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Singapore Food

Singapore Food

Featuring A Noodle Story (Amoy Street Food Centre), The Coconut Club, Enjoy Eating House and Bar, Scissor Cut Curry [email protected] Besar, Tai Hwa Blk 466 Crawford Lane
SheEats SheCooks
SheEats SheCooks

A traditional teochew dessert or sweet yam paste, pumpkin purée, coconut milk & Gingko nuts. To be honest it was my first time having this but wow I could taste the freshness of the ingredients. It felt so nourishing and was the perfect end of the meal to close the stomach - $5.8

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Fatty, moreish and Smokey. These amazing pork slices were served with a delicious sauce which cut through the fat for a balanced mouthfeel $14.8

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Smokey and amazing, this came piping hot and cooked with love - the vermicelli absorbed all the delicious flavours $18.8

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Nasi lemak, fried chicken, fried egg, dried fish, peanuts, housemade sambal & coconut rice - this is dope, totally worth the $11

Fried pork chop, braised pork belly, ngor hiang (water chestnut, prawn & pork roll) & stewed cabbage over rice, topped with a thick and gooey homemade curry sauce .

Singaporean hainanese curry rice is a sight to behold with a pile of protein and vegetables stacked on top of each other and topped with a slightly sweet, lighter and almost non-spicy curry sauce #sheeatslocal. This whole plate at $6

Wanton mee 2.0 is this fish of lovely firm thin egg noodles topped with generous and tender pork belly, big shrimp dumplings, a perfectly cooked egg and fixins. $9 but worth every cent

A innovative take on a classic. Going the extra mile to make their pandan noodles in house, this dessert wasn’t too sweet and was quite light - $6.8

Perfectly cooked noodles in a vinegary porky sauce - what’s not to love? Pretty pricey at $8 for this but definitely a treat

I was truly blown away by the honest, no msg, authentic Singaporean food cooked with the love of three generations. A local business sourcing local ingredients, eating at @enjoyfood was like pulling up a chair to your grandmother’s dining table. This fish was clean, delicate & sweet - quality at amazing value. $31.8


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