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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

I forgot the price breakdown(it's electronically ordered and paid, no physical receipt)

This place's naming is confusing as heck. Apparently they're actually called Myo everywhere but the restaurant itself everywhere has at the Myo. Doesn't help that there's a Myo restobar which is much more famous and pops up when you search Myo

Nonetheless this plate was very good. The hae bee hiam garlic sauce?(is it called a sauce if it's this thin?) was packed full of flavours and it's pretty hot too(do ask for less spicy if you can't take heat). Very satisfying and worth the travel to this ulu place

Made on the spot, so need to wait about 5mins

Not sure if it's the best, I prefer mine with a crusty exterior but this was damn good. Soft exterior with bits of crunch, enclosing a voluptuous cream which was uniquely sweet and smooth, yet not surfeiting. One of the few times I regret extending the invite to share my dessert(I was actually tempted to walk back 15mins to get another one haha if my schedule allowed)

Must try

Rest assumed it looks nothing like this haha, I only took picture halfway when I realised I didn't before that

Didn't deserve the trip bah I feel, given this is their most highly raved item. It's certainly not bad, the mushrooms had a nice bite and good flavour, overall a tad oily but to an acceptable degree.

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No more salted pear french toast. Why did they remove their most unique french toast?

Anyway this was alright. The French toast had a good execution, it's somewhat firm but airy enough. And the crust was decent too. The salted caramel isn't very satisfying though, idk if it's because of the portion or what but u can taste the saltiness

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Finally clocked my visit here and am surprised stuff are nett

It's okay, the cheese was soft and it was jelat but not overly so. But a lot of their items come with truffle oil so read the ingredients carefully. Not that it really matters cos the whole place smells like truffle oil

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The bread was average, it's pretty hard but everything else was not bad. Ricotta was very fluffy, tomatoes and basil oil worked beautifully together. Heard this branch's bread is one of the worst so can only imagine the other branches' rendition

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Pretty basic but gets the job done. Isn't worth anywhere close to 7 though, but I'm just glad it isn't one of those diluted ones with barely any cream. Drink fast because you don't want this to be any more diluted

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Used to be thoughtsbake, not anymore. The miso brownie and mini dulceys are all unavailable anymore

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This is the name of the drink lol. Unimaginative name but the taste was ok, mainly a tad of sour with nice herbal notes

The service was excellent, they really made u feel comfortable even though most ppl(myself included) are here to study haha

That's service. Apart from them being super nice, they serve this seaweed cracker too. It's a normal cracker w a tad of seaweed taste only, but it's the small act that means so much

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The whole place got the Taiwan vibes, accentuated by the staff(some of them are actually Taiwanese). There's also a garden of sorts outside

PSA min order of one drink per pax(that's very reasonable because it's such a good place to study)

It's just the yuzu concentrate with water but somehow it's very good lol. Recommended!

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Idk I'm just translating from the Chinese name, can't rmb the English name

It's quite a mild tea, but nice though. The service here and the vibes are top notch, that's what you should be coming for


Would travel for food

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