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Yee Jun Poon
Yee Jun Poon

I had a very good impression of The Communal Place since my previous visit last year and I was excited to be back.

It seemed like Miso Salmon had many raving reviews on Burpple so I ordered it. I don't think there's any thing about this dish that I liked. The salmon was too tough and dry for my liking (I've had worse). It wasn't a huge slab of salmon but I had difficulty finishing it because it was dry. The miso sauce didn't do much to help salvage the situation.

The side veggies were nothing to shout about but that's okay. The mashed potatoes were just acceptable. Not as buttery or as creamy as I remembered it to be.

It could be an off day for them, as I've heard nothing but good things about this place. Given my experience here today, I don't think I'll be back any time soon:/

The burrata was creamy, rich and soft, adding a nice texture to the soft and chewy crust.

The Meat Lover was good as well, with just enough meat to go around. I really appreciate that the pizza was not too bland nor too salty, which always seems to be the case in a lot of pizzas I have had.

My favourite thing about the pizzas here is the freshness of the ingredients and also the crust.

Zazz allows you to choose a half and half (i.e 2 flavours in 1 pizza) with an addition of $4 on top of the price of the pizza with the higher price point between the 2 flavours.

Really fork tender beef along with a wonderful bed of buttery mash potato. My only gripe with this dish is that the asparagus tasted raw!!

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The mushrooms were really the star, cooked to perfection and that umami flavour really lifted and carried this dish.

While the beef was tender with perfect texture, I felt like it was sorely under seasoned. I tried moping up with sauce with it but it didn't do much for me. The mashed potatoes were good but that's it, nothing spectacular. I was expecting it to be creamier as previous reviews have raved about. I definitely have had better at other cafes at similar prices.

If you are into subtle flavours, this would be great for you. Otherwise, asking for some salt and pepper would probably do you some good.

Ambience is great, the interior is lovely. I came at 3pm on a weekday and it was empty and it's a great place to chill and hangout with friends.

Honestly, I've heard many good things about Eleven Strands and naturally my expectations were high. I was disappointed with my experience here not because the food was bad, but because it just didn't seem that great. Its quite pricey if not for burpple beyond. I might consider coming again but I don't think I would pay full price.

They were generous with the sauce which may or may not be a good thing. It felt like the ratio of sauce to pasta is 2:1 but tbh I'm not complaining cause more is better :). The sauce is good but with my first bite I felt like it was lacking in something, spice! We asked for chilli padi and we felt like it completed the dish.

It's a satisfying plate of pasta, nothing to shout about but decent.

I'm usually hesitant to order salmon because I've come across too many that are either too dry, or tasteless. But when I'm at marmalade pantry, I know it won't go wrong.

The salmon is cooked to perfection, soft and tender and the freshness of the fish really shows. The accompanying sauce is good but honestly, I just like enjoying the taste of the salmon in its own, its just THAT good. The vegetables on the side were also well seasoned.

The dish is definitely pricey but you pay for good quality.

I liked every component of this dish. The smoked duck was plump and juicy, chicken cutlet had a bit too much breading than meat for my liking though. One big problem I had is that there was not enough lettuce. I felt that maybe they have only 1 container size for takeaways and they just tried to squeeze everything into the box and maybe had to compromise on the quantity of vegetables.

Overall, the dish delivers. The pork is mostly tender except the skin, which was unfortunately not at all crispy. It could be due to the fact that everything was doused in sauce. I really appreciate that they allow you to choose 2 sides and overall, the serving size was quite big so I think its quite value for money! We had this on eatigo so it made it even more worth.

This is a fuss free fish and chips which satisfies cravings and is value for money. I got this for $4.90 as there was a promotion but even at their regular price, I think it's still affordable.

Got this from Grab food. Even though I didn't get this fresh off the pan, food was still good. The fish was tender and there was just enough batter. The sauces were pretty phenomenal for this price. The salted egg sauce was rich and the chilli crab sauce also exceeded expectations.

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