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CBD Finds

CBD Finds

Featuring Rakki Bowl, Pasta e Formaggio (Marina Square), Dosirak (Downtown Gallery), HOLLIN (Suntec City), Free The Robot Coffee, Hantol Korean Restaurant, Chug Chug (Tanjong Pagar), Haakon Superfoods & Juice (One Raffles Place)
Sydney Yan
Sydney Yan

Super love this Milkis Soju (we had green grape) and it was SO refreshing. Super love it, 10/10 would come back for this.

Space is a bit small, not sure if there’s a second level here.

We ordered Scallop Mentaiko pasta which came with a mountain of ebiko in a cream sauce pasta. Couldn’t really taste the mentaiko in the pasta, but scallop was soft and succulent. Only 3 scallops though 😕

Har Cheong Kai (6pcs $13) was hearty but more prawn paste could be used to have the additional flavour of the “Har Cheong” that we all crave for!

One of the best Truffle Beef Dons!!! The sauce they use to season the beef is legit proper and salty enough. I’ve tasted those that aren’t seasoned well and it was a let-down but not this!

The man who seemed like the store manager or owner scribbled the alphabet B on the order chit and I whispered to my lunch date that he might give us lesser ingredients or truffles since we’re using BURPPLE’S ONE FOR ONE deal.

After waiting for a good 15 minute, our food finally arrived and we were greeted with bowls filled with beef!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Sorry for judging in advance, but the food was a good portion. FYI, we purchased 2 large bowls ($23.90/bowl). Honestly I would have expected more for a “large” portion but I’m not complaining since it’s on Burpple’s 1 for 1 deal. Get Burpple Beyond! ✌🏻😛✌🏻

As the title says, I absolutely loved the prawn linguine cooked in white wine. The dish came with some pine nuts as well (so nut-allergic diners please be careful!🚨).

The linguine was carefully sautéed to perfection with thinly sliced garlic. Despite being someone who fears garlic breath, I still enjoyed the dish very much. Just be sure to wash down the garlic breath with something strong like their coffee 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you’ve tried Haakon’s Açai bowls, you would know exactly how healthy and wholesome their food are! For the uninitiated, Haakon sells healthy food options, including rice bowls, carb-alternatives, açai bowls and - I believe - vegan options too.

Their food tastes super clean. Health-freaks can be happy to dine at Haakon for a guilt-free meal.

I might have chosen the wrong dishes to try, but I had the Masala (?) Prawn Linguine which tasted like it had hidden notes of Indian spices which I didn’t fancy. The tiger prawns were fragrantly grilled to perfection, but lacked the right flavour to go with the Indian spices pasta.

My friend ordered the lasagne but was disappointed by the small portion which looked like it came out of a microwave box. Diners can also make use of their lunch promo that comes with a soup and drink! I believe you can have the salad instead of soup as well.

Overall? Pretty sad.
Value for money? Yes, it keeps you full.
Worth the calories? Probably....not.

Fancy an authentic Korean restaurant for lunch? Hantol is one that gives you the fix you need, but hungry lunch crowds may be disappointed at the portion of the food.

The line gets long at 12pm, so come early to get your food served quickly! Note that the staffs are always in the hurry to chase you off - this place might not be suitable for chatting too since tables are placed very closely to each other.

We had a tummy warming sundae soup (beef, and pork) and were both very delicious! It’s not spicy to me (as a xiaola mala person), so I can safely say those who fear spicy food can try this with no fear! The soup is more on the sweet side.

Purple Korean rice was also served here, along with 3 (pathetically tiny) side dishes. Better than nothing I guess.

Request for barley tea and be surprised with an insanely small cup being charged at 50c 🤭


This bowl was a total of $9.40 with 2 portions of chicken, and 5 different toppings!

I love that the food is healthy and you can have any variation you like on that day. I’ve tried the Bulgogi beef before which was super tender but did not taste anything like bulgogi to me, hence my choice for the Soy Chicken.

Amp it up even more with healthier options like Brown Rice and choose omega-3 rich meats like Salmon sashimi.

Plus, get 18% discount when you pay with VISA! #cheapthrills Remember to shake the bowel after adding your sauces 🤗


Left: Black Tea Latte with Cocoa Pearls
Right: Pink Guava Rock Salt Macchiato with Honey Pearls (best decision ever!)

Drink it the “right way” by sipping the macchiato through the cup’s slit. This way, you get a taste of the savoury, creamy milk foam and also the surprisingly refreshing pink guava tea. I love it!

Use the straw to slurp up the yummy soft pearls that are cooked to perfection. You can really taste the honey after munching on it. The flavour of the cocoa pearls also slowly emerges from the Latte. You might be happy to know that the Pearl flavour changes every day. I have only tried Honey and Cocoa, but love the Honey one! Honey pearls seem to be the one available Everyday :)

Life hack: use Burpple beyond’s 1 for 1 deal to enjoy 2 large sized drinks, usual price up to $5.20 each! 🤪🤪


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