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Dim Sum

Dim Sum

Featuring Legendary Hong Kong, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant (Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel), Treasures Yi Dian Xin (Paragon), Tien Court Restaurant, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Ngee Ann City), Treasures Yi Dian Xin (Raffles City), TEAHOUSE by Soup Restaurant (Changi Airport Terminal 2), Tim Ho Wan (Jewel Changi Airport)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Oooh the Skin was really chewy and sticky I just loved it. Generous clump of garlicky soft spinach made this dumpling a healthy snack. I’ve tried this at other places before but I just adore the ones here.

I thot this was a steal at $5. Very juicy and well marinated. Bouncy prawns with meaty pork. No foul porky smell. One of the rare places where I rank the Siew Mai higher than the har gau.

Very juicy prawns wrapped in translucent slightly sticky skin. This was high quality har gau but I actually prefer their Siew Mai.

This is a firm fav and we can never miss ordering this. Crispy Beancurd stuffed with sweet prawns. Thou it couldn’t beat the one at Tien Court, it was one of the more delicious renditions I have tried.

I was filled to bursting but I still managed to finish 2 pcs. This was extremely crispy, with a super thin layer of chewy skin encasing the durian. The durian purée was very very creamy. Not too sweet. Durian flavor was slightly muted, not so overwhelming that I needed to rinse my mouth with mouth rinse. A wonderful dessert to finish off the meal.

Nice fresh pork with no foul porky taste. I like the chewy texture. Dipped this in the spicy Szechuan chili oil I saved earlier. Delicious.

This had got to be my fav rendition of steamed pork ribs. I’ve never tried a better one anywhere else. The short ribs were melt in the mouth tender and so well marinated. The sauce was very very delicious. I could finish a bowl of rice with just this one little dish. There were chewy transparent noodles at the bottom. I think they were potato noodles. I really really like this.

$5.50 per portion. And what a big portion it was. Rice noodle roll was very soft, slightly chewy, and thin. The prawns were large and fresh. Best part was the sauce. It was not overly salty and very flavorful.

$11 for 2 pcs. Quite large too. The scallop was encased inside the wispy fried portion. I thot the bottom part would be mainly mashed taro, but no. It was mashed taro mixed with assorted stuff, like minced meat and diced mushrooms, in a bit of thick sauce so it wasn’t dry. Very flavorful. Abalone was not too rubbery. Nice.

$5 for 2 pcs. Freshly fried and piping hot. Very crispy. Lovely plump prawns inside. Very yummy. Not oily at all.

Menu stated pork dumplings but there was prawn inside. The “crystal skin” was fabulously chewy and slightly sticky. Very nice. But tasted a bit bland. I dipped it in the Szechuan chili oil I saved earlier.

Skin was thin but firm, so it didn’t tear open when I picked it up. That was good, cos the insides were really juicy. Some juice dripped out when I bit into it, so best to pop the whole thing in your mouth. Delicious.

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