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Featuring Dean & DeLuca (Orchard Central), Dosirak ([email protected]), Oberstrasse Restaurant, Chong qing Grilled Fish 重庆烤鱼, Chir Chir Singapore Bugis Junction, Baekjung 백정
Bob Kr
Bob Kr

I added onsen egg and give me eggshell as bonus and staff just hesitate and no service mind ;) how good it is.. hope this owner know this hehe

All American Breakfast one for one with 2 ice americano $35. Hmm food is average. Nothing much special

We ordered patin fish with medium spicy and added small side dish eg. bean curd skin, black fungus, kelp and luncheon meat. They are really small portion. Do not expect much portionwise. Taste is awesome!!! Recommend.

It’s nice wok hei taste of chili pork and soya based pork. It is worthy to try. And steam egg is only 2sgd! So cheap and nice comfort food here. Recommend

Wow it’s sweet and spicy sauce on chicken and rice is mixed with see weed and sesame oil. It’s good combination though. Must try!

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1 for 1 deal, the ober works included sausage, eggs, bacon, some salad, and white bread. It’s quite filling and Burpple has meal and drink menu. So it’s worthy place to try !