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Featuring Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, Relish by Wild Rocket (Frasers Tower), YOUNGS Bar & Restaurant, iSTEAKS Diner (Tampines 1), The Tipsy Cow (Katong), IKEA Restaurant & Cafe, Muchachos, Mooloolabar, Malthouse
Ash L
Ash L

Ambience was good
Food was ok
Service was good

Had 1 laksa pasta, 1 fish, 2 mud pies, 1 sweet pototao fries and 1-for-1 stout, w burpple got the meal at 75$ for 3 pax

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Nice place w excellent service!
Portions were a tad smaller so just order more!
105 for 3 alcoholic drinks, 1 dessert, 3 sides/mains

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Isteaks is slwly becoming my choice over Aston’s. Portion is decent and the selection of sides is good. Loving the cream broccoli and Mac n cheese.

Yummy!! Recommended. Fries was yummy too

Service was ok but food was horrible. 20$ before 10% svc charge n the fish tasted frozen, instant and felt like it was heated up instead of freshly prepared. I don’t consider myself a fussy eater but this dish threw me off.
Mash potato sides were meh (tasted instant) and coleslaw was edible at best.

Once is enough.

Very spicy sauces but this burrito was one of the good ones I had. Took the chicken one w a drink (guava Sosa)
12 + 4.5$

Great beers at 10$ / pint at HH and pizza at 10$ each.
Chorizo mushroom and burrata. Love the burrata!