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Places We Went

Places We Went

Featuring Park Bench Deli, Nesuto, Rakki Bowl, Pasta Brava, The Social Space (Chinatown), Little Creatures, Wine Mansion (Keong Saik), Lucca's Trattoria Singapore Segafredo Zanetti
Daryl Cheng
Daryl Cheng
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Burpple deal was good for kebabs and pastas - got the beef kebab ($16) and lamb kebab ($16) together with the truffle Parmesan fries! Came in on a Friday night and Was lucky to come in on the oyster promo as well (half dozen for $12) which can be used tgt with the burpple promo.

Wine was also $5 a glass for house pours up till 8pm.

The food was fantastic - kebabs cooked perfectly with tender meats. If I could nitpick, possibly the only thing was that the fries were a little overcooked. Definitely will return :)


Took advantage of the Burpple 3 course set meal 1 for 1! Think the appetizer and dessert portions were reduced as part of the set meal, but that took nothing Away from the mains.

Choices are limited as mains can only be under $27 - so we had the saffron and seafood pastas, both were equally delicious. Pasta cooked well and the cream sauce was not too dense - perfect for us!


The food was fantastic! I had the truffle Wagyu while my girlfriend had the chirashi

For the wagyu - beef portion was generous and perfectly seasoned. Truffle with the onsen egg were a great touch.

The chirashi has really fresh sashimi and chunks were nice and meaty too. Rice wasn’t overlooked as well!

Overall a great meal to have any day of the week if you’re looking for a chill sit down lunch or dinner. Made better with burpple beyond. Definitely will return!

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Got the chicken liver ciabatta as an appetizer which served as a great warm start to the meal (not pictured).

Main courses were the vongole and pizza with pork and pineapple (name has slipped my mind) and both were excellent. Pizza had a nice light crust and clams in the vongole were flavorful.

Would definitely return 👍🏼

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Came here on a Saturday night with the girlfriend - had the calamari, steak and ribs.
Calamari was great with a nice and light batter.
Ribs and steak while decent, were slightly oversalted in our opinion.

Beer that went with the meal was definitely 👍🏼 as expected!

Think the counter staff were still new to burpple beyond as they deducted the wrong item off our total bill, but I’m sure this’ll get sorted in time.

Definitely prefer their previous menu but I’m sure with some time this new selection will get better

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Used le boyfriend’s burpple today. We finally tried the impossible patty and it tastes exactly like beef! How is this possible?! 🤩

Anyway the impossible patty isn’t redeemable by Burpple Beyond, so we got a Turkey and a PB&J sandwich to share too 🤭

Office lunches made better with Burpple Beyond!

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Got the tiramisu and Le Chocolat

Not too Rich - light and a great finish to whatever you would’ve had for dinner. Flavors go great together!
A bit pricey but made better after a great deal from beyond 👍🏼

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We had the berry berry good and Tropicana smoothie bowls after a morning sweat and they were absolutely refreshing!

The coffee was a nice touch too - polished it off before The bowls even came to our table.

Made better with burpple beyond 👍🏼

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