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we got the banana dance scrunch n mango delight!

would give it a 6.9/11! the portion isn’t that big and it isn’t too icy but wasn’t too creamy either, wouldn’t have it as a go to because of the toppings (for the mango) I rly liked the nutty one doe bcos the macadamia goes well w the açai : ) the cranberries w the mango delight were abit too much : ( But other than that quaint little place and not too crowded! so pre cute

gave my lil review in my list alr hehe this was mi second time havin it !!! :-)

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got d muchacho wrap & salmon wikiwiki

xiao ninja :

p big portion !!! there was like 99% of veg inside so kinDa felt like i was a cOw moo chixken was p well seasoned and sauce drizzled in the wrap was p tasty tOoO !! d mung beans and corn trulyY complemented d other flavors mmhm a lil spicY tho but overall is not bad :-)

不错! but like ^ sUuUuuUper biiig portion for mi 2! the jalapeño was a lil spice plus the kimchi wahhh abit over powering but generous portion of well seasoned salmon n brown rice made it worth it hehe

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OK BEFORE WE START THIS REVIEW,: may i just say thAT limbu was 1xdistracted fretting over whether they accepted cashless payment mtds (which they do) bcos guy in front of me changed mode of payment SO DIDNT NOTIFY THE CASHIER THAT WAS USING 1-1 but ok we still doing the review bcos bcos xx

We got the teriyaki chix n mala pork! (Wanted the smoked salmon but they ran out so the earlier u go the better I Guess!)

7/11!!! the bowls are of the right portion so won’t eat until burst u feel the chicken was soft (like well cooked) n tasty loVvVvV! the mala was rly mala sia like i thought would be tamer n didn’t prep my heart but all’s gOod! flavourful bowls at @ vvvVvV affordable prices (even wo the 1-1 :/( ) HEHE also a short walk frm mrt so convenient! rECImmEnd!

7.2/11 hehe d teriyaKi chix was v tender and wellcOoked and plus d egg mmhMmm d mala pork was p spici 2 mi but at least it lived up 2 it’s name right !!! honestly isn’t rly worth d 10 over dollas and would b more affoRdable w d 1for1 but it’s oki it’s still worth a trY !!!!


we got one Hawaiian bowL each, Xiao ninGz tried it before so her review would b loCated in her list hehe but I’ll give it a 6.5/11! rly like the açai to toppings ratio (i usually like more açai)! on the “iciness” level it’s in the middle of project açai n acai affair pReetY dope yes yes central loCation n there’s a sitting area so preEErtty c00l! Medium was rly filling doe so if u planning to get the shiok bowl mayb it can b a meal HEHE OKThx byEeee

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We got the superfudo chicken rice n truffle beef donburi!!!!

xIao hUi: 6.2/11

quaint place! v cute and wasn’t too crowded when we went, was fairly cute :”) the chicken rice was quite normal, they used chix Breast to was harder than usual but still q well cooked such that it’s not too hard and they used normal rice so was q mmmmshook kek BUT the truffle was Super worth it bcos it had mushrooMz n an egg in it too and the beef was v well cooked, ilike! both worth bcos of the 1-1!

xiao ninGz: 7/11

not v filled w people, p chill place !!! chicken rice was tAsty but p plain ( not a lot of vegs ) whole d truffle beef was p worth it leh cUz beef portion was generous and rice has some beef sauce which made it v deliciaous & onsen egg was also given in d truffle bOwl !!! lOoks like a p new place that’s q underrated so worth a visit !!! :-)




wanted to give 8 but minus 0.1 cuz of how warm it wasssss and the stAFf only switched on d fan when req by another customerrr buT overallz was a gOod first experience !!! wide selection of food & rly liked d chicken & seaFooOd,, pork broTh was p good too though it’s q disgustin when u realize that the oil from d poultry is drippiN into d soup HAHAHAH

ah hui:


solid BbQ and gOod miX between having to fry d stuffs n having it cooked in souP!!!! rly love minus the fact that can visibly see d jUs frM d meat entering d soup but was still delish KEK wide spread meat choices also Kek and q worth for 1-1 :~) the meat slicEs were pretYy thicc like srs!!!! buT WAH let me just say if u not coming by car, plS come by kathiB mrt (it’s a 7minwalk) rather than tHe l0nG n relatively shAdeZ walk we took frm the bus stop opp Seletar airbase 😩 (only went by there because Google recommended :/( )

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got tgb açai bowl n going nuts!

不错!they made the bowls on the spot (like grinding the berries n fruits etc) so pretty cool! price was as ok as the taste Kek overall not bad PLUS POINT is that there’s a grabwheels parking spot nearby so yeeet 🤪

小宁 :
liked d fact that they made it from scratch mmhm so the acai p fresh, fruits a lil sour but it’s ok, liked the crunch from d toasted granola bits, nuts and coconut shavings !! q a generous portion i would say and it makes a p filling bfast !!

xIAo huiZ: 7.5/11

v nice the food like an upgrade frM wokhey and the poRtion is hUGE got the unagi which was gUd buT was ok bcos small bones n spiC crab which was abit spice but still nice both of them well flavoured! wuLd recommend de

XiaoninGzxc: 7/11
the spicy crab fried rice like a lil spicy and unagi meat got a lot of bones make me eat a lot of bones buT the rice are actl v tasty !!!!! v filling !!!! rly not bad would actl go back !!!

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we got 1-1 waffles with 2 scoops each for 13.9!! w cookie latte, rum butterscotch pecan, salted caramel brownine n choc!!!!!

xiao nings: 7.8/11
v unic flavours ( mi fav was the cookie latte ) waffles tasted lik pancakes cuz of d eggy flavour but no complains as I liK both hehe ! nice place 2 chill w friends though table a bit wide so cannot talk close close AHHAHA

Xiao huiZ: 7.5/11
flavours were quite nice but the wafflers were q eggy but it’s a good mix of crispier n softness!!!! so overall not bad :~) quite worth and good for after a meal dessert

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xiaoningz: 6/11
good juice mayb not worth it for the price but 1 for 1 worth it lA

xiao hui: 7/11
cute drink names hehe clean juice taste

ningxuan r8:10/11
chill place , 1 for 1 deal makes it rly worth it !!

Alicia r8:9.8/11
v good place smeels like truffle xd

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