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Burpple Beyond Hunt

Burpple Beyond Hunt

Featuring Waa Cow! (Marina One), Birdy's, EL CUBANOS, Chef Choo Signature (Golden Mile Food Centre)
H Tan
H Tan

Comes with a flavoured soda to make a set. Really worth it with the Burpple Beyond promotion. But even without BB, they also have promo sets which are not too far off as well.

Surprisingly, it was wayyyy more filling than it looked. This is the first time we were struggling to finish our meal. Maybe because of the fizz from the soda but this was a really satisfying and filling meal if you’re craving for some grub. Be prepared to get your hands dirty but it’s well worth it.

Chubby chips was also something unique as they were quite substantial and were pretty fresh. Something different from your regular nachos from Mexican fare. Oh and service was pretty good as they were very attentive to every table.

If you’re looking for your typical Western hawker fare, this isn’t the place. Chef Choo whips up a decent chicken chop grilled to perfection. Comes with a sunny side up and rice but you can upgrade to a generous portion of pasta or request for just chicken chop.

Came here for this (The Works $20) after seeing so many recommendations on Burpple, and it far exceeded our expectations in terms of size. It really looked much smaller in photos, but we could barely finish this.
Buddy had this and she loved how thickly the bacon was sliced. We also thoroughly enjoyed the guac that came along. Really wonder what goes into it but we suspect there’s some jalapeños that gave it a little bit of heat?
Of course, the kurobuta sausage and sourdough did not disappoint as well. My advice is to come on an empty stomach so you can enjoy every bit of your brunch.


Used the Burpple 1-for-1 so this is the free dish (U.P. $17). Didn’t really expect much from the text-only menu (I’m a visual person), and this wasn’t heavily featured in the reviews, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good sandwich.
Packed tightly with generous slices of roast beef, sautéed onions, gherkins, tomatoes, mustard mayo and rocket leaves, sandwiched in 2 huge slices of sourdough.
For someone with a relatively big appetite, I could barely finish it. To be fair, I was down with a cold and we ordered an additional side of truffle fries (which is a huge portion as well). Even so, this was so good that I really wanted to savour every bite of it.


May not be an oyster connoisseur but their Hokkaido oysters were really huge and creamy. Instead of the wide roundish oysters that are more common here, the oysters served were longish. The mentaiko and shoyu complements the oysters really well and further accentuates the sweet umami. The torched scallops were great as well.
One of the few places that serve decent 1-for-1 deals that I really appreciate.

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Managed to change one of our sides to truffle fries as one of us has an oyster allergy, was really good and generous as well. The $7 upgrade to mentaiko beef bowl was amazing like how the other Burpplers have described.
Service was impeccable. Dropped a chopstick and this nice lady immediately came with a replacement. Would head back again to try their other bowls even without the promo.
If only they operate on weekends as well.

H Tan

Level 3 Burppler · 6 Reviews

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