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Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee

It’s way more worth it to get a large bowl, especially if you’re sharing, but we were pretty full and just had a hankering for acai so we got the classic small bowl. HAAKON’s Classic Acai Bowl comes with chia pudding, blended Acai, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, dried coconut, nuts and granola. I enjoyed the multitude of flavours and textures in this simple bowl, but I did feel that the Acai was a little too sweet. In addition, the chia pudding layer was frozen and quite hard to eat until it had defrosted. Still a yummy and healthy dessert that’s available till late as compared to many other Acai stalls around the area.

*Note: HAAKON is FavePay friendly!

Skim milk available at this cute cafe, though their matcha latte wasn’t that fantastic, it was decent. It could do with thicker matcha to balance out the milkiness, but it’s not too sweet fortunately. They have tons of other interesting drinks like Muay Thai Latte (thai milk tea latte) and Sweet Potato latte, among many others. I’m really not sure where this cafe is going as they seem to have a mix of so many East Asian and southeast Asian influences as there’re Chinese, Thai and Korean words around the cafe. Overall, the staff are polite and nice, and it seems like a very quiet spot to spend a weekend afternoon (especially for parents who’ve dropped their kids off for tuition classes).

*FavePay is available at Caffe Pastore!

Another item from the Breakfast and Brunch menu - the Arabiki Sausage & Pancakes is a marriage of sweet and savoury in a dish. Two arabiki sausages served with a sunny side up egg on two pancakes, with a garden salad and maple syrup. For some, this savoury-sweet combination is a no go, but I think this worked perfectly for me.

These pancakes are by no means perfectly shaped or as beautiful as many of the other popular cafes, in fact they’re irregular and quite ugly as cafe pancakes go, but they taste awesome and that’s what counts. The top of the pancakes were slightly crispy, and the interiors soft and fluffy. There was a subtle sweetness to the pancake that made it so delicious to eat on its own, even without maple syrup. When paired with the savoury arabiki sausage and egg, I loved the flavour and texture contrast between the sweet and savoury components, but I guess not everyone would.

The garden salad was only a side, but I really enjoyed it because of the creamy green dressing slathered on the crisp greens. Overall not a complex or beautifully plated dish, but well worth the $12.

The classic French omelette is chef’s recommendation under the Breakfast and Brunch menu - note that the Burpple Beyond deals can not be used for these items.

This dish is a classic combination of fine herb, pork sausage and shiitake mushrooms in a buttery custardy egg pillow served with fresh garden salad and butter toasted sourdough. Seriously you can hardly go wrong with such a combination in eggs. The omelette is so cheesy, you gotta dig in quick before it hardens and watch that cheese pull! I think the omelette might have fared slightly better if it were a little less cooked and softer on the inside, but I’m not complaining because taste from the mushrooms, sausage and cheese more than make up for it. I enjoyed loading the omelette up on the sourdough bread, which didn’t have a distinct tang, but was chewy and not too dry.

The garden salad was also great! 6 Letter Coffee uses a green dressing that’s ever so slightly sour, but so addictive when paired with the fresh leafy greens. If there was an option to upsize the salad, I’d probably do it.

*Note: 6 Letter Coffee is GrabPay & FavePay-friendly!

Gone are the days that sous vide cooking was limited to hotels and expensive restaurants. Fireless Kitchen, located in the revamped Funan Mall, is a first of its kind with absolutely no open flames in the kitchen and they’re definitely proud of it. You get to see the tanks and sous vide cooker setups right in plain view when you’re ordering your food.

We got two bowls, where you get a pick of one protein, one base and three toppings.

In bowl 1 (left, $15.90): sous vide salmon, tofu (add on $2), romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, edamame, pineapple

In bowl 2 (right, $13.90): Signature 24 hours cooked sous vide pork belly, whole wheat pasta, sous vide egg, caramelised onions, balsamic carrots

All the proteins were stellar, they weren’t overcooked in the slightest (the magic of sous vide cooking), and they absorbed the flavours of the marinades so well. While the pork belly is supposed to be the star of the show, with its tender melt-in-your-mouth texture, I found myself more drawn to the firm tofu, but that’s just me since I really like tofu. The marinades for both seem to be a barbecue style sauce, which double up as a great dressing for whatever base you choose. The salmon flesh was so soft and sweet, and I liked that the skin was slightly crisped - still don’t know how they’d achieve that without oil and flames though.

The bases aren’t particularly unique, but at least the salad vegetables were fresh and crisp. Note that the portion of vegetables is quite little though.

I liked all the toppings, especially the caramelised onions and carrots. However, the whole bowl was served at room temperature so it wasn’t particularly appetising.

Unfortunately, it seems like sous vide cooking isn’t sexy enough for our local market yet. Despite a very hardworking staff working the cashier and constantly reaching out to passers by and potential customers, nobody bought a bowl for the duration of the time that we were there. Perhaps they could work on the presentation of the cooked foods on display, or revise the pricing. For >$10 a bowl for a base, a protein and three toppings, there are much cheaper and more filling choices out there.

*Fireless Kitchen is FavePay-friendly! Start racking up those cash backs!

This is like the Vietnamese version of char kway tiao or pad thai. It’s the first time we’ve ordered this out of our numerous visits because I’m a creature of habit. Hahaha. Anyway, this dish didn’t disappoint. The noodles were slick and nicely cooked, not too soft, hard or oily. They even have a slight hint of wok hei that we were not expecting. There’s quite a bit of ingredients tossed in, so you have a mix of prawns, crabstick, mushrooms, tau pok and eggs. While none of these are particularly unique, they work together to make this dish delicious. We also enjoyed the chilli served together with these noodles, which were actually spicier than I expected. They’re really good when eaten together with the noodles! While I have other favourites on the menu that I always turn to, this is one dish that I might consider from time to time!

*The Orange Lantern (AND Harbourfront Centre) is FavePay-friendly! Remember to use FavePay, especially after 6pm, to get upsized 10% cashback!

I always come back to Kipos in anticipation of building the perfect grain bowl. Some days some items that I want are out of stock, but today I was lucky enough to have everything I picked!

What’s in my bowl ($13):
Base: Purple and green cabbage, cauliflower rice (+$2)
Greens: Brussels sprouts (+$1), Spinach, Cherry tomatoes, carrots, broccoli
Protein: Tofu
Dressing: Cheesy pesto
Lux it up: Golden pillow tamago
Crunch: Tobikko, crispy shallots, roasted almonds

Nothing much different from what I usually order - cheesy pesto is now my favourite dressing! Although I might still alternate between truffle shoyu and mala from time to time. The Brussels sprouts here aren’t bitter at all, and the cauliflower rice is a good alternative for those seeking a low calorie alternative to brown rice, quinoa or soba. It is a bit pricey at an additional $2 charge though.

Sort of hinted at getting discounts or rewards by bringing our own bowls and the awesome people at Kipos said that it’ll be coming soon! I can’t wait for that :) yay for going green while eating clean!

All the deliciousness in nasi lemak served up in a more nutritious form from Kipos. They were out of quinoa lemak base today, so it was substituted with regular quinoa, but it was still really good! The sambal chilli is the absolute bomb. The staff have also gotten much better at cracking the onsen egg which is awesome so I can have a nice whole egg, rather than egg yolk spilling out everywhere and congealing on the rest of my bowl by the time I get to eat it.

Kipos is super eco-aware, and since I brought my own containers to pack my food, I was hinting about some discounts/rewards for people who bring their own bowls - good news is: it’s coming our way soon! Yay! I can’t wait for that and hopefully more people will start bringing their own containers too :)

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Looks like Toss & Turn has changed their DYOB - there are no hot or cold protein options anymore, instead, the basic salad bowl ($11) comes with a choice of 1 base (you can mix up to 2), 1 protein, 4 toppings & 1 dressing. It’s stated that it ‘comes with free bread’ on the signage, but we didn’t ask for it and weren’t given any bread, nor did anyone else that we saw in the restaurant. This change in the DYOB menu could work both ways, as it’s now cheaper to order what were previously known as ‘hot proteins’, but would cost more to order more ‘cold proteins/deli’ as an additional one would cost $2 whereas you’d have a choice of two deli meats under the previous Bowl A & B system.

What’s in my bowl ($11.50):
- Base: Spinach + soba (+$0.50)
- Protein: Spicy Chicken
- Toppings: Roasted pumpkin, cucumber, tofu, roasted eggplant
- Dressing: Cashew lime (fat-free, the sauce container used has notably decreased in size)

Overall it’s still pretty much the same ingredients on offer, just that the pricing system is a little different. I was pleased with the variety of bases available today at 7.15pm as there were baby spinach, kale (new I think!), mesclun Salad, sesame pasta, Mediterranean rice and soba noodles - my fav. The spicy chicken went very well with my bowl, in fact, I didn’t even need the cashew lime dressing as the seasoning was creamy and flavourful. Not spicy in my opinion though. The chicken chunks were also not too tough or dry, and they went well with my spinach and soba. With the amount of protein given in one bowl (there’s actually a whole lot of it below the other toppings), I don’t think I’m actually missing out too much on the previous 2 deli protein options except that there was more variety and choice then. Toss & Turn still remains as my pick for the most affordable no-frills salads and grain bowls!

Each time I make my way to Mama Patisserie, I’m faced with a happy dilemma - should I buy my favourites, or should I try a new flavour combination if they’re available?

Grabbed the last Sweet Potato Walnut bun off the shelf. Unlike their other buns, this one isn’t stuffed full of filling, but the sweet potato filling is enough to lend some sweetness to the pillowy soft bread. I love the walnuts on top which add some bitter nutty tastes to the bun as well, making this a healthy yet delicious meal/snack/treat.

*Mama Patisserie is FavePay and GrabPay friendly but only if you buy the items at full price! You have to pay by cash if you buy the items at clearance price.

Kipos Gourmet serves up not only a healthier and lower calorie version of nasi lemak (with a vegan option too!), but also a healthier version of chicken rice. There’s an option of having quinoa or brown rice as the base, with sous vide chicken, carrots, cucumbers, and a generous serving of Hainanese chicken rice chilli. Opted for the quinoa base and added on some Lux (golden pillow tamago) and this was such a yummy dinner. The chicken breast isn’t the most tender but it’s definitely not dry. It’s also a pretty good medium for the chicken rice chilli, which brings a slight heat and some sweetness to the dish. Love that they’re very generous with the chilli portion too!

Been a while since I’ve visited Kipos Gourmet and I’m so glad to be back! I even brought my own container this time and the staff didn’t even blink when I asked for my bowl to be packed in this container - plus points for being eco-friendly.

What’s in my bowl ($12):

Base - Brown rice, green & purple cabbage
Greens - Spinach, broccoli, radish, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Brussels sprouts (+$2)
Protein - Tofu
Dressing - Cheesy pesto
Lux it up - Mushroom medley
Crunch - Tobikko, fried shallots, nori

Sadly they were out of the smoked almonds today, so I had to change up my crunch order a little but no regrets because the fried shallots are so aromatic and yummy! They’re not as crunchy as the almonds, but they inject a hint of sweetness into the bowl. I’d still pick the almonds over these in a heartbeat if given a choice, but the shallots are a nice alternative in a pinch. I also opted for the brown rice base this time, and I’m pleased to say the brown rice here is cooked to perfection. Brown rice sometimes receives a bad rep for being too hard, but you won’t face this issue here. I noticed that some sauce was sprinkled on the brown rice, which made it extra fragrant and yummy. Also tried some new items on the menu - the Brussels sprouts (+$1) and the cheesy pesto dressing. Fortunately the Brussels sprouts weren’t bitter at all, they were cooked well and easy to chew without losing their crunchiness. The cheesy pesto dressing was amazing and would be one that I’d add to my regular rotation - with a sharp smell of herbs and a luxuriously creamy texture, the cheesy pesto dressing really spiced up the rest of the ingredients in the bowl and kept me wanting more more more. This was also the first time I tried the cucumbers at Kipos, and I found that they cut the cucumbers into huge pieces. Not that that’s a good or bad thing, just something to note.

*Kipos Gourmet is FavePay & GrabPay friendly! They also do provide tenant/Virgin Active member discounts.

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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