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Cafe 🍩🧁🥧☕️

Cafe 🍩🧁🥧☕️

Featuring Creamier (Gillman Barracks), Grids & Circles, Rise & Grind Coffee Co. (Bukit Timah Plaza), % Arabica (Arab Street), Nasty Cookie, Café Melba (Mediapolis), Da Paolo Gastronomia (Marina Bay Sands), Mandalay Style
Hsu Hessa
Hsu Hessa

They have improved their ingredients. This is so mich better than early this year.
Avocado, spinach, mushroom, cheese, potato.. My all time favourite food.. Love it.

ordered hangover cure
I love the toast and mushroom.
Chicken Sausage is all about quality.
Coffee is on point too

The fried chicken is different from others. Marinated with herbs and boiled before it was fried. The noodles is delicious but not for u if you're on diet cuz a lot oils.
Fried noodles $6
Fried Chicken $6

This cost 17. Will not eat if there's no burpple 1for1.
Toast is acceptable.

I tried half and half with caramel filling.
$4.20 cookie 🍪 buttery, nice texture and sinful obviously.. haha.
Paper bag is pretty.

I can eat breakfast food all day er day ◡̈
The place is good for big group and they have alot of food selections.
I love my vegetarian breakfast which i ate for dinner .. hahaha..

$8 for ice latte
Coffee is thick and smooth, just the way i prefer and the shop use Meiji milk.
I will try hot latte if i go again.
I went around 12:30 and there was queue till outside the shop. Service quiet slow and shop is small. Not the kind of chilax cafe.

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not much different from krispy creme glazed donut. Too sweet for my liking.
Price $4.90

Love the waffles so much, best to pair with the good ole chocolate ice creams
Will come again

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