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Featuring FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, Geometry, Coocaça (Liat Towers)
desserts first
desserts first

One of the better pistachio ice creams i’ve tasted although it’s too sweet for my liking. Majority of their flavours were pretty meh and too sweet for my liking - i wouldn’t go back there but my family loved the place so maybe it’s just me that doesn’t really like it. The waffles were okay also - nothing special. It wasn’t as crispy as I would have liked it to be and the batter was also too sweet. Also, the staff there weren’t very friendly - especially when we asked to try the flavours because we were a pretty big group but appreciate their effort in trying to stay green by using metal spoons for ice cream tasting instead of wooden or plastic spoons

food: 6/10
ambience: 8/10
service: 5/10

Açai soft serve twist with yogurt - chocolate almond flavour (limited time)

soft serve twist - half açai and half froyo
don’t get the froyo, it tastes very diluted unlike Yole (if you’ve tried Yole before, it’s much better)

chocolate almond flavour - toppings: dark chocolate sauce, almond butter and almond flakes
almond butter was thick and good, a bit too sweet for my liking but my friend tried and she thinks it’s good so it should be okay for most people!

overall, wouldn’t go back again although the price is very reasonable - you get a much larger portion than most places for $7.90. unfortunately, i couldn’t find any superfoods like chia seeds, goji berries, cocoa nibs etc. it was jsut almond butter, chocolate sauce and granola, making the entire thing too sweet for me. I also prefer a thicker texture to the açai which u get at most places but maybe because it’s soft serve, it had a very light texture. would rather pay more for better tasting açai bowls w chia seed puddings or coconut sorbet etc. but if ure nearby and feeling like grabbing açai, maybe u could try their smoothie bowls?

food rating: 5.75/10

Charcoal waffles was really crispy and light, tasted more like biscuits than a waffles as there was no chewy interior and everything was just crispy but it was a nice variation of the usual waffle and definitely a cut above the rest, although you might not enjoy it if you prefer chewy waffles.

ice cream was incredibly creamy but flavours lacked innovation. price is the usual market rate. ambience of the cafe was really nice but it was a little too cramped
food: 8/10

pancakes, waffles, cakes, cookies and any brunch food no mushrooms tho

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