My picks for the place I grew up in.
Alderic Teo
Alderic Teo

Ultra savory chicken rice, smooth and supple chicken, perfectly spiced chilli.

In any aspect that I hold a chicken rice to, 925 ticks all the boxes. It may be arguable if this is the best chicken rice (as with any dish), but in my book, this is perfect.

Full Vlog and how-to-make: https://youtu.be/zR4Kq25LiWU

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Be prepared for a queue that goes all the way to the back of the stall if you come during meal times!

A really well-seasoned plate of lor mee. Fragrant, with a good variety of ingredients like home-made meatballs, braised pork belly, shreds of fish and fish cakes. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Full Vlog and how-to-make: https://youtu.be/hjzGUHCif8Y

Despite the legions of reviews saying that this is overrated, I still find it a very decent plate of nasi lemak. You can often find queues in front of the stalls when you pass by.

I guess it's hard to match up the standard it once was years ago

Full Vlog and how-to-make: https://youtu.be/pdNwHXXrfFA


If you're going to try this place, ball out and just choose a premium fish at the counter. They have different kinds of fish that you can select for your fish soup.

One that changed my life was the giant grouper belly, I never knew fish could taste and feel like that. You can also ask the friendly staff for recommendations!

Full Vlog and how-to-make: https://youtu.be/df2nYXG7_3E

Incredibly porky and delicious despite deceivingly pale noodles! The famous wanton mee in Bangkok advertises "no branch in Singapore". It should be more like Soi 19 has no branch in bkk 😜😜

Full Vlog and how-to-make: https://youtu.be/LIroCFFYHr0

In love with their mutton curry! Super spicy with chunks of tender meat 😋😋 have been eating this curry for years now. Other curries are okay but the mutton one stands out.

Full Vlog and how-to-make: https://youtu.be/WQ4T32byQrc

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Incredible duck with really well-seasoned noodles! Also, don't miss out on their pork belly and gizzards if that's your thing. Usually attracts a long queue in the morning from the breakfast crowd!

Full Vlog and how-to-make: https://youtu.be/LkanfqTAu40

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Really well-calibrated to the local taste! Fragrant but not very numbing 麻. Good range of ingredients with decent prices, I usually spend about $9 to 12 per pax here depending on who I'm eating with.

Alot of people have different requirements for mala. Based on the opinions I've heard, this ticks the most boxes 😋😋

Full Vlog and how-to-cook: https://youtu.be/XOngOSwxYuY

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I feature Singapore hawker food the best way I know how - by trying to cook a better version of the

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