Chinese Food

Chinese Food

Featuring Yan Ting, Eat 3 Bowls (Lavender), FOOK KIN, Kai Garden, Mongkok Dim Sum (Geylang), Le Shrimp Ramen (VivoCity)
Nurul Hana
Nurul Hana

2nd time here. Would always order the Ramen with broth which is super shrimpy yet light that you could keep slurping it without getting jelak. Personal favourite of mine (not in pic) is the Dry Ramen with Mala flavour. So so good i keep thinking about it. The sourness from the vinegar makes me want more and the mala has the perfect amount of shiokness and I can feel the numbing sensation. 💯

Went to Yan Ting for a birthday celebration on a Sunday afternoon and opted for the Brunch ($128/pax) just because ala-carte would have costed almost the same for 5 of us.

Started off with a lobster w egg yolk which was part of the brunch. It was alright nothing special (i guess lobster to justify the hefty price tag). To make the best of our bucks, we ordered a myriad of dishes and tbh, i would say they are your average Chinese tzi char dishes with a few exception of unique/rather expensive ingredients. Would I say it’s worth the $128? Given the location, service, food served i would say maybe for some but to me not really. I’d rather spend that money at Kai Garden (still the best Chinese restaurant to me)

Went on a Wednesday evening and it was already crowded for dinner. Place was reminiscent of school with wooden tables and chairs with blackboard showcasing its menu and quirky menu books looking like school textbooks 😆

Their Intestines Oyster Mee Sua was pretty good- vinegary soup which is not too thick, soft oysters and generous amount of ginger at the side! Do give it a try.
I ate it with the Taiwanese sausage as a side and i think its too thick and dense which wasn’t that enjoyable unfortunately...

Their chicken rice to me was pretty mehh and having chicken rice at this place may not make your trip worthwhile as its a pretty common dish.

The star of this place is their Lu Rou Fan which looks glistening and literally melt in your mouth while still maintaining its flavour🤤you can order it as a set which comes with the cabbage, soft boiled eggs and a drink. Heads up, their eggs are just plain bad. Their brown sugar bubble tea has just the right amount of sweetness and the bobas were so QQ. It was also worth the price given a big glass and they also use metal straws 👍

Kai’s Garden Peking Duck has got to be one of the best or at least the best for me. The get the skin of the duck so crisp and flavourful and u get to wrap them in the popiah skin that comes in different colours which makes it interesting. Not just that, they can be paired with 5 different sauces (sesame, black pepper, mustard, normal sweet sauce and a slightly thicker version of the sweet sauce) U get to try different flavours but the sweet sauce is still my favourite.

Get this. Such a memorable dish and I always order it whenever we are there. The pork itself has so much flavour and a good bite when surprise, there’s a sweet coconut cream waiting for you when u get to the core of the balls 🤤 goes so well together!!

Everything in the picture was bad I honestly don’t get what’s all the good reviews about. Only thing acceptable was the liu sha bao but even that was pretty cold but otherwise flavour was not bad. Don’t bother coming down.

Got the small platter which consists of Char Siew and pork belly together with the noodle and lava egg.

Gotta say my favourite was the crispy pork belly with the mesmerising crunch and the highlight was definitely the mustard sauce which goes so well with it. So so good!! (U can ask for extra mustard sauce for free cuz trust me, it’s very addictive😉)

The char siew was good as well, was tender and sweet but i would eat it on its own instead of the additional sauce given as it got overwhelmingly sweet and jelak. Also, the char siew seem to taste better at the Roast Paradise outlet but still it’s good here.

The noodle was springy and had a good flavour to it with the chili and I had it with the lava egg. Had minced meat and the pork lard definitely gave the crunch and the xtra oomph

Another foodie that loves to eat and share all the good stuff so nobody misses out! 😊

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