bubble tea 🥤💕

bubble tea 🥤💕

Featuring HOLLIN (Toa Payoh), MuYoo (Raffles City), Milksha (Suntec City), Xing Fu Tang (Century Square), Playmade by 丸作 (nex), Nayuki (Funan), Tiger Sugar (Paragon), TaiGai, R&B Tea (Wisma Atria), CHICHA San Chen (AMK Hub)
on the hunt for gud fud  ✨
on the hunt for gud fud ✨

black sesame milk was rich, with a deep, earthy flavor. they really didn’t skimp on the black sesame! 🤪 honey pearls were chewy and had a substantial bite. lightly tinged with honey, the pearls complemented the drink well without overpowering it. a quality cup! though pricier than your usual bubble tea joints 🤧

7.5/10 ✨

the brown sugar complemented the milk well, though it was a tad bit too sweet & cloying for my liking. the cream cheese topping was fantastic though — the savory notes from the cheese balanced out the sweetness of the drink & the torched sugar atop it added a lil bit of crunch 🤩 definitely the highlight of the drink & something special you can’t really find elsewhere! 🤪

8/10 ✨

the torched, caramelised sugar on top added a nice crisp crunch to the drink, which is pretty unique! the pearls, stir fried in brown sugar, were gooey and deeply flavorful. the drink was rich and milky — an intense and decadent treat.

$5.30 | 8/10 ⭐️

a smooth, milky drink with the light fragrance of black tea. very light and refreshing. their handmade cocoa pearls were really special — small and chewy with an addictive texture. the flavour was well-executed, with a deep cocoa taste without being artificially sweet. the little bursts of cocoa complemented the drink well. will be back! 😊

$3.90 | 9/10 👍🏻


the tea is extremely prominent and aromatic — can tell that this is some quality chinese tea right here! another plus is that it is freshly brewed, the bottom of the cup is still hot when you get your drink. this is really lovely if you are a fan of tea & i personally enjoyed it very much. :-)

cream adds a nice sweetness to the drink which might be a tad bit sweet for some (think the cream in cookies and cream). the pearls were noticeably bigger than other bbt joints which made for a nice chew. a little expensive but worth splurging once in a while. 😊

$4.70 | 9/10 🌟

the milk tea struck a good balance between the milk and the tea and wasn’t diluted; probably one of the better milk teas around. pearls were warm and soft — always a plus point 😊 however, personally felt that the brown sugar flavour lacked depth.

$3.60 | 7/10 ✨

the brown sugar flavour was fragrant and had depth, quite unlike any other brown sugar drinks (which are simply sweet). boba was soft and chewy, complementing the drink well. definitely one of the best brown sugar bubble tea drinks around, albeit a little pricey.

$5.30 | 8.5/10✨

really refreshing drink, sweet with a tinge of sourness from the strawberry bits. the milk foam is a nice balance of sweet and savoury and blends well with the drink. the jasmine green tea flavour is also really distinct. would love to try the other flavors 🤗

8.5/10 🌟

the milk tea was pretty pleasant — the tea taste was distinct and fragrant without being overpowering and complemented the milk well. however, pearls were frankly average, if not a tad bit too hard. pretty pricey for this portion though.

gotta say the interior of the shop is beautiful though!

$5.20 | 5/10 ✨

enjoyed the Da Hong Pao Milk Tea, which was smooth with bitter notes and definitely good quality tea. 😊 taro balls were mildly flavoured with hints of taro and a tad bit too soft for my liking. felt like the strong tea might have overpowered the taro balls a little, perhaps the taro balls would have suited other drinks better.

$3.90 | 6/10

cheese cloud was salty and distinctly cheesy, was quite enjoyable with the fruit tea. after getting past the cheese, the middle was just a sweet blend of fruit and ice. the tea taste only comes through towards the end. the tea was quite fragrant and not mild, which i enjoyed. both the peach and grape are enjoyable flavors, though the peach seemed a bit sweeter than the grape.

had this at “less sugar”, which was alright and sweet enough. $5.50 each for quite a big cup 🌼

6.5/10 🌟

Tieguanyin flavour was pretty distinct and flavourful. Burnt caramel pearls were chewy, although they didn’t have much taste at all. 25% sugar level was just right.

$5.40 | 6.5/10✨

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