Service at Huggs is incredibly friendly and warm! The two ladies in particular had huge smiles on their faces and were so welcoming that I was actually excited to patronise Huggs. The drink was also prepared and served very quickly.

The matcha latte at Huggs exceeded my expectations! The beverage has a nice green hue and carries a subtle bitterness. The amount of milk is just right and both components are smoothly blended together. The beverage is a little too sweet for my liking, so I’d ask them to reduce the sugar level the next time (there will be a next time!). Also glad that there’s dairy free options such as soy milk and oat milk available at only $1 additional charge!

*Note: Most, if not all, vendors in Five Spice Food Court are eligible for FavePay and cashback can be shared across the stalls :)

Same stall as the one at Suntec City food court but the quality and cost is vastly different. This YTF at Jewel Five Spice Food Court with 12 pieces of ingredients and noodles cost me $13.20 which is insane - that’s approximately twice the price of the one at Suntec. Each additional ingredient costs $0.90 and the vegetable bundles are meagre - only like 2-3 stalks of bok choy counts as one ingredient.

Selection was still pretty good at 10pm, which was a bonus - I do like the stuffed ladies finger, eggplant and chillies, plus service was really fast, but the gravy is so diluted that I can’t taste any savouriness, and it gets watery so quickly when in contact with the noodles that it just becomes soup.

Maybe it’s the initial rush of people to Jewel Changi so perhaps Fu Lin Fried Yong Tau Foo can’t cope with the volume leading to lacklustre and dilute gravy, but my advice - skip this and save your calories for something else. There’s other better food in the Five Spice Food Court for sure.

*Note: Most, if not all, vendors in the food court accept payment by FavePay!

What’s in my bowl ($11.60 - $1 Meatless Monday)

Salad Bowl B ($10.80)
Base: Romaine, Mesclun Mix + Soba (+$0.80)
Hot Protein: Thai spiced Falafel
Crunchies: Roasted pumpkin, corn kernels, cucumber, tofu
Dressing: Cashew and lime (non-fat)

I totally forgot about the meatless Monday offer and didn’t realise that I’d ordered a meatless bowl until the cashier mentioned that I was entitled to a discount. Imagine what a pleasant surprise that was!

I was super excited when I saw soba available (finally! After 3 weeks!) and there was even pasta too! There were actually tons of options today for all the ingredients today, which was fantastic. The falafel today was slightly spicy and studded with finely chopped long beans, but it was great! If I remember correctly, they do change the falafel seasoning from time to time as the last time I had it it wasn’t spicy at all. There were 3 other hot protein options available (which is more than I’ve ever seen at one go) - Salmon, teriyaki chicken & turmeric chicken. While the salmon and turmeric chicken looked pretty dry, I was so tempted to go for the teriyaki chicken drenched in teriyaki sauce but thankfully I didn’t (meatless Monday offer yo!). As for the crunchies, I was simply spoilt for choice as there was roasted pumpkin, eggplant and sweet potato all available today. I really love the tofu here as it’s slightly savoury, and of medium firmness - so it doesn’t feel like you’re biting into tasteless dry chunks of tofu. Wanted to try the non-fat Thai Dressing today but it wasn’t available :( ended up getting the cashew lime again which I really enjoyed the previous time! Note that most of the dressings here are pretty watered down, so it might be a good thing for weight watchers as you still get pretty decent taste that can be spread over more salad.

*Note that you can use FavePay and GrabPay here so yay for cashback!

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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