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Sweet Things

Sweet Things

Featuring Artichoke, Curious Palette, Brotherbird Coffeehouse (Bugis), Dopa Dopa Creamery, Apiary, Krave (Bali Lane), Ah Chew Desserts (Liang Seah Street), Creamery Boutique Ice Creams, belle-ville Pancake Cafe (Bugis Junction), Artea (VivoCity)
Nurul Hana
Nurul Hana

This seems to be a popular spot and i can see why. It’s filled with varieties of classics and they are definitely affordable and pretty decent taste wise. Nothing special.. i guess the location plays a part too being in Bugis. Got their mango pomelo and watermelon-honeydew sago. Can be sweeter and richer.

Heard about the local flavours from Butterknife and decided to head down. Heard there were interesting flavours like Muah Chee, goreng pisang etc but was a bit disappointed with the selection when I went down on a Wednesday afternoon. Most of the selections were indeed local flavours but nothing out of the ordinary. Of course there were Chicken Rice but that’s too experimental for me😅 Wanted to try the Chili Crab with Mantou but am afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle one scoop of it haha. Doesn’t help we cannot test samples due to covid☹️

Anyways decided to get the Mango Pomelo & Kueh Dadar with a cone ($9) after the sweet staff kindly recommended us one creamy and one refreshing choice. The mango pomelo could be sweeter with more prominent mango flavour. The pomelo was too strong it overpowered the gelato and it was on the bitter side for me (they use real pomelo as there were fibers around!) The Kueh Dadar however is good. Creamy, coconuty and sweetness from the gula melaka shined. There were bits of coconut flakes as well which made it enjoyable. May try other flavours if im craving for ice cream when I’m around the area next time!

Finally came back again after almost 2 years! Last timeI had their Blue Milk and quite liked it. However, I felt that the Blue Milk this time is too sweet and there was this powdery-milky taste to it which lingers. Not sure if standard dropped or that day the batch was just off

Tried the Brownies and Baileys for the first time and oh boy was it yummy! It isn’t in their popular flavours but it should be!! The brownie flavour shined with the baileys coming through to give that tad of alcoholic sweet note. Will be back next time for this flavour again 🥰
Their waffles is always good, its fluffy with a good density and crisp at the sides. Enjoyable! Total came to $14.50, its definitely on the pricier side so guess I won’t be heading down anytime soon

I’ve heard of Wimbly Lu before but have never went down so since we were at Creamery Boutique which is just nearby Wimbly Lu, we decided to head there. From the outside, the ambience and interior already made fall in love with this place; it exudes elegance and a chill vibe with the dim lightings and vintage furnishings👌

Ordered their Waffle with Truffle Chocolate ice cream ($10.50) and for a place like this, no service charge? 👏 The waffle came not too long after while we were busy admiring and posting on the beautiful interior, we realised we were given 2 scoops of ice cream and it has been decorated as a bear 🐻!! So cute of the staff who prepared it. Might be because we waited outside for a good 15 mins due to social distancing. Really thankful to the staff ☺️

Back to the waffle. Holy cow!! The waffle is so light and airy yet perfectly crispy on the outside it reminded me of Hong Kong Egg Waffle! So delicious and the portion was well worth the money🤤 paired with the generous ice cream given, it went so well together 👍 I have found my new favourite waffle spot and I definitely will be back to have more of it and try different things 💯

Came on a Wednesday evening and pretty packed. Small place. Got their Volcano which is charcoal cookie with salted egg molten lava filling and atop we went with ice cream choice of Toasted Bread which is vanilla. Pretty underwhelmed by the size when it came as it was pretty small given the price of $10.90. However, taking a boomerang shot of the lava oozing out is a must and we ate it while its still hot.

Wow, the combination of the crumbly charcoal cookie which is already yummy on its own paired with the flavourful salted egg and vanilla ice cream went extremely well together! 😍 The salted egg wasn’t so heavy and thick which didn’t make it feel jelat after a while 👍 Couldn’t stop going for more bites and it was finished in no time (even mopped up the bits) cuz its sooo good! Will be back for the Volcano and try a different combination as well :)

Bought 4 and got 1 free. Flavours from top to bottom:

- Apple Of My Eye (5.90/slice)which is a Apple Crumble flavour. Really good and strong apple crumble with the cinnamon shining and apples tart n crunchy. Reminds me of Mcdonald’s apple pie but cold with just the filling. Enjoyable tho as a cheesecake not sure if it is.

- Charred Eclipse ($5.90/slice) which is supposed to be the basque cheesecake. Too sour and not enough burn on the top to give that caramelised and charred flavour. Skip this.

- Maneki Neko ($7.90/slice) which is tangy lemon and yuzu. So so good no doubt favourite of all from the lot. The yuzu and the cake aspect goes so well together. Might just get it as a whole cake next time 👌

- Naughty and Nice ($5.90/slice) which is the devil’s chocolate has a good bitter chocolatey flavour which is rich in depth. Good as a chocolate cake but then the chocolate too rich it covers the cream cheese flavour.

- King Cat of the Mountain ($7.90/slice) which is the durian flavour. Biggest disappointment because it tasted so artificial like the durian cream in cream puff. Blueh.

This dessert has got to be the most satisfying end to a meal at Kai Garden. So far, this reign the best dessert out of all the Chinese restaurant I’ve been to! The coconut is so sweet and easy to slurp with bits of jelly and coconut flesh. It’s portion is pretty big too that no matter how full, I’ll always have room for an extra serving! 🥰

Super intrigued by this dessert ($16) not just by the ingredients and how they will come together but also the visuals. So unique.

This has got to be our favourite item at Thevar, out of all we had. Ending off on a really delicious note with this. There seems to be so much going on but once you eat it, everything makes sense as they all blend together perfectly; the taste & the texture really made this dessert so enjoyable. The halwa kulfi wasn’t too sweet and goes well with the basil oil. The main sweetness comes from the honeycomb biscuits and bites from the pistachios and raisins. A surprise layer of coffee cream/mousse (?) beneath it added such a different dimension to the dish. Really well done and perfectly executed 😍


The main I got since it sounds more interesting besides the pork chop my partner got. This dish ($36) came with a perfectly cooked snapper with spices on the top and the curd rice was honestly reminiscent of my aunt’s curry. Sour notes and just very .. nostalgic. The coconut molee reminded me of the chutney - sambar and coconut chutney eaten with dosai. They were also sourish. Basil oil was used as well but I couldn’t really taste the oil since the other components were stronger on flavours hence quite redundant ..🤨

There are quite a number of things that went wrong with the dish for me. As much as I love the very South Indian taste of it, it just fell short of being a balanced dish. If I could describe the dish in one word, it would be sour. 😕 Not in a bad way that the dish is not tasty but something they can work on by introducing a spicy or sweet notes to the dish. The skin of the dish was also extremely salty with the spices they added on the skin so this dish overall doesn’t really work out for me.

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We were so full after all the dishes we had (read previous post for reviews on it), there’s always another stomach for dessert 😋 Hence, we decided to try the most expensive yet tantalising one which is the Baklava Cheesecake 🍰($22)

When it came, immediately wow-ed by the portion is huge for 2! And it looked great too with all the different components; the ricotta cheese dollop on the huge piece of cheesecake with generous pistachio bits and crunchy pastry skin called Kataifi which is made of almond and walnut being sprinkled all over.

First of all, the cheesecake was warm, moist soft and flavourful on its own with a floral-orange syrup poured all over it. Would have been better if the cheesecake was more firm and burnt around the edges to give more texture. The whipped cream cheese was warm also and felt that a simple vanilla ice-cream would have made a better pairing. Overall, it was a too sweet dessert and too big for 2 to finish. Would probably stick to their non-dessert items and go elsewhere around the area for dessert (such as the uh-mazing softserve 🍦 from Brotherbird to name one hehe)

We later found out that this item is new on the menu and were asked on our thoughts on it by one of the staff. So is it worth the extra calories? Answer is no. Save it for an additional main and that would do your dining there justice

Cookie butter soft serve ($6). 6 bucks for a soft serve, what?? But trust me, so so good with the biscuit and delectable crumbs given generously in the cup. Had the soft serve with their salted egg lava mochi before but eating it on its own really brings out the flavour of the cookie butter. Shoutout to their croissants as well which my boyfriend and I are a big fan of!

No one does gelato as good as them, I swear!! Back again at my favourite place for gelato. Got these sweeties on Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 and super worth it 💯

Got the Pistachio & Hazelnut & Lemon Basil & Green Tea Toasted Rice. I must say all of them were done well starting with the sweet intense Pistachio that had a fragrant nutty taste and pistachio bits omg so good😍 to the hazelnut which tasted like ferrero rocher and having a scoop of the Lemon Basil which went well as a palate cleanser to cut off the heaviness of the previous flavours and for me to indulge more😬 The toasted green tea though, I must say even made a matcha hater like me to love this👍👍 it was just done so well I cannot describe it, gotta try for yourself especially those who dislike matcha.

I would gladly return anytime I’m craving for the pistachio because hands down, the best pistachio gelato I ever tasted and even without the 1-for-1, I would get it. Special shoutout to the Toasted Green Tea too❤️ Miss this already😅

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Another foodie that loves to eat and share all the good stuff so nobody misses out! 😊

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