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Western , Swiss, Italian

Western , Swiss, Italian

Featuring Benjamin Barker Cafe, Spago by Wolfgang Puck, Two Men Bagel House (Novena), PS.Cafe (Harding Road), iSTEAKS Diner (The Star Vista), Outback Steakhouse (Orchard Gateway), Lawry's The Prime Rib Singapore, Marché Mövenpick ([email protected]), The Butcher's Kitchen, Seasonal Tastes (The Westin Singapore)
eatpraylove foodie
eatpraylove foodie
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Grilled chicken which came with 2 sides of your choice. Chose parmesan cheese asparagus and baked potato.
Love the parmesan cheese asparagus, it wasn’t too hard nor too soft and the cheese made it even more flavourful. Chicken was really juicy, thick and tender. This was a really good meal for the price. 7.0/10

Chunky fries that came with tamarind chilli dip, kaffir lime aioli & smokey bbq sauce. Personally I love their bbq sauce. It was indeed smokey! As for their chilli dip, it was very unique and probably can’t find it elsewhere. This plate of fries with their condiments indeed serves as a good starter. 8.5/10

Tender, soft and meaty lamb chops serve with potato wedges. Lamb was grilled to perfection with the fats ratio to lean meat was right! 9.0/10

Tender chicken with a hint of tomato sauce and cheese on top. 6.5/10

Always have a fear of ordering salmon when I’m out as some places will tend to overcook them making it hard and dry to finish. However, this was done just right. Juicy yet tender together with the japanese fried rice and fried egg. Indeed a value meal! 7.5/10

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Tender chicken with interesting sides - cinnamon pumpkin and garlic butter eggplant.
Loved the chicken and cinnamon pumpkin. However the garlic butter gets a little jelak after. 6.0/10

Buffet spread was really fantastic as they had many cuisines to choose from.

Three thin slices of rare tender beef with yorkshire pudding and US iddaho mashed potatoes.

Hijiki seaweed rice, korean banchan, gochujang and sesame. I didn’t really like this dish as I felt that it didn’t come together as one dish. Everything was on its own.

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Gruyere and aged cheddar, garlic aioli, smokey onion-jalapeno marmalade and french fries.
The burger was really tasty as the cheddar was flavourful. The jalapeno gave it some kick and portion of fries was quite huge.

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A very unique rendition of laksa. The dry fried rice noodles wrapped with calamansi, laksa leaf was really mind blowing. A must to order to whet your appetite. You definitely cannot stop at one piece.

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Pizza was topped with yoghurt, garlic, salsa verde and mint. Everything blended well together with the freshly made crispy pizza.

Quality over quantity.

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