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Liew’s Tum

Liew’s Tum

i miss xiaohuiz
aicilA eeL
aicilA eeL
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got d avocado & chixken sandwich for 7$ which is p cheap considering each person was only 3.5$!!!!

however prob it ain’t rly for ouR unheAlthy tastebuDs HAHAH my avocado pesto sandwich had too strong pesto taste and honestly there isn’t anything rly outStanding abt d sandwiches !!! would go back to try the shakes but mayb not d sandwichesss


had d salted caramel & cookies and cream jarcakes !!

d diff layers of each jar cakes trUly complement each other and overall was p deliciAous jarcakes but it’s a lil pricEy !! honestly prob would not try it without d 1for1 kEk but chill place 2 hang w felloW bUdss !!! btduBs u can’t take home the jar lmao we didn’t know so d staff chased us when we were walking out w d jArs we thought we could bring homE 2 useee AHAHHAH

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ordered “nice to meat u” & “fowl play”
teriyaki chicken was soft and tender and it tasteS supR gUd w d chEese !!! friend thOught that d toast had too strong a vinEgar taste but was p gOoOod overall !! honestly was more filling than we thought and were super full aft d mEal !! and alSo another genuine thOt, it’s prob not worth 14/15$ but 1for1 made it rly affoRdablE h0h0 nice place w chill tooo ~~

axeaxe: 7/11
first time trying açaí and i guess it isn’t my thing and i will most probably not eat this again! so sorry acai affair😄

annaxe : 6/11
burpple beyond deal only applies for the large cuP so its a lil 2 much for mi, eat until nì!! but other than thAt it waS a p filling meal ( at least for me ) and i liked how the crunch is spread throughout d açaí and not only the tOp !! trUly worth it w the 1for1 !!

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just like yr avErage açaí !! but they were v gEnerous w d fruit toppings and nuts !! for sauces we ordered almond buttEr & honey !! açaí was not that sweet so i rly recommend esp it being more worth it for the 1for1 ! :-)

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ordered 2 shaCkburgers w cheese frieS
no 1for1 but wantEd 2 review hehe

xiaO n : 8.9/11
burG v tasty cuz of the buttery buns hehe waited 20 mins in linE 2 eat cuz we went there at 10am HAHAA don’t usu eat cheese burG but wld recommend to try onCe in lifetimE

xiao J : 9/11 ( for d buRg )
as a avid fRies eater, fries kinda suX (3/11) but burger was gOod ! if u rly wanna get the friess just share among a few friends!! worth a trY but NOT woRth a 2nd try :-)

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ordered salmon rice boWl and was so much more filling than expecteRd !! trUly a nutritious meal w broWn rice, salmon (p generous amt) w eggs, potAhtoes, toHmatoes, pumpkin & carrotS (my least fav thing 2 eat but cArrots here are super tasty and well seasoned !!) drink was matcha esPressoo ! friend ordered har chiong gai buRg w lychee baSil and rated it 7.8/11 !! hoho liked d initiative of em uSing reusable hard plastiC straws v environmental !! p nice place 2 chill w hOmies & affoRdable aft using 1for1 (rare deal 2 find on public hOl) wld 120% recoMmend !!

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xiao ningz : 5.5/11

chilli crab pasta was a lil 2 spiCy 4 mi tastebuds but overall is p gOod !! salmon gyoza was air fried so v good for health peEps ! avocado a lil too milky and i liked the fact that they used metal straws hehe save d enVironment aMiritE

xiao j : 5.55/11

banana smoothie was more milky than banana-y. truffle was put on d egg while the soba was normal lor but won’t travel all the way here for this but ok la good experience


retUrned 2 denzy’s w diff company this time !!! homie got dark choc & elderflower mojito which is said to “lowkey sour highkey noice” while i got skinny dark chOc & hojicha ! tbh we can’t tell the diff between d skinny and not so skinny dark choc but boTh tastes suPer rich and mmhmm vv taStey ! nice ass place to chill and hanG and v convenient 2 mRt hoho


ordered hojicha softserve & toasted coconut, dark chocolate (d bEst in ouR opinion!!!!) & thai red milk tea!! wAffles were frEsh and rly taStyYy :-) at first when we went there we thought there were gna b no seats but there is aCtl a behinD area soRt of private and quieter hehe 1 for 1 made the waffles rly worth it !!


p lit p good but wished i had more teriyaki sauce on my rice and also mayb some soup cuz our bowls were p drYyy and also my broccoli tastEs like it’s been soaked in water for v long ( not boiled but soaked in h2o ) iTs like a sponge ; when i bite on it , it dents in and water leaks out lmAo

one of mi friend’s review - “Its not bad but its not wow”


noodles are p tAsty and the pork is well seasOneddd !! 1for1 deal trulY v affoRdable !!!!

friend’s review - noodles are good ( bettEr than dumplings HAHA ) but tRy the smoked duck dumplings cuz they are sUper good , beli beli fraglant ~~

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