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Featuring Matchaya (The Cathay), Cream & Custard, To-gather Cafe, Creamery Boutique Ice Creams, O'ma Spoon ([email protected]), Flor Patisserie (Duxton Hill), KOOKS Creamery (The Cathay), Ah Chew Desserts (Novena), Maccha House (Suntec City)
Vivian Tabitha
Vivian Tabitha

Simple and delightful. The dessert wasn't too sweet, balanced with the fragrance of the coconut milk. The rest of the menu was really tempting as well. Will definitely be back to try the others.

Nice quaint cafe for tea time. The tart was served hot, crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. Overall, a great dinning experience.

I would refer to as a cake more than a tiramisu because of the texture. It tastes delicious as a matcha cake but nothing special in my opinion. Has a tinge of lemon-y taste to it.

The place was a lot more comfortable and spacious after the renovation. Great soft serves as usual. Looking forward to trying the cakes

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While spending $13.90 on shaved ice is indeed a little pricey, it was a great experience overall. The shaved ice was topped with milk and have a reasonable amount of toppings to go with it. The portion was just right for 2-3 girls.

There were no seats when my friends and I visited but the cakes were so pretty and so we decided to takeaway. The lycee rose cake is light and nice. The galaxy cake, though pretty, was just regular chocolate. The cakes are relatively pricey as well!

Nice combination of sweet and savoury flavours. The ice cream was a tad sticky which went well with the soft cookie, in terms of texture. Despite the crowd, the place is had a rather cosy ambience.

Delicious combination of flavours. The warm matcha lava, together with the coldness of the ice-cream, topped with the buttery fragrance of the cookie and crunchy cornflakes, was absolute comfort. The blue chai hokkaido milk ice-cream was good on its own - a light refreshing tea flavour.

Nice combination of flavours from the cake and ice-cream. However, was expecting more lava.