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mad yums
mad yums

usually $9.90 but i got it at $7.20 with a drink under their student promotion 😋 mixing the peppered rice, sweet soy sauce, corn and beef slices makes for a warm and comforting meal. the beef slices were chewy and the black pepper enhanced their grilled fragrance.

rating: 6.5/10

the scallops were big, smooth and silky while being tender with a slight chew at the same time. i couldn’t tell what taste the mayo was but it was infused with an umami flavour that paired really well with the hotate and with the addition of a seaweed piece on the bottom, this was quite a successful creation.

rating: 7.5/10

for its competitive price tag, this is a really good plate of roast meat rice. not only are the portions generous, it’s delicious as well. the roast meat boasts a good ratio of lean meat to fats, providing a tender chewiness throughout, as well as a crisp, crackling layer of caramelised skin. the smoky yet sweet dark sauce mixes well with the chili that carries a mild spice; making for an overall comforting meal. despite the crowded and humid coffee shop environment, this affordable plate of rice will make the wait worth it.

rating: 4/5

the portion of pork was impressively generous; it was huge and thick! despite that, it was not dry at all like some katsu dishes disappointingly turn out at other places. instead, it had been carefully cooked to retain the meat’s oils, lending moisture and juiciness to the cutlet without making it cloying.

the fried batter on its surface was golden and crisp - a fitting pairing with the tender yet slightly chewy pork which captured a desirable ratio of lean meat to fats. the curry on the other hand, was fragrant and rich without being too salty.

got this at half price with my burrple beyond 1f1!!! 🤗

for $1, the size of this char siew sou is decent. there was a substantial amount of filling enclosed within the crisp layers of buttery puff pastry. i wished it was warmer when i bought it, but the char siew had a subtle sweetness along with bits of fatty meat that made this a great snack.

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this bowl of noodles may look unassuming, but don’t let its looks fool you. at first glance it seemed to lack colour and i was not expecting much honestly. however after taking my first bite of noodles i understood the hype around this place. the egg noodles were bursting with flavour and their springy chewiness lent a good bite to the whole dish. at $5, the portion of noodles may seem a little small but the extra ingredients make up for it. the fried wantons’ crisp perfection provided a contrasting crunch to the noodles while the thai fish sausages were fragrant without being overtly oily. they also gave a sizeable serving of pork lard which made me really happy 😆

rating: 4/5

my ultimate favourite from sushi express 😭😭😭 love the combination of raw and cooked salmon textures; flaky on top and chewy at the bottom. along with the sweet sauce brushed on, it makes for a satisfying plate of sushi. it’s so affordable as well!!!

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