Freshly shucked oysters! We can't resist getting a dozen, dousing them with lemon and popped them right in. During their happy hour (5.30-7pm on weekdays), it's $1.50 each. It did feel more hit than miss, the hits being really juicy and leaving a sweet aftertaste, while the missed can be more bitter, acrid taste. Overall, will still recommend this platter 🦪

Traditional Bouillabaisse with Fish, Seafood & Saffron Rouille

This tastes decadent - both rich and light with the essence of fresh seafood. I love how they pour the seafood stew over the generous mix of seafood - scallop, octopus, prawn, fish (Barramundi?). ($44)

Plus, most memorable was when Chef Francois came out and recommended the must have mussels, where it's cooked fusion french-asian, where 700g of tender mussels are cooked with tomato cream mixed with lotsss of garlic and chili bits. Chef kiss.

{Hub&Spoke Cafe} Chasing the rainbow after the rain while cycling from East Coast park to Changi jurassic mile and ending here at Hub & Spoke - a hub for all cyclist getting a break.

I enjoyed the crisp fried fish & the loose fries in this tangy sauce (thousand island?). You can hear the crackling sound as you cut into the fish, and it tastes fresh. Prices are nett! - $14.90

This eatery boasts of traditional canto style and large variety of tzechar fair. The main highlight is this crab beehoon, the noodles are extremely sumptuous and soaking in the rich crab essence. The crab meat is also innately sweet. Amazed at how they served this out within 15 mins, and we polished it cleanly.

(~$70++ for 1kg, so worth it)

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Best f&c hands down, with the chunky fillet paired with a crisp finish reflecting the good quality of the catch. While we shop around for the drink (check it out and sip it), the meal is ready. They definitely mastered the vibes for the lazy afternoon, spaciousness and natural light perfect for catch ups.

Futuristic vision of shopping which despite the lil hassles here and there, i still prefer due to the freedom granted

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Love their rendition of the unagi don, as it comes with a rich risotto simmering hot and paired with unagi and crispy fish skin. Their fusion food deserves a nod ($18 for small, and i wish for more)

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Absolutely appreciating this more after being to Ah Hua Kelong - a floating kelong off our coast, and seeing how they transform their local catches to this dish: a mix of both sweet and savoury, tender black grouper on a bed of sweet potato noodles and juicy clams in superior soy sauce. Especially love how the jellish fish skin just melts in your mouth!

($26, and its on burpple beyond!)

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And by default, also my favourite :-)

Brought them out to this playful tunglok classic, and the half grilled fish amazed us. Definitely a more generous serving compared to most fish places (we almost couldnt finish amongst the 3 of us) and its extremely supple, going well with the white pepper broth.

Love the beancurd, yam, mushroom and cabbages in it too. While it may taste like the milder version of bak ku teh, i would recommend this place as my go-to chinese food 😊

($38 for half grilled fish)

Celebrated mothers' day here for its famed crab in a bag. We had the mild cajun sauce pairing perfectly with the generous amounts of prawns, mussels, corn, black pepper sausages and srilankan crab. Sauce had the kick being just the right kind of spicy. The mussels were the juiciest!

However, the beer battered calamari we ordered felt a bit tasteless to me apart from the crust. To note that they dont provide water here too.

Third time back here and still liking their concept v much.

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