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Dim Sum

Dim Sum

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Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Very buttery and flaky. Even blowing on it caused flakes to snow onto the table. The scallion oil was very fragrant. Chock full of spring onions. Smelled heavenly.

One of their signature dishes from the Shanghainese dim sum menu. These were amazing. A round ball of soft pork meat inside smothered in steaming hot broth. Very very hot so be careful. No foul porky smell. I enjoyed every scalding bite.

These were stuffed full of bouncy prawns and snow cabbage. Absolutely lovely. I had a second round of this cos it was so good.

These were steaming hot and so delicious. The juice inside was abundant and very flavorful. No foul porky smell. The server provided a small bowl and spoon for each diner just for this dish. In case you spill the precious broth, the bowl was save the day. One of the best XLB I’ve ever tasted.

New stall at Oasis Terraces. Delicious juicy pork bao good for breakfast or tea break.

681 Punggol Drive
Oasis Terraces B1-16

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The salted egg custard inside was lava enough and not sweet so quite nice. Sweet Liu Sha bao is not my thing. But the bao skin was quite thick which was a pity.

Oooh the Skin was really chewy and sticky I just loved it. Generous clump of garlicky soft spinach made this dumpling a healthy snack. I’ve tried this at other places before but I just adore the ones here.

I thot this was a steal at $5. Very juicy and well marinated. Bouncy prawns with meaty pork. No foul porky smell. One of the rare places where I rank the Siew Mai higher than the har gau.

Very juicy prawns wrapped in translucent slightly sticky skin. This was high quality har gau but I actually prefer their Siew Mai.

This is a firm fav and we can never miss ordering this. Crispy Beancurd stuffed with sweet prawns. Thou it couldn’t beat the one at Tien Court, it was one of the more delicious renditions I have tried.

I was filled to bursting but I still managed to finish 2 pcs. This was extremely crispy, with a super thin layer of chewy skin encasing the durian. The durian purée was very very creamy. Not too sweet. Durian flavor was slightly muted, not so overwhelming that I needed to rinse my mouth with mouth rinse. A wonderful dessert to finish off the meal.

Nice fresh pork with no foul porky taste. I like the chewy texture. Dipped this in the spicy Szechuan chili oil I saved earlier. Delicious.

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