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Melissa Ngiam
Melissa Ngiam
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🤔 I’ve no clue but what I know is that if you LOVE otah, you’d certainly find this burger delightful! 😻 The gigantic otah patty lying comfortably below the egg has a nice crispy layer to it and plenty of the otah flavour you desire! 😙 Do note the portion is pretty massive for a normal eater (I didn’t manage to finish the fries 🍟) perhaps it’d be a good idea for you to share this with a friend! 😌

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🖤 🖤 Great for people trying out Houjicha flavour for the first time as it is not as bitter as the one from @tsujirihei_honten (which occasionally turns up at Takashimaya Food Hall), but this one achieves a nice balance between sweet and bitter, leaning slightly towards the bitter side. As for the black sesame OMO! It is one of my favourite black sesame gelato (if not the best) in Singapore! Love how intense the flavour profile is and the many, many sesame seeds within. 🤤

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🤤🤤 Besides the fresh salmon (devoid of any fishy stench 👃 ), the salmon patty was cooked decently, with the slightly flaky oozing goodness! 🤩 A little more of fire time 🔥 and the patty would have been overcooked and tough. A tricky situation, indeed! ⚡️ What bought me over for this certainly has to be the aioli sauce with its light and tangy notes, elevating the dish to another level! 😋

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For the price of $7.50 you get to choose two different flavours! You also get a piece of sweet potato 🍠 (but sadly I dropped it) I must say that the black sesame gelato is indeed one of the best, if not the best in Singapore! Think rich and creamy texture with sesame seeds evenly spread out within! The Houjicha also impressed with its light bitter note. However fans of super bitter Houjicha may be slightly disappointed with the Houjicha which is not as bitter as the one from Tsujirihei-Honten which had pop ups at Taka food hall twice!

Never actually had a salmon burger before and the one at the newly-opened Pink Fish fast food restaurant at Jewel blew my mind! Besides the firm consistency of the salmon, the zesty sauce of the European style burger also helped to elevate the taste to another level! Although it’s a tad bit pricey at $9.90 for just the burger itself, it is one that is worth trying!

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This is really a childhood dream come true! For this cone I got the strawberry and grasshopper option (mint with chocolate chip and Oreo) and I must say that the sweetness of the strawberry scoop was well balanced out by the refreshing taste of grasshopper! The marshmallow cone of course is inevitably sweet but offers a nice crunch!

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