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Liew’s Tum

Liew’s Tum

i miss xiaohuiz
aicilA eeL
aicilA eeL


got d stylO milO & banana crumble (but they didn’t had enough so they allowed us to top it up w cookies & crem)

stylo milo had bits of speculoos biscuit inside which gives it the extra mmhm was p swit tho not gna lie !! friend thoT banana crumble was meh and cookies & creAm was way nicer !! there wasn’t 1for1 here , more of 40% off total price which was okkkk not super worth it as d ice cream was still p priCeyyyy but a discaount still a disacount right !!!!

got salmon mac& cheese , tomyum seafood pasta

p a loT of cheezies so miGht eat unil jelat butttt celeste loVes gelat shit & thRs gennaraous proportion of liàO which is p gUd & seafood pasta was surprisingly not tomyum loOkin as it had a creamy kinda lUk !! tomyum taste was p subtlE and there was also a hint of cheese ?? surprisingly unique combi actl tasted noT bad i muzt say !!! affordable w d 1for1 and wld definitely comebak 4 moRe !!!!!


ordered salmon don & truffle scallop & salmon don

hehe second time here and it tRuly doesn’t disappoint !!! they are still as generous w d salmon cubes and rice sooPer tasty !!! rly good supper meal as it’s p healthy & nutritious & fillinG but not until bloated feeling i wld say heh d 1for1 made it so affordable and worth iT truly mmhmmmmmmmm ~~


got d mentaiko omega & carbonara salmon

portion was a lil tiny for our hungRy stomachz but d sauces rly p tasty !!! honestly not worth the original price or even the 1for1 price buT gooD experience !!!


got d avo+eGG & mushRoom toastss

waited p long 4 d toasts but was worth iT hEh avo was q flaVourful w d cheese on d eggs & a lil souR taste from d avOcado smash mm d mushroom toast had a gEnourous amt of shrooms & d melted cheese rly compliments all d whole toast tGt rly like d brEd too cuz of d soft interior w a cRispy crust ~ nice place to laX & shOrt walk from mrt !!! 1for1 rly made diS meal worth it hEh


got d eggs benedict & tall stack of pancakes w eggs !!

eggs benedict was super tastY mm d english muffin was buttered v nicely& d eggs were juSt heavNely ~ omG n d pancakes were literally y’all stack lmaO we cldnt finish the pancakes in d end but it taste like mcdonalds pancakes ? yeee but v chill place in laselle & free wifi yAy


goT a diff acai tHis time - coco glow !! it has layers oF coconut which is p guD ~ sishtRr liked this better thaN d nutty acAi we had d previous tiMe !!! mm but i think i prefer d nuTty one as it as a stronger acai flavOhr as compared to diS as for this all i can taste iS coconut but no complains cuz i lOv coconOots ~ kEk v cute place 2 chill toooo


got d french toast,, gashouse eggs,, grilled cheese sandwich& spicy mushroom aglio oglio

french toast was rly soft & taSty hEh and d caramelized banana rLy takes it 2 anOther level !!! gashouse eggs were d beSt in my fam’s opinion as it had cheese on d top & eggs in d breD suPpoer gUd !!! d pasSta was a lil 2 spiCy 4 d sistAr but was actl cOoked p well & super delishious ~ grilled cheese sandwich taste p noRmal & nothiNg much special but iTs still gUd yE wlD 11/11 come baCk !!!! staff was rly v friendly tooOooo hehe

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got d truffle mushroom pasta & soft shell crab !!

soft shell crab was p gOod & was q surprised that i could actl eat the whole crab including the shell mm d shell is crispy & taSty !! there were w a lOt of liaO! including potahtOes n tomAhtoes,, d pasta was rly tasty & creamy bUt it wasn’t too muCh that it bComes gelaT hEh q a walk froM mrt but still woRth it hehe cUx d place is p hip & chill !!!


got d matcha soft serve !!!

wantEd d creme brûlée but it was aPparently solD oUt ( thO it was only 7plus and the shop closes @ 10(?)) n also wantEd d choc soft serve but it was alSO sold outt stAff was a lil unapproachable but d matcha soft serve was not bad !!! tRuly have d bitter taste of matcha and not that sweet !!!! buT mayb not worth d original price but 1for1 tRuly life saver HAHAHA

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7.2/11 ( haD this b4 - licia&ningja tumM list )

was craVin a lil home coOked & wholesome meaL so came back here !!!! got d sweet&spicy poRk while friend got d teriyaki chiX !!! supPer gud mm half cooked egG truly combiNed all d flavOurs tgt n d pork was v nicely cooKed & seasonNnnnned hEh friend was v impressed & thoT d meal was super delishHhiaous !!!

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got d maze w charsiew & soft boiled egg !!! tried it before @ d noVena branch so i ordered a diff one this time !!! p gUd and fillEd mi empTi stOmach !!! friend gave it a 9/11 and quote “wettest dry ramen i’ve ever tasted” hEh trulY is !!!!! raMen not super dry and was suPerrrrr tastyYyy hehe lOv it and d short walk frm bugis mrt !!!!

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