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Sweet Things

Sweet Things

Featuring Curious Palette, Artichoke, BrotherBird mochi & softserve co. (Bugis), Dopa Dopa Creamery, Krave (Bali Lane), belle-ville Pancake Cafe (Bugis Junction), Artea
Nurul Hana
Nurul Hana

We were so full after all the dishes we had (read previous post for reviews on it), there’s always another stomach for dessert 😋 Hence, we decided to try the most expensive yet tantalising one which is the Baklava Cheesecake 🍰($22)

When it came, immediately wow-ed by the portion is huge for 2! And it looked great too with all the different components; the ricotta cheese dollop on the huge piece of cheesecake with generous pistachio bits and crunchy pastry skin called Kataifi which is made of almond and walnut being sprinkled all over.

First of all, the cheesecake was warm, moist soft and flavourful on its own with a floral-orange syrup poured all over it. Would have been better if the cheesecake was more firm and burnt around the edges to give more texture. The whipped cream cheese was warm also and felt that a simple vanilla ice-cream would have made a better pairing. Overall, it was a too sweet dessert and too big for 2 to finish. Would probably stick to their non-dessert items and go elsewhere around the area for dessert (such as the uh-mazing softserve 🍦 from Brotherbird to name one hehe)

We later found out that this item is new on the menu and were asked on our thoughts on it by one of the staff. So is it worth the extra calories? Answer is no. Save it for an additional main and that would do your dining there justice

Cookie butter soft serve ($6). 6 bucks for a soft serve, what?? But trust me, so so good with the biscuit and delectable crumbs given generously in the cup. Had the soft serve with their salted egg lava mochi before but eating it on its own really brings out the flavour of the cookie butter. Shoutout to their croissants as well which my boyfriend and I are a big fan of!

No one does gelato as good as them, I swear!! Back again at my favourite place for gelato. Got these sweeties on Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 and super worth it 💯

Got the Pistachio & Hazelnut & Lemon Basil & Green Tea Toasted Rice. I must say all of them were done well starting with the sweet intense Pistachio that had a fragrant nutty taste and pistachio bits omg so good😍 to the hazelnut which tasted like ferrero rocher and having a scoop of the Lemon Basil which went well as a palate cleanser to cut off the heaviness of the previous flavours and for me to indulge more😬 The toasted green tea though, I must say even made a matcha hater like me to love this👍👍 it was just done so well I cannot describe it, gotta try for yourself especially those who dislike matcha.

I would gladly return anytime I’m craving for the pistachio because hands down, the best pistachio gelato I ever tasted and even without the 1-for-1, I would get it. Special shoutout to the Toasted Green Tea too❤️ Miss this already😅

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Ordered the ever famous Berry Ricotta Hotcake ($18.90). Waited 30 mins for this and I was so excited to have it after hearing rave about this beauty. It was filled with tons of ingredients and at first look, maybe the price tag isn’t so bad. Immediately digged in and somehow, my heart sank. I was letdown with how the hotcake was undercooked and the nuts being old and powdery. The berries were on the sour side as well. I guess that’s enough for me to not return anymore. I think there may be a consistency issue with this place as some hotcakes looks much darker in colour hence mine was an unfortunate event .. 😔

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$7 for this and oh boy it was so good! Thought it would be a hot dessert but it was cold. Not complaining at all cuz it was really good and sweet. Had the real cempedak fruit inside as well and it was big too! So worth it yum yum. However best to share with someone as it can get jelak


Had the Mango Souffle ($8.80) early this year. It was so cute and pretty small actually. Taste was alright, mangoes were ok but would have went better with vanilla ice cream. No longer on the menu but this attracted a lot of customers for their opening. Not sure if it will make a return


Had the Mango Pancakes $14.40/4pcs. Looked pretty and was jiggly too! Generous amount of Mangoes were given on top and between the stacks and they were sweet too! Thumbs up for that :) Hokkaido cream in between the stacks were airy and light which provided good texture.

However, the sides seem to be quite undercooked and grainy. Requested for the staff to change however they came back saying it was supposed to be that way. Hmmm it tasted off with the apparent flour taste. Had to cut away the sides but the rest were pretty good and delicious, especially with the vanilla ice cream which I think could be bigger hehe


Another foodie that loves to eat and share all the good stuff so nobody misses out! 😊

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