Used the set deal, which comes with a beverage.

Good deal to try with burpple, else it’s a bit expensive in general. Cream inside the eclair is not overly sweet, and shop ambience is quiet and relaxing.

~$15 overall

The chocolate one tasted like Ferraro rocher, the other two have a subtle taste of coconut, and is more towards the sour taste but is refreshing.

Shop has very limited seats, but nice interior design.

Super overpriced, small amount, never again. $11.90 (if I recall)

But do try the white peach oolong drink, that’s pretty good and refreshing!


Cheap and good!!

Prefer the lor mee over the mee sua. Lychee sweet and sour pork, fish are good.

Be prepared to queue, quite a lot of people but relatively small area. They are located below a hdb and is non-air conditioned. Worth a try though!

Cant rmb the item name, but was some yogurt ice below, a bit like bingsu.

Pretty meh overall, but mango was sweet. Can have option to choose your ice cream flavour from vanilla, matcha, strawberry.

$8.90 (if I am not wrong)

Generally quite nice, a bit milky but has a hint of lychee taste. There are some tiny bits of seeds (I think?) probably from the raspberry.

Single scoop is $4.70, double $7.70.
Thyme cone is available as well, but limited.