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bubble tea 🥤💕

bubble tea 🥤💕

Featuring HOLLIN (Toa Payoh), Denzy Gelato, MuYoo (Raffles City), Milksha (Suntec City), Playmade by 丸作 (NEX), Xing Fu Tang (Century Square), Nayuki (Funan), TaiGai, Tiger Sugar (Paragon), Yuan Cha (Far East Plaza)
on the hunt for gud fud  ✨
on the hunt for gud fud ✨

this drink was quite creamy with slightly sweet notes (even though i got 0% sugar) and the light fragrance of tea. get this if you enjoy a slightly creamier taste, otherwise stick to the dong ding oolong with cream, a crowd favourite. i think i prefer the dong ding tea more, though this is a pretty good cup as well. pearls are big and chewy—fantastic as usual.

7.5/10 🌟

still remember the hype for lino’s cheese tea when it was first launched haha. sadly i don’t think the cheese tastes as good as it did back then, this is quite average with slight salty notes. tea is pretty decent, good strong tea.

6/10 🌟

earl grey flavour was quite pronounced, making the tea quite fragrant which was nice. got 0% sugar which was average, not sweet but not bitter either. black pearls were average as well, quite tasteless and not very big. pretty average cup.

6/10 🌟 | $3.20

green milk tea was decent, with a discernible green tea taste (though i usually prefer my tea stronger). grape pearls were sweet and chewy, super similar to those grape-flavoured gummies you would eat as a child. the grape flavour was really pronounced, which was quite a pleasant surprise as i usually find that playmade’s pearls don’t really have a strong taste 😅 quite interesting and worth a try!

6.5/10 🌟

the drink was slightly milky and this was balanced out by the fragrant alisan tea. yuancha really nails the perfect ratio of milk to tea imo, unlike other joints which often taste too milky or diluted. if you’re a fan of tea, you’d definitely like their drinks.

although yuancha doesn’t offer your conventional pearls, i really love the rainbow QQ they have. these are small, soft and super chewy, really enjoyable :-) plus yuancha always offers a generous amount jn your drink!

yuancha has been my favourite bubble tea place for the past few years and its quality is still top-notch at relatively affordable prices :) one thing though—it seems they’ve decreased the size of their L cup which is sad :-(

got this at 0% sugar & less ice, which is my go-to!

$4.10 | 9.5/10 🌟

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this drink was quite milky, with quite a distinct fruity peach flavour. reminded me of yakult actually haha so if you’re a fan of yakult, you’ll like this! the oolong tea was also discernible (more as an aftertaste) which was good.

got this at 0% sugar but it was adequately sweet so stick to 0% :-) golden pearls were chewy and pretty standard. overall, an average drink, good if you enjoy milky & fruity flavours :)

$3.30 | 6/10 ✨

the roasted bronte pistachio (below) was smooth and creamy, with the sort of natural creaminess from nuts. the pistachio flavour was rich and pronounced, without being too overpowering. quality gelato BUT i wld say not mind-blowing enough to justify its price 😢 (+1.20)

the mango and blood orange sorbet was a citrusy and fruity crowd-pleaser. the texture of the sorbet was quite different from the pistachio gelato—the sorbet was considerably less creamier but rather, light and refreshing. ps. this flavour is vegan!

it is pricey but you’re definitely paying for quality here :”) would come back!

$8.60 | 9/10 🌟

this was one of my to-go gong cha drinks before gong cha left singapore for a while 🤧 it’s been a while but this drink still tastes about the same to me! the sweet winter melon drink complements the light, salty foam well. some might find the drink too sweet but it gets better when mixed with the salty foam. a good respite from the heat!

7/10 🤩

my go-to when i’m craving brown sugar pearls 💛 at $3.10 for this large cup (with student discount), this is really the most affordable & satisfying option. the pearls are sweet with a good chew. go for 0% sugar level since the pearls add the sweetness!

$3.10 | 7/10 💫

black sesame milk was rich, with a deep, earthy flavor. they really didn’t skimp on the black sesame! 🤪 honey pearls were chewy and had a substantial bite. lightly tinged with honey, the pearls complemented the drink well without overpowering it. a quality cup! though pricier than your usual bubble tea joints 🤧

7.5/10 ✨

the brown sugar complemented the milk well, though it was a tad bit too sweet & cloying for my liking. the cream cheese topping was fantastic though — the savory notes from the cheese balanced out the sweetness of the drink & the torched sugar atop it added a lil bit of crunch 🤩 definitely the highlight of the drink & something special you can’t really find elsewhere! 🤪

8/10 ✨

the torched, caramelised sugar on top added a nice crisp crunch to the drink, which is pretty unique! the pearls, stir fried in brown sugar, were gooey and deeply flavorful. the drink was rich and milky — an intense and decadent treat.

$5.30 | 8/10 ⭐️

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