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Liew’s Tum

Liew’s Tum

i miss xiaohuiz
Alicia Lee
Alicia Lee


we ordered d peri peri chiX legs n umami burg (?)
peri peri chiX was p gUd ngl except tht it was lil 2 spiCe 4 mi taste nnnnn alSO they didn’t wna serve us h2o as they said we were burpple userS so limbu was dyin eatin d h0t chiX n even male thot it was h0T !!! so plX take notE if ya gg there as eatigo or buRP plOx bring ur own baikaishUi to hydr8 thNX mm d burg was p tastY, meat was juiCyful n buns were toasted nice enUF tht it’s crispY but also a soFTy on d inside ~~ p satisfying meal overall excludin d fact they didn’t wna waTer us up :-/


waZ here bfor w xiaolee but diS time w new company n got d mentaiko salmon n large beef bowl !

mentaiko salmon is daMn fragrant n thoUghT it was gna b gelat but n0!! the amt of mentaiko sauce n salmon was a proportionate amt hehe damm yuMZ n pal thougHt that d beef bowl was a lil gelat 4 her tastin but overaLL is nudbad !! one comment tHO : spoon a bit too big ah LOLz mm v worth it n wld totalES come bck 4 more gUDSTuff ~~


flavurs we goT : coffee cheesecake, choc sorbet, choc stout, salted caramel cheesecake
liked how u can have 2 flavurs in d same cup for d sem price wew and also must say thT taStin both flavurs tgt wah srsly mmphOof like new flavur created leh LOL but say realZ tho try d 2 flavurs tgt u won’t regreT!!! kopi cheesecake not too swiT and hAD d right balance of flaVurs yeEz can’t rly taste d alcohOl in choc stout but still p nice !!! suPr worth and lov d place hehe xd <3


got d truffle mushrUM lamian & dry YTF LAMIen
p decenT bowl uf nooDs and for a p decent price too !!!!! noOods wer tangY & super taSty mm and there is also d typical ytf sWit sauCe & chillY heh rly like atas hawker cenTr leh ~~ d sauce in d noodles weR also damn deliSh NGL but must say thT it was a lil dry 4 mi so wld apprc8 iF there was soM soup w it !!! oVerall wld come back & rly rly woRth 4 d priXe !!!!


goT d dark choc sorbET w pandan waffle & hojiCHA w waFFlE

wafflE R cRSip on d outside & a soFTy on d inside and d pandan flavR was not too strong whiCh makes d waffle less gElaT dark choC iCream p yuMm and hojiCha not too swit w d buRPPLe it was rlY woRth d priCe hehe and alsO ! there’s a place 2 take piX in d cafE 4 those influenZaS xmms outthr HAHA JKeZ ~~


got d ala carte dishes !!!
servicE was a 11/11 as they were so accommodating to my sis picKy req !!! beef & pork loin was tenDr & juicY and i esp loV my seafUd paSta as the tomato sauce was not overwhelminG - v subtlE tOmto taste which was mmhmm ~~
also it’s a SoCIAL enterpriSe so it makes the whole experience eVen more woRth as the funds are raised for the under privilege <33 mm haRt&tuMm so fUl now :”) Xtrmly worth d price sPeshCial thnXu to burpple hehe xd


got d beef donburi (forgot the name) !! donburi was damn delisHiaous but friend thought that there cld b a lil more sauCe as it was a lil dry ~ but other than that ! the ambience of the place is suPer noice & i rly loved d layout of the whole place !! i think it’s supposed to b som workspace but it’s rly suitable for a chill meal w ur friends <3 wld totally go back w or w/0 burpplE as honestly it’s worth it even without the 1for1 !! super nice vibes from this place hehe wld 11/11 recommend !!!!


got d 1for1 grainbowl w drink !!

ordered pork miso & the mentaiko salmon hehe pork miso was rly gooOd and d dried maggi fragmentS were cri$P & gives the whole meal an xTra crunch !!! mentaiko salmon was a lil gelaT mayo>salmon mm “texture of fish is like tuna” LOL but d cafe is rly qUaint & qwoot !! wld totally go back hehe xd ~~


got d truffle mushroom & carbonara pasTah
heh back here but ordered different items this time !! waZ p gud but a lil 2 creamy 4 mi !! truffle taSte was subtle which i appreci8 and d carbonara was d right amt of savUry ~ nice ambience to sit and talk to hOurs hehe 1for1 truly saveD d hole in mi wallEt from gettin 2 biG !!!


got d stylO milO & banana crumble (but they didn’t had enough so they allowed us to top it up w cookies & crem)

stylo milo had bits of speculoos biscuit inside which gives it the extra mmhm was p swit tho not gna lie !! friend thoT banana crumble was meh and cookies & creAm was way nicer !! there wasn’t 1for1 here , more of 40% off total price which was okkkk not super worth it as d ice cream was still p priCeyyyy but a discaount still a disacount right !!!!

got salmon mac& cheese , tomyum seafood pasta

p a loT of cheezies so miGht eat unil jelat butttt celeste loVes gelat shit & thRs gennaraous proportion of liàO which is p gUd & seafood pasta was surprisingly not tomyum loOkin as it had a creamy kinda lUk !! tomyum taste was p subtlE and there was also a hint of cheese ?? surprisingly unique combi actl tasted noT bad i muzt say !!! affordable w d 1for1 and wld definitely comebak 4 moRe !!!!!

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ordered salmon don & truffle scallop & salmon don

hehe second time here and it tRuly doesn’t disappoint !!! they are still as generous w d salmon cubes and rice sooPer tasty !!! rly good supper meal as it’s p healthy & nutritious & fillinG but not until bloated feeling i wld say heh d 1for1 made it so affordable and worth iT truly mmhmmmmmmmm ~~

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