Don’t stereotype, not only rice. Ps: this list confirm not halal.
EatPrayLove Foodie
EatPrayLove Foodie

Surprisingly this is as good as zi char’s. There is wok hei and it was the right saltiness. However, the rice was a little mushy today.

Tender beef slices drenched in well seasoned gravy. Beef slices went really well with the sauce and rice. Their rice is fluffy and you could taste every grain unlike some zi char that has mushy rice.

Tasty sweet plum powder sprinkled on deep fried sweet potato fries. It tasted savoury and sweet which really tasted so addictive.

This is on the pricier side as they increased their price from $2.80 when they initially opened. However this was so good that you will want to come back for it. The pie was milky and full of flavours from the chicken, mushroom and pepper. It was quite filling too. 1 is definitely not enough.

Eggs were super silky and slightly thick. It went really well with the sliced beef and char siew.
The char siew was thick enough and slightly sweet while the beef was tender and thick.
I guess this is one of the most worth item in their menu.

This was beyond my expectation. The broth was light yet flavourful and the noodle was al dente.
The beef was extremely tender and the marbling melts in your mouth.
I wished they gave more portion of beef though. Will definitely come back and try other things on their menu.

Had sotong fillet, stir fry cabbage, tofu and luncheon meat. Slightly moist bee hoon which I really enjoyed. The chilli really packed a punch after a while which was extremely good.

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Particularly like their omelette as it tasted really sweet and was thick unlike other mixed vegetable rice stall.
Their broccoli, water spinach and tofu was nothing unusual just like other stalls.

Cheap yet good fried rice that has a slight hint of wok hei. It wasn’t too salty and every spoonful filled with egg. Char siew bits went well with the rice. Personally prefer the darker fried rice to those without soya sauce.

This soup was full of flavour and thick. It’s very different as some stalls tend to have a generic pork/chicken boiled soup and use it for every soup but this wasn’t.
The chicken was tender and came off the bones easily. It was not dry and went really well with one of their chilli.
Will definitely return for more soup!

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Breakfast to go. Nicely fried and moist bee hoon went really well with their chilli and ingredients.
Tried their chicken cutlet today and it tasted like mc spicy patty but non spicy version.
The cabbage was really sweet and wasn’t too hard and crunch.

Basil Chicken Penne.
Extremely flavourful penne with shredded chicken. Basil was strong enough and coated every penne.

Southwest Chicken.
This was quite surprising as it was mixed really well with the different kinds of vegetables. The chicken bits were tasty as well which tasted something like popcorn chicken.

The only downside is that it’s slightly on the pricier side.

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