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Featuring Aqua S, Kane Mochi (Bugis+), Maxi Mango, Nasty Cookie, NunSong Yee Korean Dessert Cafe
mad yums
mad yums

pairing this flavour with the marshmallow filling proved a good choice as it integrated well with the creamy oreo filling. the marshmallow also provided a satisfying gooeyness that binded the crumbs together, creating a happy mess 😋

this thick substantial cookie was really satisfying to eat, with the nutella filling providing a fudgey gooeyness!

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tried the new maxi mango @ capitol! decided to give the cheese flavour a try as the combi of cheese and mango seemed interesting. i was not disappointed! it came with mango slices and mango soft serve that was very generously topped with cheese shavings and more cheese syrup(if i’m not wrong)!!! there were also small crunchy cheese bits at the bottom of the cup that added an additional textural dimension to the cup that i felt completed the whole dessert.

overall i’d say it’s a value for money dessert as though the cup looks small, it actually contains sooo much goodness that can definitely be shared between 2 people. also a great refreshing pick-me-up for hot days!

rating: 3.7/5

got the matcha, mocha chip and cookies&cream flavours; simple yet so delightfully yummy. each mochi is cut into four pieces after being freshly taken out from the freezer, which enhances the shiok factor of eating it due to the combination of chewy mochi skin and the icy filling contained within. the quality of the ice creams really surprised me though, especially the matcha one - no wonder it’s a premium flavour. the matcha flavour was pronounced and had distinct earthy notes albeit still retaining a floral fragrance. the mocha chip was a simple coffee ice cream with chocolate chips dotted all over to lend a slight sweetness, while the cookies&cream is a crowd pleaser with its characteristic palatable milky flavour. while i don’t feel that it’s a very value-for-money snack, i would definitely have no qualms treating myself to this once in a while.

rating: 3.8/5

smooth, creamy and satisfying. at $5.40 a cup, i’d say it’s quite a good pricing as the servings are generous and shareable. love the current flavour rotations; the peach flavour tastes like peach gummy while the distinct nutty note in the snickers flavour had my heart (i love peanut butter) 😍 meanwhile, the seasalt flavour is a complement to both flavours with it’s pleasant lightly salted taste. looking forward to the next flavour rotation!

toppings were generous and the chocolate powder somehow tasted like banana as well haha. the caramel complemented the ice cream really well; am usually not a fan of caramel but the sweet stickiness was not cloying at all and enhanced the choco-banana combination instead. overall the portion is also good for sharing!

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