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Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

As authentic as it looks - served right in a pineapple with tender chicken chunks and pineapple slices within. Every grain was light, fluffy. I love the generous portion of pork floss that came with the pineapple rice. It rekindled the lost love (& craving!) for pork floss. ‘Definitely one of the best dishes here.

Oh, and it’s part of the daily set lunch menu @ $10.90++, comes with a dessert! Ours was coconut ice cream that day! 😋

This does not look as delicious, grand, nor instagrammable as compared to the pineapple fried rice counterpart but the pad Thai was actually what I returned a 2nd time for! (I had the beef pad thai on my first visit and had really loved it!). I conclude the beef pad Thai tasted better - there’s additional ‘sauce/gravy’ from the stir-fried beef that accentuated the flavours. Prawns were fresh and boiing-boiinngg but as a prawn pad thai, it wasn’t “wow”! I’ll return again, but no longer for the pad thai anymore! 🍍 fried rice stole my tastebuds in this second visit 😋

Incredibly awesome pad thai! The portion of beef strips were pretty generous - juicy and tender (so thankful it wasnt overcooked despite being pretty thinly sliced!) I love the assortment of sides - fried onions, raw onions, chili padi, peanuts which accompanied the pad thai! Carbs-to-protein ratio was close to 1-1, cos the lil' pile is not just cards but well mixed with pretty generous amount of tofu (protein right!!)

Decent Thai green curry but “not the best”- feedback from the boyf who has a more refined tongue and expectations for Thai food. My inexperienced tongue finds it pretty okay! Only gripe would be the chicken - while the meat was pretty tender, it came with a layer of significantly thick skin that kinda turned me off when I tried to peel the chicken skin off the meat!

Really spicy chilli flakes - add sparingly if you’re not a taker of hot spicy food stuff! Pad Thai was well done, with pretty smooth, silky noodles added with a generous portion of beansprouts, greens and some peanuts. Loved the peanuts which added some sorta crunch to the bite

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Incredibly juicy and tender beef strips (had expected it to be dry and tough cos that’s exactly how it looks like). Thankfully, it exceeded expectations ! The dip was incredibly appetite-whetting and was a good complement to the 🐄 Got this at a steal with Burpple 1-1 (yay!)

Can’t quite exactly the exact name for this dish but it’s definitely on Burpple 1-1 main. A bargain for the pretty good mix of seafood! However, nothing much to shout about and wouldn’t order it, if not for the 1-1!

It’s a pasta! Hence not available for burpple 1-1 main! No regrets ordering this tho. A unique twist to the typical bad Thai with pretty fair servings of beef strips and generous truffle oil! A lil’ too oily (perhaps due to the truffle oil) but otherwise an above-average dish in overall. Go easy on the chilli flakes - really 🌶 spicy and kinda masks the truffle goodness !

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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