Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2k19

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2k19

Just some of the stuff that i tried at the bazaar!
Seanna Lim
Seanna Lim

There's many other flavours available too but i only tried this. I think their "selling point" (gimmick) is having the cheesecake served on a stick, though i think that pretty much adds no value for me and they could just do away with the concept 😅

I think that its pretty worth the $5.50 i paid. The cheesecake was so much better than i expected. It was served chilled (yay because the bazaar is darn hot) and they were so generous with the matcha drizzle too. The matcha sauce was surprisingly not too sweet at all, and i could really taste the matcha, though of course don't expect it to be the super bitter and gao kind. But it paired so well with the cheesecake which was cheesey yet not at all jelat. I really liked the crumbly base of the cheesecake too! Really my favourite buy from the bazaar and i thought that it deserved a post on its own😊

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So this year there's some hype over these praffles thingy; which are essentially just prata made in the shape of waffles. Was prepared to queue for quite awhile but the queue actually moved surprisingly fast. Upon placing orders, we also got our food almost immediately.

I would suggest eating this while they are still crisp and not waste too much time taking photos. If not your praffles will just lose their shape and just become your average pratas LOL.

Gimmicks aside, i have to admit that it tastes good. (but well its hard to go wrong with prata and curry right??) They use japanese curry, which i really liked and i actually felt that the price was quite reasonable because the slab of chicken that came with the praffles was quite big. It was really good too, tender and juicy and not overly battered.

From a stall called cha yen. They have many other flavours available such as nutella, ondeh ondeh etc. Went for the banana ones and they were alright i guess. If you have a sweet tooth, these would be perfect for you. Recommended to share though because it does get a little too sweet, with all the syrups and cream.

Thought this would be a pretty safe choice since i had purchased the exact same thing from the exact same stall in another event. However, although the price remained the same, it seems that the portion size has decreased. Clearly remember them being much more generous 🙁 oh well...

$12 for 6 mini durian choux, which means $2 for each?🤔 I guess everything at the bazaar tends to be overpriced, but these just weren't worthwhile at all😩

The "choux" pastry was super nua, didn't have the slight crusty outer layer at all, so I don't know why they call it a choux. The durian fillings were okay I guess, pretty average. Not especially generous either.

P.S. was eyeing some durian muah chee that was apparently on the menu on a post i saw by foodkingnoc, but didn't see it on the menu when i was there, and the staff had no clue about it even after i showed them the post... bummer 🙁

From sofnade.Thought that $6 sounded pretty reasonable for fried chicken with mentaiko, so decided to try. However, it was such a disappointment because there was hardly any chicken and just alot of batter😥 Mentaiko sauce was good, but that was it.

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