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Casual Dining

Casual Dining

Featuring Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, Tie Fun Wan, YakiBaBar, Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen, Soi Thai Kitchen (Serangoon Gardens), Tea Valley (Downtown East), CafeMama (SingPost Centre), Qiji (Our Tampines Hub), QiJi, Soup Kitchen
Esther Neo
Esther Neo

Service was pretty lame. Ordered this to share so I asked if the staff could cut the popiah up for us but they said they could only cut it into half, can’t cut into smaller pieces. Don’t understand this logic but will not come back again. Food reviews for real now - not great. With this service definitely not recommending it.

Really surprised at the value of of the lunch set especially with the burple 1 for 1 deal. Includes chawanmushi, cabbage salad, egg mayo, watermelons on top of the main dish.

Yakitori was prepared fresh, the 2 chicken sticks were really good. Tsukune and mushrooms were a tad dry while the tomatoes were sweet and juicy.

For the price I was paying I was satisfied with the meal definitely a great place for big eaters

Just your regular fried chicken. Very crispy, I liked the soy option better. But the spicy sauce isn’t very spicy too so that’s good for someone who can’t take too much spice (like me)!

This one’s quite spicy! Maggi noodles were cooked just right, not too soft and soggy. Had quite a generous portion of ingredients too. Personally felt this was a bit too spicy for me, all in all it was an average dish.

Quite enjoyed this! Very chewy rice cakes and sauce was not too spicy, good for those who can’t take the spice. Would order this again 😊

This dish was alright, nothing very special, not too bad but I’ve tasted better. Had quite a generous portion of ingredients though!

Great place to dine in as you enjoy fellowship over good jap food with friends and family. $12.50 for a set with fruits and soup is pretty worth it. Chicken is tender, egg is tasty and sliced onions are sweet. Been coming back to have the same dish for months during lunch break!

This dish is not eligible for burpple beyond, was a tad disappointed when I found out (while trying to order at the counter). But tried it anyway. Food certainly didn’t disappoint, honestly would come back here for this bowl! Also wanted to try their noodles but they ran out so I had rice instead. Beef was nicely cooked, not too tough and sauce is very flavourful.


Chicken breast was grilled to perfection not too tough with a great mushroom sauce to top it off. Choice of 2/6 selection of sides fries were tasty not too dry and salad was a great finish to a heavy meal. The set also comes with a side of small soup. Really worth it if you’re a big eater!

The eel rice was not to my liking at all, sad to say I was quite excited about this good deal on burpple beyond but honestly... will not recommend. Eel was super fishy. Jasmine milk tea was not too bad but definitely pales in comparison to a legit bbt from bbt stores. The snack’s also alright but wouldn’t come back for it.

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I’d say... the one-for-one saved this meal experience for me. Food was not great, but bubble tea was alright. Very bland soup. For $17.70 I think it’s too expensive. Even with burpple beyond (which made it ~$9) I’m still not the most satisfied.

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Comfort food!!!!!! Easily one of the best lontongs around. Reasonable price too, defo worth a visit especially if you’re craving something slightly spicy!