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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

The brownie was very average but the ice cream was not bad at all. It had a slightly chewy sticky texture and the flavour was decent too

The pink pasta has a unique tang. Ckn chop kinda juicy but not crispy, not v satisfying.

Overally it's a decent neighbourhood style of pasta, with a price to match

A winner

Milk ice cream was aromatic and there's an almost sorbet like texture
Hojicha was strong and quite lovely
I usually don't like black sesame but even tho it's heavy, it doesn't have that edge and I in fact enjoyed it very much
The matcha was good too, with an obvious bitterness. Significantly less sweet than the rest tho, I would have preferred it sweeter

The azuki beans were stunning, rlly deep flavour and the rice puffs added texture. Must try!(get it to share amongst 3 at least)

This was not bad, the sponge was v fluffy and the cheese cream was light and slightly savoury too. However the raspberry sauce was way too tart and lacking in sweetness

Quite a mild version, I probably wouldn't recommend

Finally had this again, but dine in this time

Their crust loses crisp, so it was a delight when you have it immediately. It's the airy kind with a good crisp, and the nut crumbles adds a crunch to it. Cream was voluptuous and utterly indulgent as always.

Don't say one of the best, I think this is strictly the best. If anyone has had a better cream puff do shout out(allium's one doesn't count since they don't serve it anymore)


My first time having banana foster I think, but it's basically caramel+banana+ice cream. The French toast was v soft which might not be what you want, but the rest of the components are absolutely on point.

Ice cream was soft and there's a good body(melts abit fast tho), the jam was their unique tart kind that's very lovable but the most impressive element was by far the candied bacon, which tasted like bakkwa in the best way.

Everything else was fine, except the pistachios which lacked crunch.


The focaccia was decent if a bit on the hard side. Quite oily too, the paper underneath was soaked in oil.

Flavours were fine, umami enough and the smoked duck was okay but there's this weird edge due to the strong fishiness of the seaweed.

Very filling too, more than enough as a meal for one.

Well people say this is the best and while it was dry, i gotta admit it's probably one of the best I've had(speaks more to the quality of scones in sg in general than anything else)

Quite light in texture and crumbly, and the sugar layer provides a bit of moistness. Still not good enough for me to come back but if you've never had a decent scone this could be worth a try

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I forgot the price breakdown(it's electronically ordered and paid, no physical receipt)

This place's naming is confusing as heck. Apparently they're actually called Myo everywhere but the restaurant itself everywhere has at the Myo. Doesn't help that there's a Myo restobar which is much more famous and pops up when you search Myo

Nonetheless this plate was very good. The hae bee hiam garlic sauce?(is it called a sauce if it's this thin?) was packed full of flavours and it's pretty hot too(do ask for less spicy if you can't take heat). Very satisfying and worth the travel to this ulu place

Made on the spot, so need to wait about 5mins

Not sure if it's the best, I prefer mine with a crusty exterior but this was damn good. Soft exterior with bits of crunch, enclosing a voluptuous cream which was uniquely sweet and smooth, yet not surfeiting. One of the few times I regret extending the invite to share my dessert(I was actually tempted to walk back 15mins to get another one haha if my schedule allowed)

Must try

Rest assumed it looks nothing like this haha, I only took picture halfway when I realised I didn't before that

Didn't deserve the trip bah I feel, given this is their most highly raved item. It's certainly not bad, the mushrooms had a nice bite and good flavour, overall a tad oily but to an acceptable degree.

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Would travel for food

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