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Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah

Featuring Rise & Grind Coffee Co. (Bukit Timah Plaza), Camaca, The M Plot, Micro Bakery & Kitchen, Meat n' Chill, Ah Wing's Wanton Mee (Empress Road Market & Food Centre), Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore (Bukit Timah), O.BBa (Bukit Timah), Tok Panjang
Amelia Chan
Amelia Chan

Angelina the chief kueh-maker here has a large following of loyal kueh connoisseurs - some of whom come to buy her kuehs in bulk. They use 3 different types of flours to make their kuehs here, which makes for all the difference in quality (the kuehs are really soft).

Kueh Koswee - strong Gula Melaka taste (and probably my favourite)

Ondeh Ondeh - generous portions of moist coconut filling (probably the most I’ve ever seen in an Ondeh Ondeh), but a pity that it doesn’t have the burst in Gula Melaka which I long for

Ubi Kayu Kukus - one of the better steamed tapioca kuehs I’ve had

Kueh Pandan - strong Pandan flavour and among the softer kuehs (and my sis’ favourite)

Getup Getuk - an interesting mix of sweet potato and tapioca, which is denser than the other kuehs

My typical experience with Peranakan fare usually consists of elaborate dishes - and we wondered why they didn’t have the usual crowd favourites like rendang, buah keluak, etc.

As we chatted with the owner about it, he revealed their goal of keeping prices affordable without scrimping on the quality. Simple, hearty, flavourful meals that you would expect to find for lunch at a Peranakan household perhaps?

What we ordered:
- Nasi Kunyit ($5.50)
- Dry Mee Siam ($4.50)
- Mee Rebus ($4.50)
- Fresh Calamansi Juice ($1.50)

We loved the fragrant coconut aroma from the curry in the Nasi Kunyit, the chicken soaked in this, and the soft tamarind-infused rice. The Dry Mee Siam noodles were a unlike what I’ve tried - it tasted like a mix of lemongrass and assam. The Mee Rebus has a different gravy from the typical Mee Rebus which I liked - it’s a bit more bitter and not as thick. But the part of all these dishes has to be the super-shiok chilli can taste the sweetness of the dried shrimp in it :)

And do get the fresh calamansi juice - they freshly squeeze it, which is a rarity nowadays.

P.S. We were told that the place is usually very packed on weekends, where you might not get a table til 2pm. So try to go on weekdays when it’s pretty empty!

Perhaps our favourite Kueh out of the few that we tried at this relatively new outfit at Bukit Timah Plaza (not affiliated with Tok Panjang Peranakan Cafe owned by the House of Peranakan Group). Fibrous, aptly sweet and moist, we liked how the top was slightly browned out for a slight contrast of flavour — the Kueh also did not feel overly dense too; pretty delicious, I would say!

$15 for this one, quite interesting and flavourful! The truffle taste was strong and the texture of the runny egg complimented it very well. Also tried their tom yum seafood pasta ($17), the tom yum wasn't strong enough and tasted quite artificial.

You really have to come here early if not you will be like me queuing up for 30 minutes on Saturday noon. Stall auntie prepare your food one by one, so patient is required if you want to try it.

Their wantons definitely generous in its filling which worth your wait. $4

You really have to come here early if not you will be like me queuing up for 30 minutes on Saturday noon. Stall auntie prepare your food one by one, so patient is required if you want to try it.

Their wantons definitely generous in its filling which worth your wait. $4

This is my second time coming here, I was super satisfied by the quality, price of the food and the ambience at this place during my first visit. As usual, the staffs here were very friendly and I was greeted as soon as I went in. As I have tried their steak before, I decided to try their ribs since I have heard a lot of good reviews about their ribs. First impression of the ribs was that it looks damn delicious, the meat looks like it will fall off the bone easily. I wasn't disappointed when I start to pull the meat off the bone, it was very very well cooked and was extremely tender, the meat totally fall off the bone easily. The meat was also very flavourful, every bite that I took, I could taste the sauce used. This place is definitely a go-to place if you want to find quality steak or ribs with affordable prices. Overall, I would come back again to try more of their dishes!

Visited King Albert Park for The M Plot; a hidden gem within the mall that serves up their very own bakes and macarons.

While the macarons are much of the focus here, the Grapefruit Cheese Tart showcases the use of an uncommon ingredient usually not found in desserts. The cheese tart itself is well made; a tart base that is firm without being overly hard while also not crumbling down into a mess, and the cheese curd is velvety smooth, luscious and creamy. Really liked how the wedges of grapefruit cuts through all the richness of the cheese with its tart and bitter notes, providing a refreshing burst of flavour. Service was also good here; although set in a pretty annoying shop layout where the counter is at the first floor and dine-in is on the second floor (pretty much the same as all tenants situated at The Midtown and KAP Mall itself), The M Plot provides almost full table service with attention to detail. A place we would look forward to visit for more sweet treats some time soon!

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Chocolate Hazelnut Praline + Chamomile Tea
Raspberry Rose Lychee + Orchard Vanilla Tea


Just spent my perfect Sunday afternoon at this
exquisite macaron boutique cafe! Environment and ambience was so cozy, and staff was extremely friendly in recommending us their products. Not to forget the Raspberry Rose Lychee big macaron was heavenly good, sourness in the raspberry balanced out the sweetness but not the fragrance of the lychee. Pairing with a good pot of tea, Orchard vanilla recommended by staff, and you know that your weekend was complete and was totally ready for the new week ahead(I supposed).

Another steal from Burpple Beyond, decided to give it a try cause it’s near my house. Who knew that I have discovered a hidden gem! Will definitely be back, with or without Beyond 😍

With softserves churned out from a Macaron capsule, do not be deceived by the display shelves of giant macaroons as you enter the shop! 🤭. As a hardcore tea fanatic, I headed for the ROASTED OOLONG & POMELO TEA without further ado. The Roasted Oolong was a striking resemblance to my all time favourite Houjicha flavour, coming with a pleasant lingering roasted aroma that was prominent and fragrant amidst the earthy astringency of Oolong tea. On the other hand, the Pomelo tea was a flavour which I was hesitant to order initially (since there weren’t any samples allowed and this flavour sounds rather exotic). Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint and was impressive as well, coming with tangy fruity flavour that follows after a subtle earthy note, one that was refreshing as well! ✨ Another tea flavour offered here is Royal Earl Grey, which was presented to us on the house by the friendly crew of 💖. As the name suggest, it had the characteristic lingering floral aroma of a Royal Milk tea, but this time round, with the incorporation of Earl Grey that enhances the tea flavour with a more profound note, one that was more fragrant and aromatic as well! 💖 Apart from the signature Ice cream Macaroons, the menu also includes unique and interesting beverages such as hand drip, pour over coffee for the caffeine lovers and desserts such as handmade Swiss rolls which I would be sharing about in my upcoming post! ☺️ .
[PS: Enjoy 25% off now till 31st January, as part of the soft launch opening special. Which means it’s the last day today to check out this cool place- be sure to check out the level 2 seating & ambience if you are heading there🤩!].
On a side note, thanks a lot to for the great hospitality and service which left my tooth greatly impressed with all the sweet treats and delights! 🤗 .
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This grilled cheese sandwich with brie, cheddar and mozzarella was scrumptuously rich. For heathens that do not appreciate the glorious cheese overload, it is served with an addictively zesty tomato dip that can cut through the heartiness.

Pasta Fresca offers fresh handmade pasta, and a huge variety at that! This was the Alla Marinara in white wine sauce (there was an option of tomato of white wine). Generous amounts of fresh clams, squid, shrimps and mussels, perfect for seafood lovers like bf and I. Their menu is huge, so will definitely visit again to try other items.

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