Enjoyed the 5 ceramic tin high tea (~$49++) from Colony in a beautiful colonial setting 🏛 Started off the set with a choice of alcoholic beverage: Champagne/ Raspberry or Lemongrass Prosecco. Opted for the raspberry cocktail which was pretty and sweet yet the alcoholic taste was still there.
Went on to the savouries: consisting of seafood, beef pastries, chicken puff etc. Personally liked the chilli crabmeat with sambal crackers [pic3] and lobster sandwich with mustard sauce [pic4] and pickled onions the most. Chilli crabmeat sauce was sweet and thick, and the crab was a decent portion!🦀
“Dragons beard” with prawns was also yummy and interesting 🍤🥟[pic5]
Having a sweet tooth, the dessert buffet was my favourite part.😍 Scones, tarts, cakes, Madeline’s, Nonya kuehs, ice cream, chocolates, gummies+ popcorn was all part of the buffet. There was a peanut pancake (roll??) station, which was a peanut roll with ice cream and BOY IT WAS GOOD. Sweetness of the taro ice cream and the saltiness of the peanut surprisingly complemented each other, and I ate the whole thing. Thought the addition of kuehs were a nice touch too and enjoyed the kueh lapis with prunes, ang ku kueh with coconut filling, and rainbow kueh a lot. For cakes, the Oreo cheesecake was hands down probably the best at the cake section, or maybe the chocolate mousse. Passed on the ice cream since I was so full but it looked really gao 🍦 [partial selection shown in vid]
Ended off with the colony signature tea with a choice of ginger or lavender syrup (I chose lavender, and no regrets, it wasn’t too sweet and there was a slight lavender taste too)

Finally tried Antidote’s beautiful high tea set (~$50+ per pax) of sweets and savouries served in a chest of drawers together with an appetiser and a choice of TWG teas. ☕️
Had the 65 degree egg with truffle as the appetiser and the saltiness of the potato purée went well with the creaminess of the flowy egg yolk.
Savouries: personally liked the five spiced duck rilette with blueberry cream as I felt the textures really worked well as a whole | tobiko mayo with caviar on brioche bun had slightly too much mayo for me.
Sweets: Fav was probably the Apple tartin with almond frangipane on a millefeuille tart since it didn’t taste overly sweet unlike some others ( caramel fudge and passionfruit cone)
SCONES:!!! wow!!!! slightly moist and oh-so-crumbly, the spreads for the scones- lemon curd, clotted cream and raspberry jam done verY well, and I enjoyed having an original scone and an orange one !! MaJOR LUVS
Ended off with a matcha and earl grey cookie, with strong matcha and earl grey aftertaste- suPAAA enjoyable hehehe


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Service was great and staff were really nice. Food wasn’t the best but there was a wide variety of desserts at the desserts table.
Waffle, crepe and sandwich station had a wide selection of toppings.
Some sushi was on the side as well which was pretty nice.
Overall pretty affordable for high tea


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