Featuring Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Clarke Quay Central), Mitsu Sushi Bar
Nicholas Ray
Nicholas Ray

Had this pretty good Kaisen X Hitsumabushi don from the new Man Man Unagi restaurant in Clarke Quay Central. At $32.50, it doesn't come cheap, but, quantity of the food justifies the price.

Although I was quite disheartened to see that the Unagi was frozen, they did prepare it well, and it was crisp on the outside and moist and tender inside. They have both the original and spicy unagi sauce (I went for spicy, although the original is sweeter). I did expect the unagi to be fresh though :(, and see it cut live - was really quite a bummer.

As for the sashimi, it was of a nice, fresh, and had a good mix but unfortunately, was rather tasteless. They could've done a better job with the marinade. The combo of Kaisendon and Hitsumabushi is rather unusual I must say, but it (kind of) works I guess?

Overall, the food could've been better in terms of quality, their quantity hits the right spot. It's still extremely satisfying to eat here though, a good meal! Come to Man Man to fulfil your unagi cravings!

Rating: 4/5

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Had the Unagi Don ($26) and the Chicken Karaage ($9).

Tastes really good, Unagi had the right balance of sweetness and was tender, karaage had a crisp texture out and tender in.

If you ask me was it good? Yes it was. Honestly, excellent Jap food.

If you ask me if I'll go again? No, toooooo expensive, can go to lots of other places for Jap food for about half the price of this meal. Even with the 50 percent Chope offer, this was still too expensive, especially for the quantity given.

Honestly, just go to Don Don Donki for cheap and good Unagi Don or Karaage, you save loads!

Rating : 4.5/5 for the quality of the food. Worth pointing out that their service was fantastic and the chefs are awesome and friendlyūüėĀ

Always looking for the best offers and eats in town!!

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