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Fusion Food

Fusion Food

Featuring Uncle Kiisu, Rookery (Capital Tower), Cheeky, Clan Cafe, MAMA SOI
Veronica Chen
Veronica Chen

My observations is that popular cafes often have that one or two novel dish that looks super enticing and have great taste. For cheeky, it has to be the chilli crab scrambled eggs as it was so fluffy and resembled the real taste of chilli crab really well. They are also generous with real crab meat bits which goes really well with the pieces of toasted bread.

A rather peculiar yet interesting fusion of miso and scallops. The scallops were not as soft as I wanted it to be but it went really well with the creamy miso sauce which further accentuated the taste. Paired with sourdough bread, a good sharing dish!

Heads up to those who wants a guilt free yet wholesome meal; this might just be your answer. The salmon is cooked just right and the ginger laced rice gave the dish an added zesty taste. The ambience is just perfect for a lazy afternoon!

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The feeling of biting into super crunchy toasted bread pieces followed by soft aromatic otah fillings is enough to leave you feeling satisfied. It was so good that I was so tempted to another another plate just so I could relive the wonderful experience. The calming and comfortable ambience is also another reason why I would be back once again!


I was told the inspiration for uncle kissu is combining both Japanese and peranakan influences. I thought that was a rather interesting amalgamation as one was built on a heavier palate and the other mild and fresh. The fried rice was surprising fragrant as belacan pasta was used and the prawn bits added a nice texture to it. They were super generous with the crab meat bits too. Highly recommended dish and I thought it represented uncle kiisu philosophy well!

I thought they were super generous with the ikura as it was filled to the brim. The egg too is well cooked as it's soft and tender and went well with the scallop. However, I thought that the squid ink was a little contradicting as it did not complement the rest of the dish well. Would be better if it were simpler. Otherwise, really a super value for money dish!

* Burpple hosted eat up*
I thought the salt and pepper squid wins the award for the most aesthetically pleasing dish of the night. A lot of thought has gone into creating this dish from the preparation to the presentation. The black patch on the plate is not just a mere decoration; I only realise that it tasted of squid ink which complemented well with the soft and crunchy squid. Squid are the hardest thing to get right because the surface has to be crispy and it has to be soft enough when you bite down eventually. Hats of to the chef and thanks to Burpple and Mama soi for the eat up!

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It's amazing how different ways of marinating and cooking the same pork can result in a rather distinct taste. The braised pork was marinated with coca cola according to the head chef and therefore gave a subtle minty after taste when dipped with the home made chilli sauce. On the other hand, the fried crispy pork had a slight charred taste and the skin was crispy. Do eat the pork belly together with the cucumbers and mint for the complete experience. Thanks to burrple and mama soi for the eat up experience. The head chef too is extremely amicable and does not hesitate to shares stories behind each dish.

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