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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Liked that the pulled pork had a sweet sauce but it wasnt too moist, and the sweetness wasnt anything too crazy. Again, perfect egg, tho the Sourdough country(by right it's hokkaido brioche) was v hard. Considering the texture of their other 2 bread, im more than willing to believe this is an anomaly. Btw the tomato jalapeno sauce was not bad

My friend liked the Salad w beans too, def sth different from the usual leaves and easier to down

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TAKE NOTE it's not on the online menu, meaning there's probably conditions on where it appears(maybe only weekend?)

Usually not a Fan of sweet savoury, and this didnt change my mind but i have to say i enjoyed it. There's a perfect egg in the middle of the two layers, and the sweet glaze of the bacon is rlly what ties the whole dish (the sweet and savoury components) together. The bacon was so smoky and well charred, rlly put me to shame lol. The Cheese crisps are abit hard tho

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Usually served w country, i changed to hokkaido brioche which was real nice and fluffy, yet crispy too. The heritage butter was evidently high quality, while the raspberry jam was full of a pleasant tartness when the common ones are too sweet. Good stuff, my friend was raving about it as we were eating lol

P. S. If u get the bread board, it's served separately so u can help urself to the various spreads and breads

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This place is packed on a lazy sunday and yet the prices are nett. Definitely not complaining lol

There were bites where the umami of the tomato and the Cheese combined wonderfully, but somehow in general each bite lacked punch, esp compared to the other items we ordered. The cheddar also wasnt Nearly enough compared to the mozz, would have preferred a stronger flavour from the Cheese rather than just texture

P. S. Served w Sourdough country usually, i changed to rye

P. P. S. Idk how other burpplers get it with the Cheese all crisped up, maybe it's just as simple as requesting for without tomato.

Not a regular drinker of coffee by any means, but i really liked the one here. Creamy, can taste the coffee, and rlly refreshing. Sweetness was on point too

My oh my. What a stunner.

Putting aside the basically faultless short ribs, the oily reduction was packed with oomph and coated the pasta so well. The must-try dish here, and doesnt taste too greasy despite the glimmer.

Take note only the tagliatelle is made in house.


The texture was on point. Tender and full of flavour, if the crust was a little more significant it would have been perfect. Definitely a good choice if youre not getting pasta, and the sauce was impressive too, tho i didnt feel it was necessary. Apples were average but the umami cabbage and buttery mash were both good complements.


Decent, the bacon got some bite to it. Abit too saucy, more like a reduction than a usual aglio Olio due to the colour and the extra pasta water. Taste wise is passable, but for south union park standards there are definitely better things to try


Pretty good, just like what you would expect it to be. Quite a hefty portion and what stood out to me the most is how muted the sweetness was, which was great

U do get a hint of the earthiness from the chocolate, but otherwise it's just a really good beef pasta. Esp the beef cubes that were so tender. Not as worldview-shattering as i tot it would be, more like comfort food. Then again all their pastas are pretty good

The bread is really something. With a serious crunch and lots of aroma(from the fermentation), i originally thought they Grilled it with olive Oil before i clarified. Airy but a bit difficult to sever, it's really quite a unique texture compared to the usual "perfect" kind of bread.

The chicken Liver Pate was really clean and free of any unnecessary taste, incl gaminess at all. Really surprised and i loved how it came tgt with the pickled veggie

The only complain is that the chicken Liver Pate is a bit chilled so it's difficult to spread using a spoon. But anything for the taste so just bear with it and make a mess lol

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Thin and thus slightly dry, esp the parts where the lean meat and the fats are separate. However the flavour was not bad and the parts with fats(closer to the bone) fared better.

Would travel for food

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