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We really underestimated the size of the Bánh Xèo, or crispy pancakes, served here. This must really be a group sharing size, and justifies the price for an appetizer.

These are Vietnamese style pancakes made with rice flour, tiger prawns, sliced pork, mung beans, bean sprouts and mushrooms, served alongside a dipping fish sauce and some fresh greens. I got a little confused at first as to whether the greens should be used to wrap the pancakes or to be sandwiched in between the pancakes since the greens were relatively smaller than each slice of the pancake. But it’s entirely up to you how you wanna eat it.

The overall flavour was rather complex to me; it actually felt like a murtabak with lots of different ingredients, especially stuffed with mung beans and bean sprouts. The mung beans were a little mushy, that created a soft texture that I felt was conflicting with the crispy pancake. Similarly, I couldn’t taste evidently the prawns as everything was masked underneath the taste of mung beans. It’s a little greasy too and gets jelak after a while, hence highly recommended to eat with those fresh greens and to enjoy as a sharing plate.


A warm bowl of fresh rice noodles served in a fragrant beef knuckle broth with bean sprouts, scallions, white onion and fresh Vietnamese greens. There are choices of toppings like sliced beef, brisket and shank, beef meatballs of mixed. We went for the simplest, sliced beef, hoping to have a replication of the taste in Hanoi.

Unfortunately the Phở here, in my opinion, was just average. The beef knuckle broth itself seemed to be lacking of flavour, and doesn’t quite hit the spot. Though the ingredients were quite generously added, I don’t appreciate being served the rice noodles that had already clumped up into a big chunk. I like the freshness of the greens and the tenderness of the sliced beef. I wouldn’t mind drinking the broth but it’s a far cry from the really good ones in Hanoi.

You can now enjoy 1-for-1 main dishes on #burpplebeyond at Mộc Cottage!


If you have ever been to Hanoi, you would know that Bún Chả is a traditional dish which originated from Hanoi. Here at the 3-week old @moc_cottagee along Tanjong Pagar Road, you can find a Bún Chả that resembles closely to the original dish in Vietnam. We heard that the owner is a Vietnamese, who also owns Mộc Quán at UE Square.

Served on a large bamboo tray, there’s a small portion of Há Nội style rice vermicelli to pair with the grilled fatty pork, grilled meatball made of minced pork in a side dipping fish sauce,and a plethora of fresh herbs. First bite into the grilled pork belly hits the spot immediately; smokiness on point with a sweet saucy coating, just like the way they have it in Hanoi. Do take note of the amount of cartilages though. However, the meatballs were a little tough and seemed to be under-grilled. Personally I love the fresh herbs in Vietnamese cuisine that helps to cut grease, and I appreciate the fact that the portion here was rather generous.

Thanks to @eatigo_sg, we bagged a 50% deal! It’s also on #burpplebeyond, so I am definitely coming back on days with cravings for Vietnamese food!

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Perfect choice to tide me over on a rainy day. Authentic Vietnamese cuisine is rare in Singapore but thanks to someone’s recommendation, this hidden gem at Bugis street serves pretty rustic Vietnamese cuisine, both northern and southern, as well as seafood dishes.

We tried the Bún Mắm, or the Mekong seafood vermicelli soup, here by chance since the initial plan was to have Bún Riêu which was sold out. Originating from South Vietnam, this bowl includes thick rice vermicelli, seafood, roasted pork belly, lots of vegetables and herbs, that’s so typical of the Vietnamese cuisine. The vermicelli had a good consistency that made it easily slurped up. But the most prominent ingredient was the fermented fish used for cooking the dark, murky broth. Could get a little fishy, metallic or even pungent, yet it was also sweet at the same time. A squeeze of lime would be wonderful. Perhaps they should serve a plethora of veggies alongside, like what it’s usually done in Vietnam. By the way, they sell western food too.

Foodie for life <3

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