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Featuring Pasta e Formaggio (Marina Square), La Pizzeria at The Bridge & Beacon Bar, Meat n' Chill, MediumRare by Saveur, Privé Grill (The University Club)
BingJie YU
BingJie YU

Have to say the mushroom and cream sauce was pretty nice, but the tortellini weren't v fresh, could taste a bit of the frozen taste. Also, just as I'm writing this, I realised it's called truffle but I couldn't rlly rmb tasting any truffle hahaha.

My partner got tortellini with bacon, tons of bacon... Which is really really salty....
Oh and the portion is actl not very big...

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Absolutely love their complimentary raisin bread. Piping hot and super fragrant!!

Had better raclette elsewhere but for 11 bucks it's not bad luh

The cheese tasted like rubber so I really couldn't appreciate this pizza

Fairly huge portion and loaded with cheese. This place has an extensive menu for ribs as well with interesting sauces. They have many wine and other alcoholic beverages to offer also. Perfect place to meet with friend and catch up!