Served on a large round hot plate, the Bunsik Wang Pan was filled with a combination of gimbap, tteokpokki, fried mandu, assorted fried vegetable and seaweed rice balls. The combo was served with sides of steamed egg with corn and melted cheese that was superb for dipping. Unfortunately the gimbap fell apart easily and everything felt dry as the tteokpokki red sauce dried up really fast. Nonetheless it was great for sharing with a variety of food.

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Spicy seafood tofu stew ($14.20) with gimbap ($9.90) is heartier food that is simple and flavourful. The stew was rich with seafood and still hot when delivered, and the seaweed rice roll was packed with beef bulgogi and other ingredients. Absolutely delicious and comforting!

Settled for takeaway though would have wished for it served bubbling hot. The stew had a variety of seafood including a huge prawn that was fresh and sweet. Broth was light and could be much richer in flavour. And sadly, the soy garlic chicken wings ($8.50) tasted average and not worth the price.

Special Garlic Soy Sauce Chicke + Mixed Fries + Budae Jjigae

Korean fried chicken with soju bomb is an ultimate Seoul-style comfort food to destress after a long work day. The garlic soy sauce chicken was a favourite as the marinate, having been caramelised from the heat, gave it a sweet flavour and the skin remained crispy. Enjoy it with a humble, hearty stew that warmed the belly and tentalised my taste buds with its spicy, savory and unami-rich broth.


As sinful as it may be, Korean fried chicken is on my list of comforting food that is worth every calorie and great pairing with ice cold beer. Each piece of meat was tender and juicy with a savoury crunchy skin. With an added coat of their special sweet and sticky sauce, it was addictive that I want to eat more. 🍗🍺

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Ssul Lung Tang is a milky beef soup made from broth that has been simmered for hours with beef legs bones. The soup however turned out to be rather light and unflavourful as compared to the thick-richness I was hoping to get. Other than some brisket pieces and sweet potato noodles in the soup, it was too "qing" but comforting at the very least.

A Korean lunch set that caters to every preference and palate. Spoilt by the choices offered on their extensive menu, I opted (to my tummy's delight) for a set with half portions of two mains - Seafood tofu stew and Bulgogi with a choice of sides. The tofu stew had just enough kick but not too spicy and a comfort food during cold weather. As for the Bulgogi, the stir-fried beef slices were nicely marinated and had slices of mushrooms in it. Each lunch set came with a drink and unlimited trips to the salad bar (the macaroni salad was light and refreshing). This was absolutely worth every dollar and am definitely will be back to try the rest of the dishes! 👍

Food is an adventure in itself. More to explore. Even more to share.

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