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Desserts, Drinks , Breads

Desserts, Drinks , Breads

Featuring Matchaya (The Cathay), The Plain Jane, The Dark Gallery (Takashimaya), Hvala ([email protected]), Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Ah Chew Desserts (Liang Seah Street), Project Açaí (Holland Village), Holland Village Market & Food Centre, Tiong Bahru Bakery (Chip Bee Gardens), Fish Mart SAKURAYA (West Coast Plaza)
eatpraylove foodie
eatpraylove foodie
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Distinct garlic taste with soft and pillow like bread. Worth paying to try once but doubt I’ll buy it again considering there are other places that sells good bread at a cheaper price. 6.0/10

Definitely enjoyed this drink as the tea was really light and refreshing. Honey tasted pretty legit too. When mixed together it was so so good and it’s the most legit kind of drink you can ever get. 10/10

Croissants were buttery and light, with very crispy and flaky skin. The fragrance of the butter was evident and the flour itself is imported from France, which makes it stands out among other places which sells croissants. 6.5/10

Slightly on the pricier side compared to other bubble tea shops however their tea is freshly brewed one cup at a time. Ordered their Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk Tea. Tea was really fragrant and light even though it mixed with fresh milk.
Worth the 30 mins plus wait for this to try it once but I’ll not buy it again if the queue is that long. 7.0/10

The caramelised sugar and the aroma hit you even before drinking. It wasn’t as sweet as I expected it to be after mixing with the milk. The pearls were chewy and really fragrant. All in all it was good but I wouldn’t buy if there was a queue. 6.5/10

Super great scone with the sauce and excellent blend of coffee. 8.0/10

Milk was really fresh and matcha was smooth. 7.0/10

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If there’s a old town white coffee outlet near my place, I’ll eat their toast everyday!
Crispy, light and slightly sweet toast paired with their kaya and butter is just so complementing! 7.0/10

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Ah chew dessert is pretty famous hence no introduction is needed. However, the sesame paste was a little diluted. 6.0/10

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Cheap and good toast set. Came with 2 soft boiled eggs, 2 slices of toasts and coffee or tea! 7.0/10

Good and light coffee. Love seeing them brew the coffee. 7.5/10

Definitely need no introduction as it’s hands down the best kaya butter toast set. Lightly charred bread with their kaya and generous butter. 7.0/10

Quality over quantity.

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