This used to be really good when the chain was newly opened but I find the quality not as good now. The fish is bland without the sauce. Fries are cold and limp despite having many patrons that day. Not sure why the fries could not newly made? The only thing I enjoyed was the chilli crab sauce, which I’m glad to pay a premium over the original fish & chips for.

Ordered the small bowl ($4.80) and I’m surprised it’s packed full of minced meat and other ingredients. The sauce has a good balance of spice and vinegar. The noodles are super satisfying and this is one of my favourite BCM in Singapore 😋

Chanced upon this stall in a coffeeshop and I’m so glad that my friend and I tried! El Carbon’s menu looks similar to Collins’ but their prices are more affordable. I had the Charbroiled Chicken Chop ($7.90) and I have nothing to complain about. Serving is huge and all the components are tasty. My friend recommends his Grilled Norwegian Salmon ($11) as the fish is fresh and nicely cooked. Finding this place is a nice surprise and I will love to be back to try the other dishes!

Shi Xiang Ge is famous for the knife shaved noodles, but their dumplings are great too. The pork dumplings ($5 for 8 pieces) and poached dumplings in chilli oil ($5 for 10 pieces) are must-haves in every visit. I enjoy how plump the pork dumplings are and that they can be tasty without any sauce. The other type has cabbage in it and the chilli oil gives it a good kick. As it gets really crowded even on weekday nights, do come before 6pm to avoid the long queues!

Th coffeshop is located in a quiet neighbourhood in AMK and there’s not many diners around, however this stall apparently can get busy with online orders! There’s a promotion of army stew with cheese (refillable soup) + 4 pieces of Korean fried chicken at $27.90. The best part of this set is actually the fried chicken - it tasted on par or if not better than the other big Korean brands’ 👍🏻

The army stew and cheese were disappointing. We don’t quite get how to coat our food with the cheese as it was not molten nor melting nicely. The army stew was very spicy and there’s not many ingredients included. I’m not too picky on this since the price is reasonable, but will expect more if there’s no promotion.

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce ($5.50)

Serving of chicken used to be a much bigger portion but has shrunk over the years. Crinkle fries have a nice crunch but are super salty. Coleslaw is good as always. A small serving like this will probably not fill up most people, so be prepared to have more food after you have finished this or go hungry!


Malaysia boleh is a nightmare during peak hours - it is always swarmed with both diners and people camping by the tables to secure one. Ordered the claypot chicken rice and expected the “crusty bits” at the bottom, but there was none. The salted fish could have been given more generously to balance the sweet tasting chicken. Coupled with the long waiting time at this stall, I will probably not return unless I’m seriously craving for some chicken and sausage on white rice.


Simple ingredients but tastes so good. $2.80 / $3.30 is such an affordable price point. Be prepared to queue for at least 30mins though! I have been patronising the stall since I was young and I’m glad the owner hasn’t increased the price much over the years.

Love the crispy exterior of the carrot cake, topped with generous chye poh that’s enough for every bite. Ordered 2x $3 plates for 3pax and the serving is just right. The 1 hour wait in the hot coffeeshop is a turn off, will be back only when I deeply crave for it.

Salmon skin is crispy while the meat is moist and cooked to perfection. Delicious rice served with nicely battered carrot and a side of cabbage slaw. At $6 per set, it does not get better than this.

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Forget Mookata restaurants - Bangkok Street Mookata is my go-to place to get my Mookata fix. Menu is extensive and and the pricing is so affordable. For new customers, suggest to try their fixed sets to get a flavour of each item. For my family and friends, we will go straight with ala carte ordering and the bill typically does not go beyond $12/pax.

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Chanced upon a Kuai San Dim Sum outlet in AMK which is open 24 hours! Every serving is priced at $1.30 and serving size is just right to order multiple dishes to try. Don’t expect quality that is out of the world, but taste wise is pretty decent for the price point.

Loves sourdough and a cup of joe 😃

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